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7 Best American Standard Toilets (Reviews of 2022)

American Standard Toilets have been a customer favorite since 1967, though it didn’t take on its current brand identity until 2008. You may already know you want one of their models in your bathroom. But they have hundreds available, and that’s just in one hardware store.

With all these options, how can you be sure which one suits you? First, visit a legitimate supplier. You don’t want to accidentally buy a knock-off. Also, check the duration of the warranty, and confirm what repairs it covers. Now let’s check out some of their top models.

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet
American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

  • It comes in multiple lengths and colors to suit your style.
  • It has a generous warranty for both aesthetics and mechanics.
  • It passes WaterSense so it’s perfect for socially conscious consumers.

Fairfield One-Piece American Standard Toilet
American Standard Fairfield One-Piece Toilet

  • It has extra height, making it comfortable for older users with weakened backs.
  • The widened trap makes your toilet less likely to clog.
  • Its side-lever flush is glossy and is more convenient than a front-facing lever.


The Best American Standard Toilet of 2022

1. American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet (Our Top Pick)

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

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American Standard Toilets have a set of patented features. These features exist in all their models. They include EverClean bowl glazing, which prevents mold, mildew, algae, and streaks. They also have sanitary dams on all their two-piece toilets to enhance hygiene and reduce leaks.

So what’s special about the H2Option Siphonic? Most toilets use gravity to push water from the cistern to the bowl and down into the sewers. H2Option uses a combined system. A power jet at the trap pushes water into the plumbing, creating a spiral siphoning effect. This sucks out waste.

At the same time, water rushes into the bowl, forcing high-pressure air inside the rim. These air molecules get shoved around by the water, scrubbing the toilet boil in a power-wash. This works together with EverClean to scour any streaks or stains off the toilet bowl.

Glazing isn’t just for shimmering surfaces. Scent is particulate, so when you smell something, you’re inhaling a microscopic piece of it. This means the tiniest piece of dirt could leave a stubborn smell in your toilet. A smell even deodorizers can’t dislodge. EverClean stops that.

The H2Option can either have a round 16-inch seat or an elongated 18-inch oval one. Round toilets are better for small bathrooms since they won’t block the door. But elongated toilets offer better cushioning and positioning for your bottom. This model has dual flush buttons.

It uses 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush) for solids and 0.92 GPF for liquids. The downside is this toilet doesn’t ship with a toilet seat. You’ll have to order it separately. Check that it’s the right shape (round or oval) for your chosen toilet. Double-check the color selection as well.

When you’re in the toilet waiting for a stubborn Number 2, the smallest things can annoy you. And any stress will only harden your bodily functions. It’s no time to burst a vein because your bolt covers are a few shades off. So make that color-coded accessory list and check it twice.

The H2Option is water-efficient and stylish, especially with its color-matched bolt covers. It has a 5-year warranty on its moving parts and a limited lifetime warranty on its ceramics.


  • It comes in multiple lengths and colors to suit your style.
  • It has a generous warranty for both aesthetics and mechanics.
  • It passes WaterSense so it’s perfect for socially conscious consumers.


  • You have to remember to order the seat separately. It’s not part of the original package.

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2. American Standard One-Piece Boulevard FloWise Toilet

American Standard One-Piece Boulevard FloWise Toilet

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One-piece toilets are considered space-saving because their dimensions are often smaller. This one isn’t. At 117 pounds, it’s heavier than some two-pieces. But it has sleek looks, sturdy construction, and LXP (Luxury Performance) flushing. This includes a 2-inch siphon jet trap.

The trap is standard for all toilets in the industry, but the 3-inch diameter of the flush valve provides more flushing power. This means it flushes ‘harder’ while still using minimal water – only 1.28 gallons. Despite being a single flush toilet, it maintains EPA WaterSense compliance.

It has an elongated design, including an oval toilet seat and a taller, leaner, more streamlined appearance. But because it maintains a standard 12-ich rough-in, it can be safely installed even in smaller bathrooms. Its trap is elongated too, but it’s hidden behind a sleek, linear block.

The smooth, flat sides of this concealing block mean there are no curves and crypts where dirt can hide. The toilet seat is included, and it’s easy to remove when you want to clean the toilet. It has a slow-closing lid to prevent banging and slamming. The seat is made of Duroplast.

