5 Easy Steps to Unclog Shower Head

Do you have a clogged up shower head? And are you looking for the best way to unclog shower head to keep the water pressure strong and steady? If this is the case, we got you covered in this article to provide great insight on how to clean a clog shower head. The clogged shower

5 Reasons Why Your Farts Smell Worse in the Shower

6 Reasons Why Your Farts Smell Worse in the Shower

Everybody farts. While prowess in volume, frequency or pungency is not likely to make you the most popular member of your friendship group, there’s no point in claiming you never do them. In fact, most people let rip between 10 and 20 times a day, and that’s perfectly normal. Passing wind might also not be

5 Tips to Clean Your Shower Floor

One of the hardest chores we can take on would be cleaning the bathroom, especially the shower floors, it is not a very pretty task. This is because it requires a lot of effort getting the stains off the floor, and getting the floors to glimmer again like before. Sometimes, it may look as if