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27 Easy Homemade Bathroom Cleaner Ideas

Most cleaning products you buy from stores cost a lot of money – and they’re usually also packed full of a long list of nasty chemicals you’d probably prefer to avoid. The alternative is to mix up DIY cleaners yourself using natural ingredients that sell for a fraction of the price.

So for anyone interested in trying, we’ve had a look online to see what other people have been using – and as a result, here are our top 27 DIY bathroom cleaner solutions you can make yourself at home.

1. 5 Awesome Homemade Bathroom Cleaner Recipes!

5 Awesome Homemade Bathroom Cleaner Recipes!

If you’re looking for homemade cleaning products that will help you save a bit of cash, this blog is a great place to start. It gives you not just one but five different recipes for cleaning different parts of your bathroom and the rest of your home. They’re simple recipes and effective too, so why not check it out and see if you want to try some of them?

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2. 7 DIY Cleaning Recipes

Here’s an interesting video in which this YouTuber gives you seven recipes for natural cleaning products you can easily mix up yourself at home. As she explains, she’s not interested in giving you recipes that “kinda” work, so you can be sure that all seven recipes are going to help you keep your bathroom and other rooms in your home clean.


3. DIY All-In-One Bathroom Cleaner

DIY All-In-One Bathroom Cleaner

For those who don’t want to mess around mixing up different potions for different cleaning jobs, this recipe for an all-in-one cleaner should be more interesting. There are a few ingredients you might need to buy, but once you have everything ready, you can start combining them all to create an effective cleaning solution that’s free of nasty chemicals.

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4. DIY Natural Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Nobody enjoys cleaning the bathroom, but it’s something we just have to do – which means any tips for making it easier are always welcome. In this video, this YouTuber demonstrates some of the techniques she employs, using all-natural ingredients, so if you want to find out how she does it, give her tutorial a watch for all the info.


5. DIY All-Natural Bathroom Cleaner

DIY All-Natural Bathroom Cleaner

There are a couple of reasons why you might prefer a DIY recipe to a store-bought cleaning product, but one of the big ones is that you prefer to avoid using dangerous chemicals when possible. If that’s something you can relate to, this blog is well worth a read since it teaches you how to make a natural cleaning product for your bathroom that really works. It also gives you some details about the kind of ingredients found in commercial products – and why you probably want to avoid them.

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6. DIY Toilet Bomb

Cleaning the toilet is never going to be fun, but at least with these DIY toilet bombs, you can have the satisfaction of watching them fizz away in the bowl, cleaning your toilet effortlessly in the process. Want to know how to make them? Then check out this video for everything you need to know.


7. This Is the Most Effective Homemade Cleaner in My Arsenal

This Is the Most Effective Homemade Cleaner in My Arsenal

Among the trickiest cleaning jobs in the bathroom is getting the scum off the shower or the bathtub, and it’s a job that lots of people understandably put off for as long as possible. However, with the homemade cleaner this blogger teaches us how to mix, you can make the job a whole lot easier – and the results a whole lot more satisfying.

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8. The Best Shower Cleaner – Dawn and Vinegar

If you have heavy-duty cleaning jobs to deal with and you need to super-charge your regular detergent, this recipe is for you. It’s extremely simple – the secret is to take a regular bottle of Dawn and to mix it with vinegar. As this YouTuber explains, there’s a bit of a learning curve to getting it right – but with this tutorial, you can skip that and simply start mixing up the perfect version right from the start.


9. All-Natural DIY Bathroom Cleaner

All-Natural DIY Bathroom Cleaner

Some of us might not even realize it, but we use lots of chemical products every day – and many of them may be harmful to our health. That’s a good reason to educate yourself about them, and this blog post is packed full of all the info you need. This is followed by a simple recipe for a bathroom cleaner that will help you move away from toxic store-bought products.

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10. Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

Buying cleaning products can be expensive, and as it turns out, it’s money you don’t need to spend because you can make effective cleaners using simple ingredients almost everyone already has at home. With this plan, you learn to make just such a cleaner using only two ingredients you most likely have in your cupboard, so you won’t need to waste money on pricey cleaning products ever again.


11. Inexpensive DIY Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

Inexpensive DIY Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

Here’s another simple recipe for a cleaning product that will help you avoid using chemicals in your home. As this blogger writes, store-bought cleaners are packed with chemicals – and often have an overpowering odor. However, with the inexpensive recipe explained here, you don’t need to worry about this anymore, which is especially reassuring in homes with babies or young children.

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12. The BEST Homemade Shower Cleaner

There are quite a few recipes out there that are variations of mixing Dawn and white vinegar – and here’s one that we liked a lot. This YouTuber included a few drops of essential oil to give it a more appealing smell, and as you can see from the video, the mixture is highly effective at getting the job done.


13. Homemade Non-Toxic Bathroom Scrub Cleaner

Homemade Non-Toxic Bathroom Scrub Cleaner

If you’re worried about all the harmful toxins that surround us in our daily life and are looking for ways to minimize your contact with them, this is a recipe that should be worth a look. The ingredients are non-toxic, so there’s no risk to your health, and it’s a great mixture for cleaning everything in your bathroom – with a bottle of this in your hand, those stubborn scum stains won’t stand a chance!