The cistern is installed flush against the wall, but it has a little curve towards the bottom of the bowl. The curve creates a gap where dirt can hide because it’s too tight to clean easily. You’d have to stretch your elbow in or use narrow vacuum attachments to get in there.

This can make your toilet-cleaning process very uncomfortable. You’ll be on your hands and knees, contorted at weird angles, and inhaling a mouthful of toilet smells. You may have to stuff that gap with plaster or foam filler to avoid this unpleasantness.

This toilet certainly makes a statement. Its combination of curves and edges makes it rugged and masculine. It offers a minimalist modern aesthetic, and it’s good for the environment too!


  • The power-wash rim and EverClean glaze keep the toilet spotless.
  • It has more lines than curves, which makes its outer surfaces easier to clean.
  • It has a MaP rating of 35 ounces per flush.


  • It’s on the heavier side and has an above-average price point.

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3. American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle Toilet

American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle Toilet

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When guests use your bathroom, they snoop. It’s not nice, but it’s a natural human instinct. They will look in your medicine cabinet, explore your beauty products, and study the patterns in your tile. So why not get a triangle-shaped cistern and really give them something to look at?

This two-piece has all the standard features of this brand. EverClean provides anti-microbial protection, preventing unwanted residue from sticking to the toilet bowl. The outside of the toilet is glazed too, so your bathroom cleaning routine is much faster. And it resists chemicals.

The flapper is corrosion-proof, so it can be safely used with the harshest toilet chemicals. But thanks to the power-wash and toilet glaze, you can simply use green soap and water. You won’t even need the toilet brush. Also, this toilet is highly resistant to clogs because it’s a Cadet 3.

At the bottom of the toilet bowl, there’s a 3-inch trap, which means more water can jet out when you flush. This strengthens suction, meaning debris is less likely to get stuck in your toilet trap. Combine this with pressurized flushing and your toilet remains reliably spotless.

The best part of this toilet is its shape. It’s unusually pretty and eye-catching, but it’s also practical and convenient. The triangular tank fits snugly into a tight corner, making small bathrooms feel larger and airier. Plus, it’s a round toilet, saving even more space.

So if you have one of those weird sections in your house, you could easily turn it into a bathroom. It might be an awkward niche in the attic, and unused shed in the back, or a forgotten portion of your front hallway. You can tuck your triangle toilet right into that ‘wasted space’.

Don’t install it flat against the wall though. The sides of the triangle tank will accumulate dirt and soak up floor space. Also, while it’s described as right-height, it’s only 16.5 inches tall. The 19.25 inches listed in the specs include a toilet seat – which doesn’t come with the toilet kit.

This toilet grabs attention, saves space, and eliminates waste effectively. It’s best suited for a corner quarter-bath or a guest bathroom near the front door.


  • At 1.28 GPF, it’s a great tool for water conservation.
  • Its Cadet 3 valve provides additional clog-free flushing power.
  • The back tip of the triangle tank is rounded, so it won’t scratch your wall.


  • The tank and bowl sometimes ship separately, and the seat isn’t included.

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4. American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet

American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet

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A lot of toilet brands market themselves to the elderly. You’ll see features like extra height, grab bars, and booster seats. But what about the little ones? American Standard has a special model for the height-impaired, whether you’re a minor or a person of short stature.

Baby Devoro works for residents who are below average height. It can also be a nice touch for elementary schools, pediatric wards, or potty training your kids. Its seat is only 10.25 inches high, and its rough-in is 10 inches as well. Meaning it will fit into your pint-sized bathroom.

This seat is ideal for kids and shorter users as well. It’s a u-front design, meaning the front rim is open. This prevents spills and slams while adding an aesthetic touch to your toilet. No lid though. And this FloWise toilet only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, so it’s EPA-compliant to boot.

Because it’s likely to be used by kids, the toilet is flush-tested more thoroughly than other American Standard toilets. After all, you don’t want a child getting traumatized by their ‘floater’ and regressing all their potty skills. Or worse, trying to fish it out since it’s within easy reach.

The flush lever is covered in chrome to protect it from smudgy hands. And because it’s mostly aimed at kids, it has a single flush system. Potty-training kids have enough to worry about. You don’t want them wondering which side is ‘big flush’ and which side is ‘little flush’.

Marketing to kids has always worked for toy stores and fast food outlets. But this is one time when targeting kids is helpful to their parents. And it helps these little ones feel big.


