10 Best Freestanding Tubs of 2020 – Stand Alone Bathtub Reviews

Is there anything more luxurious than lazing in the bath? Well, yes – lazing in one that’s freestanding!

If you’re looking for a statement bathtub but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we review ten of the best freestanding tubs out there. And our buying guide will help you pick the one that’s best for you.

Woodbridge Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub with Brushed Nickel Overflow and Drain, B-0006 / BTA1507, 54" Bathtub White

Woodbridge Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub with Brushed Nickel Overflow and Drain, B-0006 / BTA1507, 54" Bathtub White


The Best freestanding tub on the Market 2020

1. Woodbridge B-0006 Acrylic Freestanding Tub

If you’re looking for a high-sided tub to wallow in, Woodbridge’s soaking tub could be the answer. This attractive bathtub is slightly higher at one end, allowing you to rest your head comfortably as you bathe. And its generous 55 gallon capacity allows you to get shoulder deep in water if you choose.

The design is a modern take on a traditional slipper bath, and it will look fabulous in a contemporary bathroom.  The pop-up drain and overflow are finished in stylish brushed nickel. And it comes with a matching faucet that incorporates a shower wand.

The construction is as robust as it needs to be to hold this much water and a person. It’s made of tough lucite acrylic reinforced with resin and fibreglass. And there’s a steel bracket at the bottom. Together, they mean this tub will carry up to 1,000 pounds in weight.

The double wall also means that it will keep water warm for longer. So if you like a leisurely bath, this is a good option.

The glossy finish is complemented by a non-slip coating on the bottom of the tub. This is particularly important with a high-sided bath like this one, making it safe to step in and out.

Installation here is straightforward.  The tub drains to the side and comes with a flexible tube drain that’s pre-attached. It’s easy to connect to your existing plumbing. The base is pre-leveled, and there are concealed adjustable legs, so it won’t matter if your floor isn’t perfect.

The one thing to note with this one is the length. At 54 inches, it’s far from the longest bath on our list. It’s great for a small space – but if you’re tall and want to stretch out, there will be better options.

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2. American Standard Townsend Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

And here’s one of them.

American Standard’s freestanding tub is a generous 68 inches long, making it perfect for taller bath-lovers. And if you want to share a bath with a loved one, it’s plenty big enough for that too. Just bear in mind that the sides are angled – so it’s shorter at the very bottom of the tub.

This is another bathtub with modern, clean lines, but here the design is more angular than curvy. There’s a wide, flat rim that means you won’t need a nearby table for your wine glass. And the height to the overflow is 17 inches, allowing for a soaking depth of 15 inches.

The back is flat, so if you want to install it next to a wall you can. But it works equally well freestanding.  And the wide rim will accommodate a Roman faucet – although you’ll have to cut the holes for that yourself. Alternatively, it can be used with wall-mounted or free-standing options.

The drain is positioned in the centre, towards the front edge. Installation is easy, but this doesn’t come with an overflow and drain kit, which is a pain. It’s not difficult to find one that fits, but you’ll need to do a bit of research. And of course, it will mean extra expense.

The finish is a glossy off-white and it’s resistant to scratches and stains. The construction is acrylic reinforced with fiberglass, making it much lighter than equivalent ceramic tubs. This weighs in at 174 pounds.

The major drawback here is the expense. You could buy two of Woodbridge’s smaller B-0006 tubs for the same price. And there are freestanding whirlpool options that cost less too.

But if you’ve got deep pockets, this is a good-looking and generous bathtub.

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3. ANZZI Jarvis Whirlpool Air Jetted Acrylic Freestanding tub

Anzzi’s Jarvis bathtub is just three quarters of the price of the American Standard version. And this one includes air jets too. If you’re looking to create a spa experience at home, it’s well worth a look.

This has an oval shape, with a smooth finish and clean lines. The rim is narrow, so you’ll need a wall-mounted or free-standing faucet. And you’ll need to buy that separately. It does, though, include the overflow and pop-up drain.

This is one of the biggest tubs on our list, 67 inches long and with a capacity of 80 gallons. It’s plenty big enough for two average sized people. And you’ll have a soaking depth of 16 inches too.

But the real selling point with this one is the spa functions.

It comes with four colored lights which lend a beautiful glow to the water. You can choose from six different shades, depending on your mood. And the lights are hidden away just beneath the acrylic surface, so they don’t spoil the simple aesthetic.

And then there are the air jets – 200 of them. They operate on a single setting to provide a relaxing, therapeutic massage. And like the lights, they’re very discreet. There’s no bling here to detract from the minimalist design.

Everything is operated from a slimline control panel installed just beneath the surface of the rim.

The one issue to be aware of here is that there isn’t an inline heater for the air jets. That means that the bubbles may gradually cool your water temperature.

Set that to one side though, and you get a lot of bathtub for the price.

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4. Empava Luxury Acrylic Freestanding bathtub

If bubbles and colored lights aren’t your thing, Empava’s 67 inch long bathtub offers simple style. And it’s half the price of Anzzi’s spa version.

