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What Does Convertible Mean on a Range Hood?

If you like cooking, but you are not a fan of bad smells spreading all over your home, installing the range hood is an ideal solution for you.  To my mind, the benefits of having this particular device are priceless. They come in different sizes, designs, capacities, and for various purposes.

Which model you should pick out will depend on your cooking habits. Keep in mind that it is never the same if you use the range hood for professional cooking or home use. Therefore, the crucial thing is to choose the best option for your household. There are a few different types of the device you can install, including the under-cabinet range hood, ductless range hood, and convertible range hood.

What Is a Convertible Range Hood?

As a device combining the best features of the duct and ductless range hoods, this unit has become popular recently. The reason is that manufacturers used the best solutions that both types of products have and constructed the device with high performances suitable for both home and professional use.

The best thing is that you can install this particular unit in your home, no matter if you have the duct system or not. Since it is constructed to support both types of ventilation, all you need is to pick out the model you want to use.

If you have the option to remove the smoke, smells, and not so comfortable evaporation out of your kitchen, I suggest you pick out vent mode on your range hood.

The advantage of venting outside when using the ducted option of the convertible range hood is that you can remove bad smells without replacing the expensive non-ducted vent filters regularly. The downside of the duck vent option is that you will take your energy out of your home during cold days in winter, along with bad odors.

Anyway, if you decide to use a duck-free option in your house, you will need to purchase non-ducted filters and change them at least once in 3 to 6 months. How often you will need to do that within this period will depend on your cooking preferences. Keep in mind that it can be a quite expensive option, depending on the type of carbon filter you need.

Moreover, a duct-free vent kit is often not included in the range hood package. Therefore, you will need to purchase it along with the device.

The advantage of this option is that the awful smells go directly into the range hood. They slide through the carbon filter that purifies vapors, and the device sends the same but purified air back into your kitchen.

I highly recommend using this type of range hood since it is an ideal solution for cold days. You should think about the winter period. Then, you need extra energy to heat your home, and indeed, you don’t want that heat to go away outside. That makes the convertible range hood an ideal device. By using it, you will get more options, save money, and keep your home warm.

Types of Convertible Range Hoods

Not all cooking areas and cooking needs are the same. Therefore, having a wide choice of convertible range hoods can make your life more comfortable.

By choosing the right model fitting your kitchen, you will prevent worries about renovating or making additional adjustments before installing the system. I will list here some of the best models you can find on the market.

1. Wall-mount convertible range hoods

Wall-mount convertible range hoods 1

If your type of kitchen is one of those having nothing above the stove and your stove is against the wall, then you need the wall-mount range hood. You can install this unit quickly by yourself.

Everything you need to do is to drill the wall and connect the device to the duck. Always make sure to place your new range hood near an electrical socket. It is more convenient plugging it in without using an extension cord.

2. Under cabinet convertible range hoods

Under cabinet convertible range hoods

If you have already installed kitchen cabinets and now you want to install the range hood without any extra work and remodeling, this model is a perfect option for you. It requires an adequate place under the cabinet and the appropriate connection to the duck and electrical supply.

The selection of under cabinet convertible hoods is wide. I am sure that you will find the right one satisfying your needs and preferences. The only thing you need is to measure the cabinet width and the height between the stove and cabinet before going shopping.

3. Over the island convertible range hoods

If you want to buy the device hanging from the ceiling, you should pick out convertible island mount range hood. I like this beautiful and reliable unit made of glass and stainless steel with a high-quality mesh filter.

Except it looks nice, it is a highly efficient model in collecting bad smells and smoke from your kitchen. Moreover, you can choose when to turn on the out-venting style or ductless venting style, depending on the temperature outside. Before go shopping, you need to measure the distance between the ceiling and the stove.


Better Use of Convertible Hoods

For better use of your range hood, there is one crucial rule you need to follow. Always measure the stove before buying the appropriate unit. If you want your device to catch all the fumes, it needs to be the proper size.

That means it always needs to be at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) longer than the stove on every side. In case you have an island stove, the calculation is slightly different. Your new range hood needs to be at least 6 inches (15.2 cm) longer than the stove on every side.


After you made all calculations and decided on the model and kind of the device you need, it is time to pick out and purchase the adequate convertible range hood for your kitchen. If you are skillful, you can decide to install it by yourself by following the instruction in the package. Otherwise, you should call the professionals to finish the job for you.

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