  • At 1.28 GPM (gallons per minute), it refills fast enough for impatient children.
  • Its water consumption is 1.28 gallons as well, so it complies with WaterSense.
  • It has a 1-year warranty, which is plenty of time to finish potty-training.


  • The toilet seat has no lid, and with such specialized dimensions, finding spare parts can be an issue. Also, it needs a matching pint-sized sink, so be sure to buy one.

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5. American Standard Fairfield One-Piece Toilet (Budget Pick)

American Standard Toilet

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The reason EPA started WaterSense was to conserve water resources. But while many toilet manufacturers shrunk their tanks, they didn’t all change the way their toilets worked. They used less water, but they sacrifice flushing power. This model doesn’t have that problem.

To make up for the water loss, the Fairfield widened its standard flush valve from 2 inches to 3 inches. It also added a siphoning water jet at the bottom of the toilet bowl. These two improvements mean more water flows faster, and with enhanced pressure. So it clogs less.

The toilet trap is elongated as well, which means it siphons over a longer distance, covering a wider surface area. This helps increase your flushing power. On the downside, the extra curves and dips leave more outer surfaces to clean. And it’s an older model, so EverClean isn’t standard.

You may not notice the difference, because the toilet is pleasantly shiny. But EverClean goes beyond sparkly whiteness. It provides a ‘safety film’ on the toilet that prevents algae, fungi, or other germs from sticking to the surface. Without it, you may see streaks more often.

Also, while the longer toilet trap increases flushing pressure, it keeps water levels lower in the bowl. This means the toilet bowl stays drier than you’d like, and that can contribute to streaks. You can reduce this effect by pre-wetting the toilet before your Number 2s.

Fairfield is a one-piece toilet with a single-flush side lever. It’s a bulky toilet though, so restrict it to larger bathrooms. It will dwarf your powder room but works well in a full-bath. Its shape is attractive, given its unexpected angles and grooves. The toilet stands nearly 19 inches high.

This measurement includes the toilet seat, which rises almost 3 inches off the rim and is included in your toilet installation kit. It’s 16.13 inches without the seat. The seat itself is elongated for extra comfort. You’ll have to keep a spray bottle handy for pre-wetting though.

This toilet looks good, but as an older model, it lacks essential new tech. If you can’t install a bidet, use your hand-held shower head or a toilet cleaner spray bottle to prevent streaks.


  • It has extra height, making it comfortable for older users with weakened backs.
  • The widened trap makes your toilet less likely to clog.
  • Its side-lever flush is glossy and is more convenient than a front-facing lever.


  • If you live in California, Colorado, or Texas, this toilet doesn’t comply with state requirements of 1.28 GPF, so you risk paying a fine if you install it in your home.

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6. American Standard Champion 4 Bone Toilet

American Standard Champion 4 Bone Toilet

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Apart from dual-flush technology, widening your trap is a good way to comply with EPA standards. It means more water rushes through your toilet within the same amount of time. And this enhanced momentum means you can pack more punch using less water.

The average toilet has a 2-inch trap. Champion-flush toilets have 4-inch traps. Meaning technically, they have double the flushing power of standard toilets. This American Standard toilet falls into that category. It only uses 1.6 GPF but can flush up to 70% more waste.

This particular model is bone-colored, but you can buy plain while if you prefer. It’s a one-piece toilet, so there are no messy seams to worry about. This EverClean toilet keeps germs and microbes away more effectively than any bleach. This is because bleach discolors dirt.

It removes pigment from your stains, but the residue may still be present, even if you can’t see it. And its powerful scent disguises that ‘toilet smell’. So you may think your toilet is sparkling when in reality, the dirt is simply camouflaged. EverClean sends the dirt away completely.

It forms a protective film that stops waste from sticking to your toilet bowl, so you only have to flush and rinse. You don’t even have to scrub. Also, all Champion 4 toilets have power-wash, so they use high-pressure water and trapped air molecules to ‘scrub off’ any streaks or stains.

The Champion 4 is 16.5 inches including the toilet seat, which is part of the installation package. And it’s a slow-closing lid, so it’s safer and quieter. But the lid is cheap plastic, so you may have to replace it soon. That said, the toilet warranty is 10 years – the longest warranty on this list.

Unfortunately, the MaP rating on this toilet is 800, which isn’t bad. But for a 4-inch valve, you’d expect it to hit 1,000g easily. Still, if you want Right Height and some color, it’s a good pick.


