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47 Ways to Organize Kitchen Pantry

In every home, a pantry serves as storage space for food and household items. However, every building has this space in various designs and sizes – some have large room-sized pantries while others work with a few kitchen shelves.

Most homeowners employ different ideas to organize this part of your kitchen. After all, having a well-arranged space allows you to find items with ease. To enjoy this benefit, you must have an idea that suits the pantry in your home.

Luckily, we have compiled great kitchen pantry organization ideas. If you use this guide, you will have a storage space that looks attractive, orderly, and practical.

What is the best way to organize Pantry?

1. Group Your Tupperware

Group Your Tupperware

As Tupperware includes many lids and plastic containers, it’s easy to scatter your collection all over your kitchen. Avoid disorderliness by stacking the packs on the lower shelf while the lids will remain in plate rack on another one.


2. Create Extra Space with Zip Ties

Create Extra Space with Zip Ties

Do you store pans and pots in your pantry? If yes, you can get more space and quickly retrieve your cookware with an affordable option. Simply invest in zips ties and hang the cooking utensils on them.


3. Tuck Away Your Plastic Grocery Bags

Tuck Away Your Plastic Grocery Bags

Many homeowners have tons of plastic grocery bags floating around their kitchens. To curb this annoying scenario, fold the items and place them in an empty Clorox tin. If you want to get more space from such ideas for kitchen pantry organization, vertically place the container on a shelf.


4. Store Items in a Shoe Organizer

Store Items in a Shoe Organizer

Using a shoe organizer in your pantry helps improve its look and space. Start by placing it on the door and sliding in packs of seasons and snacks. Since these items have slim features, they will fit snugly into the slots.


5. Invest in a Pegboard

Invest in a Pegboard

If you need a quick way to grab kitchen utensils, a pantry pegboard will go a long way. You can place this item on a hook next to your pantry shelves.


6. Arrange Leftover Holders in Shelves

Arrange Leftover Holders in Shelves

It’s easy to have a huge Tupperware collection, but storing these items could become a nightmare. Tackle this problem by stashing them in a simple shelve. Place the bottoms on the lower shelves while the lids can stay in a rack on the upper end.


7. Use an OXO container

Use an OXO container

Having a well-built shelf offers sufficient space in your pantry. But storing food with clear OXO containers allows you to maximize storage and keep edibles fresh. You can also place stickers printed with the expiry dates.


8. Place Bins in Deep Shelves

Place Bins in Deep Shelves

Maximize the space in a deep pantry shelf by setting up kitchen items in bins. With these containers, you can retrieve foodstuffs by pulling out the unit. If you cannot get a bin, consider using serving trays or baskets.


9. Bring In a Lazy Susan

Bring In a Lazy Susan

Still on the lookout for kitchen pantry closet organization ideas? Introduce a Lazy Susan into the tight corners of your shelf. You can place food jars and tins on these rotating trays, thereby allowing you to reach otherwise distant items.


10. Cut Holes in Ikea Boxes

Cut Holes in Ikea Boxes

Many workplaces use IKEA boxes to store various items. But if you create a hole on one side, the table can serve as storage for tinned meals, especially in your pantry. For an organized look, arrange similar items in the same box.


11. Create Extra Storage for Your Snacks

Create Extra Storage for Your Snacks

If you have random snacks littering your pantry, consider getting plastic hangers. With these items, you can arrange the packs on the wall. It even helps your meals remain fresh for a long time.


12. Fit Drawers into Shelves

Fit Drawers into Shelves

Turn your shelves into drawers for easy access to stored items. You can also place similar products in a single drawer, thereby keeping a well-arranged storage space.


13. Cut up Your Pantry into Sections

Cut up Your Pantry into Sections

One of the best kitchen pantry organization ideas is to group parts of your kitchen into zones (based on your daily cooking requirements). Begin by choosing a category – midday brunch or quick snack sounds fine – pick a spot on the shelf and place a label printed with that particular category.


14. Arrange Under Categories

Arrange Under Categories


After breaking your pantry into zones, arrange the food in these spaces. If you don’t know how to carry out this chore, try sorting the food under categories like spreads, spices, grains, and tinned food.


15. Prepare Against Potential Clutter

Prepare Against Potential Clutter

Avoid an untidy kitchen by using clear plastic or glass jar. Use these containers to keep grains and prevent messy spills. For quick identification, place labels on each jar. Moreover, ensure you place a suitable measuring cup that you can use to scope dry goods for your meals. Finally, remember to sort them via categories such as plastic jars or glass buckets.


