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28 Beadboard Bathroom Design Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to add a distinctive touch to your bathroom décor, why not consider beadboard? It’s a great option for bringing another dimension to your design scheme.

But if you’re not sure where to start, why not let us inspire you? We’ve found 28 design ideas for beadboard in the bathroom. And they show just how many different approaches you can take!

So if you’re ready to find out more, step this way for some great ideas …

1. Ground your scheme with a dark shade

Ground your scheme with a dark shade

In this bathroom, the half-height beadboard has been painted a stylish gray. The dark tone contrasts with the upper wall, in fresh white. And it avoids the room becoming clinical.

The vertical grooves echo the shapes of the traditional radiator. And the same gray is picked out in the beautiful floor tiles, tying the look together.


2. Add some gloss

Add some gloss

Painting your beadboard in a pale gloss finish is a great way of adding light to a small room. Here, white gloss beadboard reflects the light from the window, brightening up the whole space.

All the white allows a darker color to be used on the upper part of the wall, without making the room dingy. And the classic beadboard and rail works beautifully with the traditional bathroom fittings.


3. Solving storage

Solving storage

If you’re looking for extra bathroom storage, adding alcoves to your beadboard is a great solution. In this bathroom, they house reading material to enjoy while you’re soaking in the freestanding tub. Simple cords across the front hold everything in place.

The top of the beadboard is also put to good use, acting as a ledge to display artwork.


4. Stylish symmetry

Stylish symmetry

The clean lines of beadboard are a great way of accentuating a symmetrical room layout. Here, it perfectly frames twin sinks, mirrors and wall lights.

We love the turquoise and white color palette too. The fresh, bright look reminds us of water and works brilliantly in a bathroom.


5. A cosy backdrop

A cosy backdrop

Extending beadboard the full height of your wall creates a cosy, homely feel. In this bathroom, the strong lines are broken up by the window, wall cabinets, lighting and towel hook.

The choice of beadboard works perfectly with the shaker-style cabinetry. And the soft green-gray tones complement the cream fittings and stone countertop.


6. Scandi-chic


This bathroom goes all out with beadboard to create the look of a Scandinavian woodland lodge. It’s a striking space, with the natural wood tones creating a rustic vibe.

Here the only break from the timber comes with the bathroom fixtures. The white porcelain provides a refreshing contrast, and brightens up the room.


7. A pop of color

A pop of color

Beadboard is a great way to introduce a fresh, bright color to your design scheme. Here, extra-tall beadboard extends to the gabled ceiling. The bright turquoise looks great against both the neutral ceiling and the bold red stool.

The traditional look of the timber complements the freestanding clawfoot bathtub and wall mounted basin.


8. Breaking up high walls

Breaking up high walls

This bathroom benefits from wonderful high ceilings that let the light flood in. Half-height baseboard adds interest and breaks up what could otherwise be a large, plain expanse of wall.

Painting the walls and beadboard a uniform color keeps the look subtle. All the focus here stays on the color injected by the framed prints and gorgeous lime green bathtub.


9. Super ceiling

Super ceiling

This pretty bathroom shows that beadboard isn’t just for walls. Here, its installation on the ceiling adds a cosy, lodge-like feel. Wainscoting on the lower part of the walls echoes the look, but with the variation of wider panels.

We love the pretty green and cream color combination. And painting the beadboard off-white avoids a small space feeling cramped.


10. Mellow tones

Mellow tones

Painted wooden furniture looks great with beadboard. And choosing similar, but not matching colors, creates a mellow and relaxing design scheme.

We love this combination of blue beadboard and sage green vanity unit. The simple oval mirror adds extra interest, making the wall a real focal point.


11. Nautical and nice

Nautical and nice

Beadboard can add a nautical feel to any room. Here, it’s paired with stunning porthole mirrors in brass surrounds. You might not be surprised to open them and find the sea outside!

The smart brass faucets add to the luxury feel of an ocean liner. And the gold and white work beautifully with the turquoise accents in the floor tiles.


12. Eclectic style

Eclectic style

This ambitious design scheme shows that beadboard can work with any look. The distressed metal stools, 1940s double basin and ornate mirrors shouldn’t work together. Yet somehow they do – and the beadboard does a brilliant job of tying it all together.

Recessed cupboards on the left-hand wall provide generous storage for towels and bathroom accessories. Doors made from the same beadboard help disguise them and keep everything out of sight.


13. Expand your horizons

Expand your horizons

In this bathroom, the beadboard has been laid horizontally, giving an impression of extra width to the room. The dark green-gray shade is a classy complement to the rustic timber. And it’s picked up in the traditionally patterned floor tiles, creating a calming and coherent space.

The lighting adds a curved pattern of light across the walls, balancing out the strong lines. It’s a subtle touch that’s very effective.


14. Farmhouse bathroom

Farmhouse bathroom

This bathroom shows how beadboard can be the perfect backdrop to a farmhouse look. Cream painted planks clad both the walls and ceiling, complementing the stunning oak beams. There’s more timber on the floor, with floorboards painted black to add contrast and ground the design.

Glass bottles, shaker-style furniture and a quirky clock add to the classic look. There’s even a painted farmhouse style chair to relax in while your bath is running.


15. Matching bath panel

Matching bath panel

Beadboard works just as well as a bath panel as on the walls. In this bathroom, it’s doing both jobs, and the combination and choice of color creates a soothing, tranquil space.

