Types of Toilet Seats: Which is Right for You?

Toilet seats are classified into various categories based on several factors including, shape, the type of close, materials, and unique features. Your preferred toilet seat type can have a huge impact on the appearance and feel of your loo.

Whether you are a proud user of a bidet toilet or you have a dual flush toilet at your disposal, the factors to consider are almost the same.

Although a bidet toilet functions in an unusual way compared to American standard toilet, however, changing a bidet toilet seat follows a similar pattern to the others.

Thus, the same factors are to be considered in choosing a toilet seat for replacement.

Toilet Seat Type Based on Shape

Toilet seat exists in the following shapes:

1. Round toilet seat

Round toilet seat

This is arguably the most available shape for a toilet seat. Most American standard toilet seats come in round shape.

2. Square toilet seat

Square toilet seat

You will find this type of toilet seat style in most contemporary homes in the United States. As the name implies, they have roughly parallel sides and can appear as rectangular shapes at times.

3. D-shaped toilet seats

D-shaped toilet seats

This is a mix of the two shapes mentioned above. You will find it in modern-day homes, and it usually has a flat hinge edge.

Toilet Seat Type Based on Close

Toilet Seat Classification Based on Close

There are two types of toilet seats based on the type of close they feature. We have the standard close and soft close.

Standard Close toilet seat

It is the commonest of the two, and it features a contemporary design. You can easily locate this type of seat in many toilets. They fit easily in any home, which makes them ideal for a wide range of homes.

Soft-close toilet seat

If you have a taste for a luxury feel and look in your restroom, soft close toilet seat might be your best bet. The lid is designed in such a way that it won’t bang against the toilet bowl if you accidentally release it.

Beyond that, it is quite luxurious; it provides a subtle closing mechanism that guides against trapping your finger while closing the toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Type Based on Materials

The toilet seat comes in a wide array of materials. Notable examples include:

  • Thermoplastic


You probably have this type of toilet seat in your comfort station. It’s made from an attractive thermoplastic material that makes it ideal for cleaning with bleach.

  • Thermoset/Duroplast

Thermoset Duroplast

It’s a contemporary toilet seat made from deluxe polymer – a stylish, hardwearing and highly durable material. This type of toilet will serve you for long if you maintain it very well.

  • Solid wood

Solid wood

If you have a taste for a stylish look, you may consider going for an engineered or molded wood toilet seat. It is perfect for any toilets. Most wooden toilet seats are made from plain white and natural oak for great polish and durability.

Toilet Seat Type Based on Special Features

Some toilet seats have desirable features that give them an edge over the others. Some are specially designed to fit a family with small children, while some have a quick-release mechanism for easy cleaning.

  • Toilet seat for children

Toilet seat for children

Your children might find it challenging to use a standard sized toilet. Rather than force them to adjust with what is meant for the adults, you can try to replace the toilet seat specifically designed for kids. They come with a magnet that enhances security, and your children can easily flip down them down when necessary.

  • Quick-release mechanism

If you find toilet cleaning an arduous task, you might consider choosing a toilet seat with a quick-release mechanism. You can seamlessly remove the hinges if you need to clean it. A toilet seat with this feature will harbor less dirt and irritants compared to the others.

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