13 Easy Steps to ReplaceInstall a Bathroom Sink

13 Easy Steps to Replace/Install a Bathroom Sink

Plumbing work is expensive, and replacing a sink can cost up to $1,000 if carried out by a pro. However, if you have the necessary skills, this is something you can attempt yourself – and if you want to try, here’s our step-by-step guide for how to replace a bathroom sink. If you want a

8 Common Types of Bathroom Sinks Which Suits You Best

8 Common Types of Bathroom Sinks: Which Suits You Best?

If you are refitting your bathroom, one of the key elements to consider is the sink. However, if you have already started your search, you will know that nowadays, they come in an almost bewildering array of shapes and sizes. If this sounds like a familiar problem, you might be wondering about the different options

Bathroom Stall Dimensions - Standard Bathroom Stall Size

Bathroom Stall Dimensions – Standard Bathroom Stall Size

Bathroom stalls or partitions are obligatory in all public restrooms and bathrooms to provide necessary intimacy. Their role is to ensure private space in all public places for both urinals and toilets. Even though they are not the real toilets and don’t offer soundproof and smell-proof, you will get visual protection relative to the rest

11 Tips for Mold on your Bathroom Ceiling

11 Tips for Mold on your Bathroom Ceiling

Mold can be a pretty scary thing. It looks horrible on a white ceiling so it’s easy to panic when you spot it. In reality, mold spores are everywhere. It’s a type of fungus, so if your ceiling is moist, these floating spores will attach and start to grow. Ceiling mold is mostly black, but

Shiplap in the Bathroom: Is It A Good Idea?

If you renovate your house and want to achieve a rustic, farmhouse style, you should consider installing a shiplap in a few rooms, for example. That way, you will create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your space, plus add some interesting texture to the walls. The best thing is that you can do the

Barn Door for Bathroom Is It a Good Idea

Barn Door for Bathroom: Is It a Good Idea?

Whatever style you pick for your bathroom, the choice of door is the final addition to its appearance. Barn door for the bathroom is increasingly popular in modern homes. That is s safe and easy-to-use model, plus you can install it on your own. Nowadays, you can choose among a variety of designs and colors

ADA Bathroom Layout, Dimensions & Requirements You Need to Know

ADA Bathroom: Layout, Dimensions & Requirements You Need to Know

ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act) is a law concerning discrimination against people with disabilities in public areas. This law appeared in 1990. Since then, the nation has been obeying these regulations and standards to make the lives of people more comfortable and practical. I want to talk about ADA bathrooms and restrooms, as there

12 Ways to Open a Locked Bathroom Door

I can imagine how stressful it can be to stay locked in the bathroom. Fortunately, most bathroom doors in the US contain privacy locks instead of security ones that are standard equipment for other doors in your home. That means you won’t have many troubles opening it in most cases. In case of an emergency,

14+ Types of Bathroom Doors: Which Suits You Best?

Bathroom doors are an essential part of the interior of any home. While you probably won’t choose them with the same care as a living room door, you should think about the materials and models that best suit this type of room, as well. Keep in mind that this door gives the first impression before

8 Easy Steps to Paint Bathroom Cabinets

Painting any piece of furniture can be a great way to give it an individual touch. And if it’s looking a little tired, it will get a brand new lease of life. But when it comes to painting bathroom cabinets, some people are reluctant to try their hand. And it’s true that bathrooms can present