5 Tips to Stop a Toilet from Running

One of the biggest problems of every homeowner is a running toilet. The reason is that the water keeps running even after flushing. Apart from its uncomfortable sight and noise, it can also result in expensive utility bills. A running toilet can cost the homeowner about $1000 in bills and 6,000 gallons of water. Luckily,

How to Remove & Replace a Toilet Yourself

How to Remove & Replace a Toilet Yourself

Do you want to learn how to remove a toilet without asking for help? We’re no longer in a time when you always have to get someone else to fix things around the house. When your toilet is faulty or needs replacement, you can replace it on your own. You will solve many problems at once when

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7 Best Portable Toilets of 2021 – Camping Toilet Reviews

Camping toilets aren’t just for camping trips and outdoor adventures. They can be helpful during long road trips or family get-togethers. Especially if you have younger kids who can’t ‘hold it in’ until the next rest stop. These portable toilets range from basic stools to electricals. Choosing the best camping toilet for your needs depends

7 Easy Steps to Build a Composting Toilet

Do you fancy the chance of building your own DIY composting toilet? Sometimes, knowing how to build a composting toilet becomes a matter of necessity rather than a hobby. There are several reasons to go off-grid with a composting humanure. Not only will it save your hard-earned money on energy and water, but it will also

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7 Best Composting Toilets of 2021 – Waterless Compost Toilet Reviews

The world is finally coming round to environmental protection. This means we’re trying to emit less carbon waste and reserve our resources better. A simple way to do this is to buy a composting toilet. It uses less power and water, and some don’t use electricity or water at all! At first, the best composting

How Does a Composting Toilet Work

How Does a Composting Toilet Work?

If you’re living in a mobile home or off-the-grid, it will be best you invest in a composting toilet. This system stands as one of the most economical options because it doesn’t need any expensive plumbing works. Also, using this toilet will help you save more on utility bills since it is a waterless toilet.

13 Things You Need to Know About Japanese Toilets

The term ‘Japanese Toilet’ could mean two completely polar things. The first is a traditional Washiki ‘squat toilet’. The second is the hi-tech bidet with all its electronic features. Washiki can be flush or non-flush. In the latter, waste goes down a hole into the ground or septic tank. Studies suggest it’s a more natural

Why is a Toilet Called a “John”?

Every language has euphemisms regarding bathrooms and private parts. We rarely describe them by their given names. For toilets especially, we say cryptic things like: I’m going to see a man about a horse. I’m going to the powder room. I need a Number 1 (pee) or Number 2 (poo). I need to use the

5 Reasons Why Your Toilet Bubbles When Washer Drains

If you hear gurgles or similar sounds in a toilet drain or sink drain, it means that the air is escaping the pipes. If it is gurgling while washing clothes, it means that your washing machine is pushing air back through the tube. However, if you block the toilet drain, it will still find a

9 Tips to Use a Toilet Auger

9 Tips to Use a Toilet Auger

Clogged toilets are a nightmare, whether you’re dealing with a composting toilet or a regular water closet. It’s an eyesore, an embarrassment, and a potential health hazard. And it quickly escalates from a nasty smell to a toxic mess. Unfortunately, emergency plumbers are expensive! Luckily, thanks to YouTube and common sense, you can easily clear the