  • It rarely clogs and can shift a little under 30 ounces of toilet load.
  • The slow-closing lid is included in the shipping box.
  • The 4-inch flushing valve is the widest on the market.


  • Its flushing power is high, so don’t stand too close or you’ll get wet! And avoid installing it in smaller bathrooms because the flush water will get on everything.

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7. American Standard Cadet 3 Concealed Trap-way Toilet

American Standard Cadet 3 Concealed Trap-way Toilet

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Hidden toilet trap-ways are neater and more elegant. They’re also easier to maintain because there are fewer textured surfaces where dust can settle. This Cadet 3 toilet has a smooth trap-way with EverClean glazing, so it’s one of the quickest toilets you’ll ever have to clean.

The toilet bolt is concealed as well, hidden behind a cute spherical panel that gives your toilet a seamless, streamlined shape. It’s still curvy though, so it’s soft rather than Spartan. Being a Cadet 3 flusher, it has a 3-inch valve and uses 1.28 GPF and FloWise technology.

FloWise is what American Standard installs in its single-flush toilets. It allows water savings and WaterSense compliance without adding a second flusher. They achieve this by combining power-wash with wide valves and siphon jet traps. This enables the toilet to reach 1,000g MaP.

When you order this toilet, you get two boxes. One has the bowl, slow-closing seat, and bolt caps. The other box has the cistern and flush valves. And it’s a two-piece toilet, so you need extra tools. Read the instructions and buy all the necessary tools before you leave the hardware store.

Just as an example, the pack has bolt covers but no bolts. You don’t want to get home then realize you have to go back for putty and screws. If you’re ordering online, remember your two boxes may not arrive on the same day. But they’re both covered by the same 5-year warranty.

This skirted toilet has a rounded seat, so it’s good for small spaces. It elevates toilet hygiene because there’s less of an outer surface for dust and gunk to gather. And it refills in a minute.


  • The smooth, concealed trap is easier to keep clean.
  • The toilet’s ‘right height’ is ideal for a wide range of users.
  • It’s suitable for the 1.28-gallon limit in California and Colorado.


  • The toilet sections ship separately with no tools included, which could throw a monkey wrench into your renovation calendar.

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Buying Guide

Shopping for toilets sounds easy. Especially if you’ve already decided on the brand you want. You’ll just buy a newer version of the toilet you already have, right? But the moment you walk into the hardware store, you’ll realize there are thousands of models. How do you choose?


american standard toilet reviews

A toilet can cost anything from $100 to $5,000. So if your pockets are tight, you might be safer buying the relevant spare parts. But if you’re renovating a bathroom, shopping for a new house, or replacing an irredeemable toilet, compare prices. Then decide what you can afford.

You don’t need an exact spending limit, but at least ball-park it. Check prices online to give you a rough idea. Browse nearby toilet stores. They may have in-store discounts, installment plans, or bundled packages. Look out for taxes and delivery fees – they can sneak the price upwards.

It also helps to check when the toilet was made. They don’t have expiry dates, but their tech may be obsolete. So if you find a dirt-cheap toilet, find out how old it is. It may be priced low because it’s no longer stylish … or maybe it’s using old flushing systems that are no longer acceptable.

Single Flush or Dual Flush

Since 1992, toilets in the US must use a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush. Some states (like California) have an even stricter limit of 1.28 gallons per flush. Many manufacturers use dual-flush systems to maintain these water conservation standards. Dual flushers have two buttons.

One does a light flush for liquids, the other does a heavier flush for solids. Unfortunately, these dual flush toilets sometimes lack the power to flush effectively, so you end up flushing three or four times. Also, there are still some single flush toilets that use 1.28 to 1.6 gallons per flush.

Flushing systems are the perfect example of outdated tech. You may buy your toilet at a throwaway price then get home and realize it uses 3.5 gallons. Then you risk county fines for water waste. Or maybe your flusher uses decades-old batteries that you can’t find anywhere.

Flushing Technology

american standard toilet

American Standard Toilets have four main flushing mechanisms, whether you’re looking at single flush or dual flush options. Each has its own pros and cons. Let’s review them below:

  • VorMax includes under-rim power-scrubbing when you flush, but have no siphoning.
  • LXP flush has a 2-inch siphon at the bottom of the bowl and a 3-inch flush valve.
  • Cadet 3-flush has a 2.125-inch siphon trap and a 3-inch flush valve.
  • Champion 4-flush has a 2.375-inch siphon trap and a 4-inch flush valve.

