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How to Tighten Toilet Seat? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Shaky toilet seats are common issues in bathrooms across the world. Most times, this problem is due to frequent movement and use of the toilet seat. Luckily, you can fix it without contacting your plumber or using a toilet seat tightening kit.

Do you want to learn how to tighten your toilet seat? Grab your screwdriver, wrenches (adjustable and ratchet), and some washers. Now let’s get to work with the following steps.

Easy Steps on How to Tighten Toilet Seat

Step 1: Locate the Screws

Step 1 Locate the Screws

You will notice two screws that attach the back of the toilet seat to the toilet bowl. These screws have two nuts that lie beneath the setup. Move to the approach part of the toilet cover and find a tiny notch which you will use to remove the cover. Pry the seat and cover it with a small screwdriver.

Most American standard toilets usually use steel screws, but you can find plastic on dirt-cheap models while expensive toilets use metal screws such as stainless steel or brass.

Place the seat at the center of the toilet. If it is not well secured, it will shake in all positions while looking out of place with the toilet rim. Adjust the seat to make it fit perfectly on the top of the toilet bowl. Test it by sitting on it for a few minutes.

Step 2: Make the Bolts Tight

Step 2 Make the Bolts Tight

Tighten the bolts by rotating your screwdriver with clockwise movements. Most times, there is a nut with extra metal around it that prevents the bolt from moving. If there is no wing, grip the nut with an old cloth and use a bolt to secure it.

Remember to pick a screwdriver that fits this task because undersized or oversized tools can slow down your DIY project. In the end, you might give up the idea of using this toilet seat installation tool.

Step 3: Use Extra Pressure

Extract the nut by spraying it with WD 40. Leave it for 3-5 mins and screw until the seat is secured. Then make the bolt more secured by screwing it one more time. If it is firm, cover with the lid and expect a clicking sound.

Install a New Toilet Seat

Purchase a New Seat

If you still have a wobbly toilet seat or weak bolts (after using the above steps), then you might need to get new separate parts instead of changing the current one.

But if it is damaged, consider purchasing a new one. You can get a new toilet seat from most hardware or home improvement stores.

Identify the Right Seat for Your Toilet

Identify the Right Seat for Your Toilet

On most home improvement stores, you will find two common toilet seat forms- elongated and round. The first looks like an egg with its oblong shape while the other is completely round. Choose the perfect fit, even if you use a Toto toilet.

It’s also advisable that you choose a seat designed by the same company that makes your toilet. If you can’t find such seats, use the ones marketed by off-brands.

Remember to choose toilet seats made from plastic as they last longer and are easier to clean than wooden types.

Attach the New Seat to the Toilet

Attach the New Seat to the Toilet

Extract the current seat by unscrewing its nuts and bolts. Place and tighten the new seat on the toilet bowl. Adjust it until it is tight on the rim.

Keep the old bolts and nuts (from the previous seat) in a safe place. You can use them to replace lost ones on the new toilet seat.

How to Choose the Perfect Seat for Your Toilet

There are various options of toilet seats, including regular, slow close, and heated seats. But finding a perfect fit for your toilet bowl might be confusing.

To avoid this problem, measure your existing seat. You can even guess the size without using any tools. But if you want to be sure of the dimensions, there are ways to perform this task.

Shape of the Toilet Seat

Shape of the Toilet Seat 1

Toilet seats come in different sizes and shapes – round and elongated. Most homes use round toilet seats, while elongated models are found in fewer bathrooms. So before heading to the shops, confirm if your bowl is round or elongated to get a perfect fit.

Measure the Toilet Seat

Measure the Toilet Seat

As mentioned earlier, taking the measurements of your current seat will help you choose a new one. With this knowledge, you can determine the style of your toilet bowl and cross-check the size of the new seat.

First, it is advisable to know if your toilet seat is round and elongated. If you have basic plumbing skills, you will be able to know the shape of your toilet with a simple glance.

But if you don’t have, you can check the shape by raising or removing the seat. Next, step back and look at the bowl.

If the bowl has the same distance on all sides, then it is round. But if it’s longer on one end, this means it is an elongated bowl in your bathroom.

These are the most popular bowls in many homes. But the elongated toilets are ideal for tall people because of the added space.

If you don’t trust the “eyeball” method, you can use a meter rule and measure the length from the back of the bowl to the front.

As soon as you determine the shape of the bowl (with any of the methods), you will find easier to get the perfect seat for your toilet.

So what is the standard distance between the bolts on toilet seats? For most toilet seats built by well-known brands like Kohler and Toto toilet, it measures 5.5 inches. But if it’s from another company, it might be less or more.

Choose a Suitable Mount

Another thing to consider is the mount type. Regular or integral bolts and nuts are the standard mounts for a toilet seat.

Integral nuts are attractive items but are challenging to remove. You will also need a drill for this particular task, particularly before removing the seat.

Go For a Suitable Material

Go For a Suitable Material

Whether you’re using a handicap toilet or any other type with plastic or wooden seat, you can get a perfect replacement for it. You can even get a seat with comfortable paddings. But each material has its downsides and advantages.

Plastic seats can be purchased in several colors but are uncomfortable in cold weather and disfigure easily. Natural wood seats can resist cold, but toilet cleaners can discolor its surface.

If you prefer a softer option, consider getting a cushioned seat. However, it cracks within a short period.

Consider Padded Options

Did you have a recent surgery or delivery? Then, you will need the softness and warmth that a padded toilet seat will offer. If you are using a wheelchair, you might need a stronger seat than the regular type.

Go For a Preferred Style

Go For a Preferred Style

Are you worried about finding a seat that meets your bathroom decorating idea? You don’t have to worry because there are various styles that will suit a modern, sleek, or traditional bathroom.

Types of Toilet Seats

A regular toilet seat includes a lid that covers the toilet and a seat that is designed for comfort. For quick cleanups, you can attach both items to a hinge.

Toilet seats are made from various materials such as plastic, wood, porcelain, and steel. They also come in different colors and designs, which enables you to find a perfect choice for bathroom decorating idea. Below are some of the popular types of seats.

Round Toilet Seats

Round Toilet Seats

Most home bathrooms have toilets with these seats. These types are circular without any space at the front. Initially, these seats are available in white, but you can find them in various colors and prints at most home improvement stores.

Open Front /U Shaped Toilet Seats

Open Front U Shaped Toilet Seats

Another common form of seat is the open front model, which is normally found in public and home bathrooms. There are many other benefits of using the U design. First, the shape keeps its users from germs, and it works great to catch trickles of pee.



Most bathrooms in a public building uses the elongated toilet seat. They offer extra space and hygiene, especially if fabricated with stainless steel.

Other Options

These include toilet seats for various conditions, such as arthritis. You can even get a heat toilet seat for the colder months.

Wrap Up

An unsteady toilet seat is a common issue in many homes. However, you can fix it without much hassle.” All you need is the guide above and a few tools.

If your toilet seat is damaged beyond repairyou might need to visit your hardware store and get a new seat of your choice. Ensure you know the shape of your current bowl before buying a new one.

If you still find it difficult to tighten your toilet seat, you can call a trusted plumber to come fix it. Another great option is to leave a comment so that we can help you.

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