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Toto Vs. Kohler Vs. American Standard Toilets: Which is Better?

When you think about redesigning your home or when you’re delighted because you just acquired a new home and it’s time to start decorating, the bathroom might not be your first option.

However, despite its appearance, the bathroom is an important aspect of the house. It’s a private space where we keep our hygiene in check, and it’s possible that, after the living room, it’ll be the second spot a visitor will notice in your home.

That is why first impressions are so important, and one of them is the restroom.

And, of all the bathroom’s components, the toilet is the most significant. Can you imagine the issues that a better-installed toilet could cause? Or, even worse, a toilet that leaks water due to a malfunction.

Even if your bathroom is beautifully designed, if the toilet begins to leak, it will be the last of you.

That is why it is critical to understand how to invest in a crucial item such as a toilet. There are many brands on the market, but we’ve chosen those that are widely regarded as the top leaders in toilet sales due to their quality and several other factors that we discuss in this guide.

The brands that stand out above the rest are Toto, Kohler, and American Standard, and we’ll go through each one in detail to see which one best matches your needs. Let’s get started!

1. Flushing System – Toto Vs. Kohler Vs. American Standard Toilets

When it comes to toilets, the most important consideration is whether they are powerful enough to do the nasty work. The first thing you’ll notice is a well-functioning download system.

At first glance, all three brands appear to be of equal strength, but deeper inspection reveals minor discrepancies that could tip the scales in favor of one of them.


Residential toilets from the Toto brand are high-performing, and their functioning has been confirmed for all of their models.

One of Toto’s best features is that it downloads faster and with less noise than the other two.

Toto’s siphon is completely coated. It has a 3-inch valve that allows it to use only 1.6 gallons of water for each discharge in the tanks. it also has a double cyclone tornado flush to ensure power.

Some models consume as little as 1.2 gallons of water while maintaining a similar flush force. These versions are a little more expensive, but they save a lot of water consumption and are highly demanded by all those owners who care about the environment and aim to have things that aid with a more environmentally friendly system.

The three water jets that span the full perimeter of the toilet are another fantastic feature of Toto. They ensure that all debris is cleared and that no stains or residue remain.


Kohler toilets have sophisticated flush mechanisms.  One of their best flushing technology is called the Class Five. It has a larger flush valve than its competitors, which draws more water into the toilet bowl and gives it more power when flushing waste.

This not only ensures that no sticky particles are present, but it also provides more power and is less prone to become stuck in any situation. It has a powerful water jet that ensures a pipe free of blockages and the best technology for dual flush toilets.

Kohler toilets utilize the same amount of water to flush as Toto toilets, which is 1.28 gpf.

However, one of its great characteristics is that you can choose between a gentle and a forceful flush, all of them with dual flushes.

If you’re planning to use the toilet in a guest bathroom where it won’t be flushed multiple times a day or where a vigorous flush isn’t required, having the choice to configure the flush and save water is a great option.

American Standard

The flushing power of American Standard toilets is superior to Kohler toilets.

Although American Standard does not offer configuration options or a water-saving system, it does guarantee that everything will be clean on the first flush. Even piles of toilet paper won’t be able to get stuck.

With Kohler toilets, this isn’t always the case. Toto is equally as efficient as American Standard, but the price is a significant difference between the two brands.

Toto often offers high-end toilets with outstanding design and a wide range of options, but the prices are much higher than American Standard due to that same diversity. But, since we’ve reached this point by now, let’s talk about prices.

2. All about the Price – Toto Vs. Kohler Vs. American Standard Toilets

Before determining the price of a toilet, we must remember that it consists of three parts: The toilet, the lid or seat, and the additional parts for its installation.

You can buy the parts separately but they usually come in a kit at one price for everything.

The price is another of the key factors when opting for one or another toilet.


When it comes to high-performance, cutting-edge toilets, Toto comes out on top. However, most Toto goods will be the most expensive on the market for the same reason.

If you want to spend more money on something of higher quality, Toto is a great choice. If you want to acquire excellent items that you know will last you for many years, you may need to spend a bit more money.

Another benefit of spending more money on the Toto brand is the wide range of designs available, ensuring that you will discover exactly what you need.


Kohler toilets are slightly less expensive than Toto toilets, but they are known for their quality and durability, so the cost-benefit is always in favor of people who purchase them.

If you desire the quality of Toto but can’t afford it, a Kohler is your best bet.

American Standard

The best pricing may be found at American Standard. They are far less expensive than Toto or Kohler toilets, but their designs are plain and straightforward, with few alternatives.

However, if you simply want a conventional toilet with no extra features, American Standard will always be a better option.

Even though they do not have the same amount of designs, they serve their purpose well. If you’re not searching for a customized toilet, but rather something cheap and effective that will address your problems quickly, we propose American Standard.

3. How Easy to Clean – Toto Vs. Kohler Vs. American Standard Toilets

Vitreous porcelain is a substance that prevents trash from sticking to walls. This material is used in the manufacture of Toto and Kohler toilets, ensuring easy cleaning. Which of the two, however, is superior? What cleaning services does American Standard provide?