Typical toilets have 2-inch traps at the bottom of their bowls, so wider traps flush better. Your toilet’s flushing style may also influence its MaP rating (Maximum Performance). You want toilets that push 600g to 1,000g (35 ounces) in heavy flush, and up to 400g in light flush.

One-Piece or Two-Piece

One-piece toilets have the cistern attached to the bowl. This means there are no seams, so the toilet is easier to clean. Two-piece toilets have the tank attached to the bowl by a series of bolts, pipes, and hoses. They’re more likely to spring a leak, and dirt can hide inside the seams.

Both toilet designs can be wall-mounted, meaning the cistern is ‘hidden’ inside the wall. And in both cases, you can choose a model with a narrower cistern to save space. Neither option is good or bad – it comes down to price and preference. The number of pieces does influence shipping.

In some brands, the two pieces are shipped separately. Meaning they could arrive days or even weeks apart. That’s something to consider for your installation timetable. Also, two-pieces have more parts, and they’re not always included in the package. A one-piece mostly uses two bolts.

Style and Design

Most people are fine with plain white toilets. But even these could be linen white, cotton white, or commercial white. Colored toilets range from beige to black, but colored versions often cost more. Your toilet could be round, square, oval, or weird. Some even have triangular tanks.

In the past, toilets were either round or elongated (oval). This was more about size than style. Oval toilets had an 18-inch seat while round ones had a 16-inch seat. These days, you can buy a bidet or a D-shaped European toilet. Some toilets look more like techie trash cans than toilets.

Another element of style is construction material. Your toilet could be made of plastic, ceramics, porcelain, vitreous china, concrete, or even wood. The type of material affects price, but it’s also about availability. Toilet bolts, hinges, washers, and other parts might be made of metal.

Sizing Needs

Some toilets are installed flat against the wall. This is sometimes described as resting flush against the wall. Other toilets are a short distance away. This isn’t about the size of the cistern. It’s about the ‘rough-in’. That the distance between the wall and the toilet’s floor bolt.

The standard rough-in is 12 inches (excluding the baseboard). But it can also be 10 inches or 14 inches. If your bathroom is small and you pick a larger rough-in, your door might not close. Or your toilet might not squeeze into its designated corner. Before buying the toilet, measure it.

Start by measuring the toilet at home. Check the rough-in, length, width, and height. You can also confirm the thickness of your existing toilet seat. For length, measure from the middle of the toilet seat bolts to the rim of the toilet. Ensure your new toilet fits with your existing fixtures.

The Right American Toilet

Given all these variants and criteria, we get why you’d be confused. So we recommend buying the H2Option Dual Flush. Its water usage surpasses EPA regulations throughout the country. It has multiple styling options for shape, height, and color, and its EverClean glaze is a time-saver.

The power-wash pressurized system also helps in keeping your toilet clean. It’s a popular model, so it’s easy to find spares. Give yourself adequate installation time though. The tank and bowl frequently arrive in separate shipments, and you have to go hunting for your own toilet seat.

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  2. THANK YOU! I have been shopping the American Standard toilets for about 16 hours on their website and those of stores that sell their toilets, until I reached such a level of frustration with their complete lack of information that I was going to write them a letter explaining what it is that I need to know and how the information should be organized, so they don’t cause people to bang their heads against a wall. That is when I started searching online for more and better info. Thankfully it only took a few minutes to find this gem, which has exactly the information that I was looking and was missing from their website. In addition, it is in a logical and concise format that answered all of my questions in about 5 minutes. While happy that it is all clear to me now, I’m even more angry that they wasted an entire day of my life. Thanks for saving my sanity.

  3. My husband has been sitting on hold with American Standard for over an hour. We purchased a toilet and there is missing parts. Trying to get replacement parts ASAP so we can install. Please would appreciate follow up. Parts needed. EZ install tank to bowl kit.

  4. I purchased the 2 pc. 16 in toilet. I love it, eexxceeept, the little blue valve keeps blistering and then needs replacement. Has this problem been solved? I think I am on the 5 th change out and it would have been 10 if I had changed each time it started giving problems.

  5. Purchased 3 American Standard commodes from Lowes . One of them does a surprise refill various times of the day, everyday. Is there some kind of adjustment we can do or is there a problem with the commode. A waste of water.


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