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14. DIY Magic Shower Cleaner – Dollar Tree Cleaning Hack

Here’s another version of the Dawn and vinegar recipe, and what we love about this video is the way this YouTuber pours the mixture directly into the special sponge wands, creating a handy cleaning tool to deal with bathroom grime. As we’ve mentioned, there’s no shortage of versions of this recipe, which suggests it must really work. So if you’re looking for an effective cleaning product, why not try it yourself?


15. How to Make Homemade Cleaner with Simple Ingredients

How to Make Homemade Cleaner with Simple Ingredients

In this blog, we learn how to make an effective and natural bathroom cleaner that’s based on white vinegar and baking soda. This blogger also includes a few drops of tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil, which helps to make the mixture more fragrant while also fighting against bacteria and microbes that otherwise might manage to survive.

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16. Amazing Grout Cleaner

One of the most difficult parts of the bathroom to clean is anywhere with grout, so anything that makes it easier will always be welcome – and that’s just what this YouTuber shows us how to make. It’s simple but extremely effective, and we’re sure that lots of people will be happy to discover it.


17. Make Your Own Shower Cleaner

Make Your Own Shower Cleaner

As this site tells us, to fully enjoy a relaxing shower or bath, you need it to be clean – and this post gives you all the information you need to keep it that way. There are details for mixing up a couple of different recipes for everyday use as well as for occasional deep cleans. They’re all cheap and easy to make too, so anyone interested in investigating other cleaning options would do well to check it out.

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18. Dawn and Vinegar Shower Cleaner

Dawn and vinegar has obtained the nickname “miracle cleaner”, and this YouTuber sets out to investigate whether the moniker is deserved. She shows us how she mixed it up and goes on to demonstrate its efficacy when used to clean various parts of the bathroom. Want to know how it fared? Then give her video a watch to find out.


19. 3 Simple Recipes for Cleaning Your Toilet Naturally

3 Simple Recipes for Cleaning Your Toilet Naturally

Regular cleaners you can buy from a store often contain all kinds of nasty ingredients like hydrochloric acid, chlorine bleach and others that you’d probably prefer to avoid. This blog gives you all the details of why you should avoid products containing these chemicals – and then gives you three natural DIY alternatives you might like to try.

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20. DIY Shower Scrub

Here’s a simple four-ingredient recipe for shower scrub that will help you clean your bathroom without needing to resort to harmful chemicals. They aren’t necessarily ingredients you’ll have at home, but they won’t cost you much to buy. And they’re far healthier options than the kind of thing you find in bottles of commercial bathroom cleaner.


21. Best Homemade Shower Cleaner to Make It Sparkle

Best Homemade Shower Cleaner to Make It Sparkle

Dawn and vinegar is among the most popular alternative bathroom cleaners, and here’s a tutorial that teaches you how to mix it up as well as giving you suggestions for how to use it. We love the idea of putting it in a wand scrubber to make cleaning your bathroom effortless.

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22. The Best Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

This short YouTube video teaches you how to make an inexpensive yet highly effective bathroom cleaner using borax, dish soap and lemon-infused vinegar. It’s an original blend, but it gets the job done, making it another recipe many people will be keen to test.


23. Tub and Shower Magic

Tub and Shower Magic

We love the name of this cleaning potion, but there’s nothing complicated about mixing it up. It’s a powerful product that will take all the pain out of cleaning the bathroom – and if you want to know how to make it, check out this post to find out the secret!

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24. 5 Homemade Cleaners!

Here’s a video that’s interesting to watch. In it, this YouTuber reveals her top five recipes for homemade cleaning products that you can use in your bathroom or the rest of your house. You might not want to try them all, but you’re sure to find one or two you like – so give it a watch and see what you think!


25. How to Make a DIY Shower Cleaner (2 Ingredients)

How to Make a DIY Shower Cleaner (2 Ingredients)

To make your own DIY shower cleaner, you just need two ingredients and four steps. This blog post gives you all the information you need to mix up a bottle of it yourself, allowing you to keep your bathroom spotless without the need for harmful chemicals.

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26. Natural Bathroom Cleaning

Natural Bathroom Cleaning

There are lots of natural solutions for cleaning your bathroom, and the best one to use depends on the job you need it for. That’s why this blog post is so useful – because it tells you the best options to use for the various tasks you’re likely to face. That way, you always know which natural mixture to use when cleaning the different parts of your bathroom.

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27. No Scrub Miracle Tub Cleaner

No Scrub Miracle Tub Cleaner

To get your bath or shower looking great, you need to roll up your sleeves and scrub, right? Wrong! Or at least, not when you have the right product for the job – and this blog teaches you how to mix one up at home. Then, armed with this natural bathroom cleaner, you can breeze through the job in no time. And if you want to know what this magical solution consists of, this site has all the answers.

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Loads of great ideas to experiment with

As you can see, there’s no shortage of great ideas to try that will allow you to save money while also creating cleaning products that are free of any dangerous chemicals.

We’ve enjoyed compiling this list of plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them too – and above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the recipe you needed for an effective DIY bathroom cleaner.

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