Although it will work as a freestanding tub, this is a design with a clearly differentiated front and back. The front and rear profiles are trapezium shaped, but while the front has curved edges, at the back they’re sharp.

The rim at the back is wider too, allowing you to use a Roman faucet if you wish. There are no pre-drilled holes, so it will work equally well with wall-mounted or standalone options.

While the faucet isn’t included, the pop-up drain and overflow are. Both are finished in chrome for a sleek modern look. If you prefer something lower key, you can swap them for a brushed nickel finish at no extra cost. And you can even place a special order if you have particular requirements.

It’s a generous size – 67 inches long, 31.5 inches wide and 23 inches deep. It’s big enough for two people, but comfortable for one. Taking into account the position of the overflow, it has an effective capacity of 56 gallons.

The construction is of white, glossy acrylic, reinforced with fiberglass for strength. The non-porous surface makes cleaning easy.

That smooth surface does, though, mean you may want to use a bathmat inside for safety. There’s no textured finish on the base to prevent slipping.

The drain is located in the middle of the tub. It’s adjustable, which makes installation simple. And if you run into any problems, we’ve heard good things about Empava’s responsive customer service.

All in all, a great tub at a very competitive price.

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5. Woodbridge Traditional Oval Acrylic Freestanding Tub

If you have a classically styled bathroom, this romantic clawfoot tub from Woodbridge could be the perfect finishing touch.

The body of the tub is made from white glossy acrylic reinforced with fiberglass for strength. It looks beautiful against the shiny chrome claw feet, and polished chrome drain and overflow. The acrylic is stain and scratch-resistant too, so it should keep its good looks for many years.

This is a bath that’s designed to offer a deep soak whilst sitting leaning against one end. For that reason, it’s shorter than other designs at 54 inches long. If you want a bathtub that will make a style statement in a small space, it’s well worth considering.

There’s a double walled design to keep your water hot for longer. If you enjoy a long bath, you won’t need to keep topping it up – good news for your power bills.

The rim is the traditional curved shape, so you’ll need a stand-alone faucet for this one. You’ll need to buy that separately, so take that into account when drawing up your budget.

Installation is easy. The feet attach to the tub with sturdy mounts. And a stainless steel bracket on the bottom of the tub gives it an impressive load-bearing capacity of 1,000 pounds.

If you’re looking for a romantically styled bathtub for a small space, this is a great buy. And it won’t break the bank either.

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6. Wyndham Collection Soho Freestanding Bathtub

If a big bath is your priority, then Wyndham’s Soho bathtub should make your shortlist.

It’s the longest tub on our list, at a whopping 72 inches. And it’s deep too. But if you’re on the shorter side, think twice before choosing this one. You may find it hard to anchor yourself when you’re in the water.

It’s made of acrylic, making it lighter weight and warmer to the touch than ceramic versions. And despite its large dimensions, it weighs only 112 pounds. That will make it much easier to move around when it comes to installation.

It comes with a pop-up drain and overflow, both of which are pre-installed to make life easier. You’ll need to buy the faucet separately. It’s designed to be used with a standalone option.

The main issues to be aware of here relate to installation. The directions aren’t that easy to follow. And you’ll need access beneath the bath to connect the plumbing. It won’t work if you want to place it on a concrete floor.

But if that isn’t an issue, this is a great choice for anyone looking for a bigger tub.

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7. Unikon Portable Freestanding Tub

The tubs we’ve seen so far are all permanent fixtures. But if you want something that can turn your shower into a freestanding bath, take a look at Unikon’s offering.

This portable bathtub is made of soft fabric with a layer of foam for insulation and a PVC lining. It stands upright on a plastic frame. The diameter is 27.6 inches, but the soft shell means it will stretch with you. So if you want to stretch out your legs, you can.

It stands 25.6 inches high. Just remember that you’ll need to wriggle back out of the tub when you’ve finished bathing. If you’re unsteady on your feet, the flexible sides mean it won’t be the best choice.

You’ll need to watch the temperature with this one. If you use water over 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it can damage the PVC lining. A temperature of 45 degrees is recommended, and it’s best to add the cold water before the hot.

On the plus side, this has remarkably effective insulation. Expect your bath water to stay warm for around an hour.

When you’ve finished, there’s a drainage valve at the side and a second drain on the bottom. Use the one on the side first, then open the bottom one to empty out the last bit of water. If you try to use the bottom valve first, the weight of the tub won’t let the water drain effectively.

If you only want to use it occasionally, leave it to dry and then fold it up. Folded, it’s just 28 inches long, 8 inches wide, and a few inches deep. Leave it under a bed, behind a door, or in the bottom of a wardrobe until the next use.

All this, and it’s a bargain too. You could buy 11 of these for the price of the cheapest acrylic tub on our list.

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8. Empava Acrylic Walk-in Freestanding Bathtub

If you have mobility difficulties, this walk-in bathtub from Empava could be the answer to your prayers.

The dimensions here are 52.5 inches long, 26.5 inches wide and 40 inches high. The door opens on the left-hand side. It’s nice and wide, so it’s easy to get in and out. And you’ll step up and down a threshold of just four inches.