The pale blue-gray shade of the beadboard is almost exactly the same as the flooring. The WC almost appears to be floating as a result. And with a skylight cleverly positioned over the bath, this is somewhere to lie back and float away yourself.


16. Powder pastels

Powder pastels

This bathroom shows how painting beadboard in pastel tones can create a pretty and mellow interior. Shelving acts as border with the wall above, providing space for pot plants and carefully chosen ornaments. It’s kept narrow to prevent any bumped heads.

Arranging multiple framed pictures on the wall above complements the traditional look. Choose different sized frames for an informal effect.


17. Grand designs

Grand designs

In this bathroom, three-quarter height beadboard is painted the same color as the coving. It’s a double whammy that draws attention to the architectural details.

The choice of teal blue is strong yet subtle. And it works beautifully with the black frames of the mirrors and pictures, and the black and white blind. The blind’s floral print and the fluffy white towels soften the look.


18. Narrow focus

Narrow focus

This beadboard showcases two different widths of timber. Wider planks frame panels of narrower strips, adding a polished edge to the traditional shiplap effect.

Here a mirror and panel bridge the beadboard and the wall above. They break up the horizontal line between them, adding a quirky charm. The choice of a blue finish ties in with the marble basin surround.


19. Paired with tiles

Paired with tiles

You don’t need to choose between tiles and beadboard in your bathroom. Why not have both? As this design shows, they can work wonderfully together.

Here, the brick-shaped tiles cover the lower portion of the wall, with vertical beadboard above. The ceramic border tiles between the two look great. And the fresh combination of white porcelain and green timber is a real hit.


20. Bold and beautiful

Bold and beautiful

Here the bold choice of green beadboard adds color and texture to a small corner. And the bright shade looks great with the patterned shower curtain.

Wooden towel hooks work brilliantly with beadboard too. In this bathroom they’ve been painted the same shade, keeping the accent wall one striking block of color. And the traditional painted cabinet with its polished timber top fits perfectly here.


21. Wallpaper art

Wallpaper art

Wallpaper is no longer the no-go it once was in bathrooms. Modern materials and techniques mean today’s products can stand up well to the humid environment.

Beadboard is the perfect companion, avoiding patterns from becoming overwhelming. Here, a narrow strip of beadboard behind the basin acts as a splashback. And the vibrant green shade picks up the dominant color in the gorgeous hummingbird patterned paper.


22. Cool and natural

Cool and natural

Beadboard’s timber look works beautifully with other natural materials. In this bathroom, a willow basket and rattan container provide stylish and practical storage options. Keeping the fluffy cotton towels on display adds a touch of luxury.

The beadboard here has been painted a matte white, tying in with the drywall above and the plain floor. A slender green stripe bordering the Roman blind injects a subtle burst of color.


23. Vintage glamor

Vintage glamor

This Kelly green beadboard is the perfect backdrop to a vintage interior. The brass framed 1950s mirror coordinates with the chunky faucet and reclaimed sink. And the salvaged wall light is a great find to add to the vintage look.

The striking color choice creates an immediate impression. The window frame is painted the same shade, providing a uniform canvas against which the period bathroom fixtures stand out.


24. Accesssorize for impact

Accesssorize for impact

In this bathroom, the usual combination of colored walls and plain bathroom fixtures is flipped on its head. Neutral beadboard adds texture to a plain wall, and coordinates with a mainly white floor. Here the color comes from a statement trough sink in Hunter green.

That same green is picked up in a border around the tile floor. And there’s a complementary pop of color in the pretty vintage wastepaper basket.


25. Island living

Island living

Cream painted beadboard adds interest in this bright and airy bathroom. The color matches the painted wooden cabinetry, while the walls above the beadboard are a half-tone darker.

Clever details create a subtle feel of island living. We love the colors in the Moroccan-influenced runner, which coordinate with the cushion on the rattan chair. Simple patterned curtains soften the light. And a potted palm and large seashell on the vanity unit complete the look.


26. Marble accents

Marble accents

In this bathroom, the shelf has been moved above its usual position directly on top of the beadboard. The stand elevates it an extra foot or so, avoiding any risk of banging your head as you leave the loo.

The shelf itself is made of smart black marble. It’s an unusual contrast with the painted wood, but the black picture frame and vase tie everything together. The pleasing results show just how versatile beadboard can be.


27. Warm tones

Warm tones

Bathrooms most often feature shades of white, blue, gray and occasionally green. But in this design, the beadboard has been painted a matte terracotta. It works beautifully with the warm wood tones of the cabinetry and floorboards.

The result is a cosy yet elegant space. The pale countertops and off-white shade above the dado rail add contrast and keep light levels comfortable.


28. Modern retro

Modern retro

In this bathroom, retro wallpaper is paired with painted beadboard for a modern take on vintage style. The smart gray paintwork ties in with the wallpaper detail and grounds the design.

A tray table provides portable storage for candles and reading material. And a pedestal basin, oval wooden mirror and vintage lighting complete the look.


Time to bring beadboard into your bathroom!

We hope our list of 28 designs ideas for beadboard in the bathroom has inspired you! Whatever interior scheme you’re going for, beadboard can be a great way to add texture and interest to your walls.

Paint it in pale shades to fade into the background, or make it pop with bright colors. It looks fantastic paired with natural materials like rattan, cotton, willow and even marble.

Good luck planning your bathroom renovation. We hope you’re soon enjoying your beautiful new room!

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