Toto toilets are at the forefront of technology. That’s why they feature a Cefiontect enamel coating. It is a layer that covers the toilet and prevents any residue from sticking to it. It’s also free of molds on its walls.


Kohler toilets are equipped with Clean Coat technology, which provides a small layer of nanoparticles to the surface of the toilet bowl to prevent water and dirt buildup.

It has been calculated that thanks to this system, Kohler toilet owners save up to 50% of their time in having to clean their toilets.

American Standard

American Standard doesn’t have the technology of Toto or Kohler, but it is equipped with a powerful flush of water that will usually blow the toilet clean. However, it does not offer a variety of models and sophisticated systems compared to its competitors.

4. Maintenance in time – Toto Vs. Kohler Vs. American Standard Toilets

Another key consideration before making a purchase is how your toilet will be maintained in the future. The 3 brands offer at least one year warranty, but for sure you won’t need it, because they last for many years without major problems.

Although brands may promote and emphasize their latest flushing mechanisms, there is nothing more secure than knowing that the toilet’s construction is well-built and will not fail at any point.

In terms of maintenance, each of the three brands has unique characteristics to consider.


Toto has the most luxurious and modern toilets on the market. But its price not only reflects your taste and sophistication, but it is also synonymous with quality and durability due to the best manufacturers in the market.

They may be the most expensive on the market but they will ensure an efficient operation for a long time.


Kohler toilets have a ten-year life expectancy. They are slightly less expensive than Toto toilets, but they are of the same quality and require the same amount of maintenance.

When compared to a Toto toilet, a Kohler toilet will always be on par, but the price will always be in Kohler’s favor. Aside from that, the two toilets usually always share the same features.

American Standard

At this point, it must be said that American Standard has a weak point.

In 2007, American Standard was sued because it’s Champion 4 model had a faulty flush valve that allowed for dripping and phantom flushing in the toilet.

The case was quite serious and damaging to American Standard. They had to withdraw all of their defective models from the market.

5. Style & Design – Toto Vs. Kohler Vs. American Standard Toilets

Toilets are no longer a merely functional part of the bathroom. Much emphasis has been placed on new designs and technology in toilets.

But what is most striking is the variety of designs, with patterns and figures that combine perfectly with the style you want to give your bathroom. Now you can see in the market trendy toilets with elongated bowl designs or comfortable height models.

Which of these three renowned brands has the greatest offer in terms of design and innovation?


Toto toilet models are without a doubt the one who takes the prize in this section. No brand offers the variety of designs that Toto has in stock.

Its multiple designs make it the best option if you are looking for a specific toilet or need something that will combine very well with the bathroom design you are creating. Toto will have a lot more options than any of its competitors. Its also known for its two-piece toilet designs with a variety of dimensions and amazing elongated toilet designs. They even have a heated seat for one of their models.


Kohler is second in terms of a variety of designs. However, that is not why it should be ruled out.

It struggles with Toto in offering a variety of options, but they are always cheaper and offer the same quality as Toto toilets. They also are focused on comfort-height toilets and have interesting innovations in the toilet seat.

So before deciding on the most expensive price, take a good look at what Kohler toilets can offer you, since you may find the same design or something very similar at a cheaper price and with the same quality.

American Standard

This is where American Standard will always be found. American Standard is known for its simplistic designs and lack of alternatives, but its products are of high quality and are far less expensive than its competitors.

Because of the price differential and its well-known quality and longevity, American Standard is always on par with Toto and Kohler, despite not having as many styles. Their one-piece toilet is a success in all ways.

If you do not require a specific design and simply want a functional toilet that will not cause you any difficulties before upgrading to a more modern and sophisticated model, American Standard is always the best choice.

Final Verdict

It’s difficult to say which of the three brands is the greatest because our demands and objectives are constantly changing depending on the consumer. However, after a thorough examination of the three most popular brands on the market, we can say the following about each of them.

When it comes to exquisite designs and cutting-edge technologies, Toto is without a doubt the industry leader. You must be confident that Toto toilets will never cause you any short-term troubles and will provide you with high-quality service. However, it is also true that not everyone is prepared to pay such exorbitant toilet rates. Toto and American Standard toilets have a difference of up to $300, whereas Kohler has a difference of up to $100.

When compared to Toto toilets, Kohler toilets are practically on par, but they will always be less expensive.

They are an excellent choice if you want to strike a balance between quality and pricing. You already know that Kohler toilets are high-quality, but they also come at a lower price point, without sacrificing the number of options and technologies available.

Finally, there’s American Standard, which is the most well-known and best-selling toilet brand on the market. With other brands, they serve as a point of reference. The secret to American Standard’s success is to provide a product that is both basic and high-quality.

They are particularly appealing in the market because of their usefulness and durability, as well as their exceptional pricing, which is often half of what the competition charges.

They are suggested if you do not require a fancy or unique design and only require something basic and utilitarian. They’re tough toilets with plenty of support and high-quality materials.

Although it is true that one of its models, the American standard champion, had to be withdrawn from the market due to a manufacturing error in the model series, it produced a lot of liquid waste and had many complaints from consumers.

Hopefully, with these basic criteria on the best toilet brands on the market, we have been able to give you a better overview and criteria when it comes to deciding which toilet will be best for your home.