There are three handrails around the rim of the bath, including one positioned next to the contoured seat. The base has a textured finish, so you won’t slip. And there’s a headrest to relax against as you soak in water up to your shoulders.

All the accessories are included and pre-installed. That includes the drain, overflow, faucet and shower wand.

The panelled sides mean this will fit in best with more traditional décor. But the clean white acrylic finish and chrome fittings mean it’s far from old-fashioned.

This is one of the more expensive bathtubs on our list. But if being unsteady on your feet means you’re missing out on relaxing baths, it could be well worth the investment.

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9. FerdY Rectangle Freestanding tub

The crisp lines and sharp edges of FerdY’s beautifully formed tub will look right at home in a modernist bathroom.

It’s 59 inches long and 29.5 inches wide at the top, reducing to 48.4 by 22.4 inches at the bottom. That means there’s plenty of room to stretch out as you bathe. And you’ll get a water depth of 15.2 inches to avoid cold shoulders.

It’s made from pure white glossy acrylic reinforced with fiberglass. And it’s very strong, able to hold a weight of 1,750 pounds.

It comes with a stylish slotted overflow and a drain that can be operated with a tap of your toe. They are, though, only available in a chrome finish. You’ll need to buy the faucet separately – a wall-mounted or freestanding version will be needed for this one.

Installation is pretty simple. The tub comes with an illustrated guide and step-by-step instructions.

This is a great looking tub at a reasonable price. But we have heard of some issues with the drain leaking. It’s easily replaced, so don’t let that put you off if you like the design.

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10. AKDY Freestanding tub

AKDY’s 67 inch bathtub is another one that oozes contemporary style. In this case, there’s a gently curving profile with higher sides to relax against whilst you bathe. The lower height in the middle of the tub makes it easier to climb in and out.

The drain and overflow are included, and they’re finished in highly polished chrome. There’s no faucet, although that does give you the freedom to choose your own. The rim here is slender, so it will need to be a wall-mounted of freestanding design.

The sloping sides and double walled construction mean that the bathing area is a lot smaller than the exterior. The effective bathing space is 36 inches long, 20 inches wide and 18.5 inches high, with a 13.5-inch high overflow. It’s a tub designed for you to rest against the sloping sides, rather than to stretch out your legs.

It’s made of pearl white acrylic, and that double walled design will keep your water hotter for longer. And there’s a non-slip coating on the base for safety.

It comes with a flexible drainage pipe and adjustable feet to make sure it’s level. And at just over 100 pounds in weight, it’s not too difficult to move around during installation. There’s a one year warranty on the parts as well.

All in all, a great looking tub at a remarkably competitive price.

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Buying guide

So you’ve read all the reviews but still aren’t sure which is the right freestanding bathtub for you. Let us guide you through the questions to ask yourself before you make your final decision.

Size matters

best freestanding tubs

The dimensions of your bathtub matter in two ways. First of all, you need to make sure it will fit into the space available to it. And secondly, you want it to be comfortable for you when you’re bathing.

When it comes to your bathroom, remember that a freestanding tub offers advantages in a small space. It won’t need to be installed flush against a wall, so you can position it at an angle. That will take up less space and can be a great design feature. Just remember to build in room for the freestanding faucet.

When you’re thinking about space for bathing, remember the space inside will be smaller than the exterior. Make sure you check the interior dimensions to get an accurate idea of how much room you’ll have to maneuver.

And think about the position you like to bathe in. If you prefer a more upright posture, a shorter tub will work well. And it will require less water for a deeper bath. But if you want to stretch out your legs, look for baths with a longer base.

What features do you need?

Freestanding Tub

There’s a lot of variation out there, so think through the features that are important to you. Do you want a spa-like experience with bubbles and colored lights? Or are practical features like a non-slip base or walk-in design more important?

And do you want a bathtub that will be a permanent feature in your bathroom? Or something small and portable you can move in and out?

You can find all of these features in the tubs on our list. So decide which are your priorities and then match them against your preferred design.

And what about that glass of wine?

freestanding tubs reviews

For many of us, the joy of a bath comes from relaxing whilst reading or enjoying a drink. So think about where you’ll put your book or glass!

Many freestanding baths have narrow rims and high sides – so leaning over the edge to reach your novel won’t be practical. In that case, you’ll need to invest in a bath tray if you want somewhere to rest your reading material. Or if you have room, consider a small table next to the tub.

Other models have one wider edge to allow you to use a Roman faucet, and that can provide a handy ledge. And the American Standard bathtub on our list bucks the trend with a flat lip all the way around the outside.

Ready to choose?

That brings us to the end of our run-down of ten of the best freestanding tubs on the market today.

Our top pick is Woodbridge’s model B-0006. This beautiful design brings a contemporary edge to the classic slipper bath. And the quality double-walled construction will keep your water hot for leisurely bathing.

But if you want the luxury of a freestanding tub at a fraction of the price, UNIKON’s model is a winner. Pop it up in minutes, then fold it away when you’ve finished. And you’ll need no more space than a standard shower stall for your bath.

Whatever option is right for you, a freestanding bathtub offers a fabulously decadent bathing experience. So find a favorite book, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy!

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