How to Remove Shower Doors? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Have you thought of swapping your old shower doors for a fine silky curtain yet? Surely, Curtains will be a great alternative since it doesn’t require much space and they are much easier to maintain. Several things might push you to want you do complete removal of the door. Either the door is looking unpleasant … Read more

12 Tips to Build a Steam Shower

How to Build a Steam Shower? (12 Tricks)

Steam showers are a thing of beauty and comfort. After a long day of work, the steam-surround in your shower can be pricelessly relaxing. You used to need to go to a health spa to get such luxury. Nowadays, you can build yourself a steam shower or remodel your old shower into a steam shower. … Read more

What is a Table Shower 1

Table Shower Massage: Everything You Need to Know!

Table shower (Vichy shower, massage therapy, Scotch hose, hydrotherapy, Swiss shower) is a particular type of table with five to seven rain shower heads above. Many beauty salons and massage spas combine it with a manual massage for your full pleasure. In most Asian countries, this service includes sexual massage. However, when you decide to visit a … Read more

How to Replace Two Handle Shower Valve? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

There are many different types of shower valves, and they come in different sizes and faucet types. Although the two handle shower valve is seen as an old-school shower valve, most people still use them in their bathrooms. Just like most shower valves, this type can also have leaks. As soon it begins to leak, … Read more

Can You Shower After Getting A Tattoo

Can You Shower After Getting A Tattoo? (12 Tips to Care)

You’ve come back from your tattoo session or you’re preparing for one because you don’t want anything getting in the way between your perfect tattoo and you. You’re not completely sure about whether to take your tattoo artist’s advice and need more insight into whether it’s safe to shower after finishing your session. Don’t worry, … Read more

How to Install the Shower Faucet? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Have you ever think about installing a shower faucet? Maybe it is the right time to provide supreme comfort and unforgettable shower experiences for you and your family. I can tell you that it will be an entirely different feeling from taking a bath in your out-dated, under-equipped tub. I know that you doubt you … Read more

How to Remove Flow Restrictor From Shower Head (5 Types)

How to Remove Flow Restrictor From Shower Head (5 Types)

If you have a flow restrictor in your showerhead, then you are using less water for your bathtimes. According to experts, these devices reduce the water flow from your showerhead to 2.5 gallons per minute. Although this is a great idea, the restrictor can become a shower time nightmare, particularly in areas with low water … Read more

How to Install Rain Shower Head? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

The rain showerhead, inspired by falling rain, delivers a gentle spray of water. It makes your bath time more fun and enjoyable. However, rain showerhead comes as one of the types many find difficult to install. Luckily, in this article, we’ve put together great steps to install a rain shower head without hassles. But before … Read more

How to Unclog a Shower Drain? (11 Ways)

There are a lot of things directly responsible for clogging the shower drain, including your hair, minerals from hard water, and your favorite soap. Unfortunately, our hair, especially the long one, is the biggest issue. It wraps around particular parts of the drain, and it can be tricky pulling it out. On the other hand, … Read more