16. Store Spices in Mesh Laundry Sacks

Store Spices in Mesh Laundry Sacks

Stop placing your garlic and onions on your pantry shelves. Try using mesh laundry bags to store and keep the spices from drying out. Since the products have airy surfaces, your food will stay fresh for a long time.


17. Neatly Arrange All Cans

Neatly Arrange All Cans

Cans rolling all over a pantry can make your kitchen space look unkempt. Keep the tins in check with affordable wire baskets. To enhance the area, place the tins in horizontal positions.


18. Store Uncategorized Items in a Single Spot

Store Uncategorized Items in a Single Spo

It’s common to have kitchen items that do not fall under any category. Luckily, you can place these products in a single bin. By using this idea, you can spend less time looking for mixes or other odd ingredients.


19. Build Movable Drawers

Build Movable Drawers

Add movable drawers to your cabinets as such options promise extra storage space. They even allow you to reach pantry items quicker since you can pull out the drawers easily. Remember to go for drawers that have grooves that will fit your hands.


20. Build a Personalized Cabinet

Build a Personalized Cabinet

Do you have excess cash to splurge on a kitchen project? If yes, invest in a custom made unit that has spaces for cooking utensils and cooking ingredients. The area can also have drawers for kitchen appliances like food processors or blenders.


21. Experiment with Open Shelves

Experiment with Open Shelves

Still, looking for small kitchen pantry organization ideas? Try constructing open shelves that will hold attractive bins or buckets for pantry items. If you have limited storage space, you will love this tip.


22. Purchase Wire Buckets

Purchase Wire Buckets

Using wire baskets as storage options can go a long way in clearing up a sloppy pantry. Simply set them on a shelf to keep cereals or canned food. You can also hook them on the door to keep small containers.


23. Play with Household Hacks

Play with Household Hacks

Converting regular items into storage spaces stands as one of the top kitchen pantry organization ideas. For instance, an old empty soda box (on the shelving) can keep pantry items like dried goods, tubes of plastic wrap, and canned food. If you want to go for a cool look, swap the box for a magazine holder.


24.   Use a Clip Hanger

Use a Clip Hanger

Clip hangers might work wonders in the laundry room. However, you can also use the tools to hang up random snacks and chips that litter your pantry. To do this, attach the hanger to an installed curtain rod beneath the shelving.


25. Use a Shower Organizer to Store Food

Use a Shower Organizer to Store Food

Even if you might feel like using a simple bowl for your storage needs, a shower organizer stands as one of the kitchen and pantry organization ideas. Find a free spot on the wall and arrange vegetables and fruits on the unit – fruits on one end and veggies on the other. With this plan, you should have extra space for other pantry staples.


26. Collect Glass Jars

Collect Glass Jars 1

Most pantry staples come in sacks and packages that might look out place in storage. Avoid potential clutter by pouring them into attractive jars to brighten your pantry.


27. Store Similar Snacks in Plastic Bins

Store Similar Snacks in Plastic Bins

Keep chips and snacks in see-through plastic bins (with pull-out drawers) for easy access. You can also place them at spots where kids can easily choose preferred treats for lunch.


28. Find a New Use for Your Door

Find a New Use for Your Door

Thinking of your pantry door as a storage space comes as one of the easy ideas to organize a kitchen pantry. Try this solution by fixing a spice rack with a compartment for tubes of plastic wrap and tin foil. Ensure you use the inner part of the door for this project.


29. Brighten Up Your Walls

Brighten Up Your Walls

Bringing color to your pantry walls might not look like a possible way to organize your kitchen. However, eye-catching wallpaper at the back of the shelf will enhance the overall look of this place.


30. Plan for a Door Rack

Plan for a Door Rack

Finding space for your cookware doesn’t require much effort. But if you want to store the lids, you might have to find a creative solution. For instance, install a rack on your door for the items for quick retrieval.


31. Place Packets in the Same Position

Place Packets in the Same Position

Small-sized packs have the annoying habit of hiding in cluttered spaces. But if you keep them in compartments made from sink caddies and Velcro, finding them will take a few seconds. Moreover, you will not have to worry about messy spills.


32. Place Wooden Crates on the Floor

Place Wooden Crates on the Floor

One of the kitchen pantry organization ideas includes placing wheeled crates under the shelving of the storeroom. But you should keep rare items in it. The reason is that, it’s difficult to reach objects that lie on your kitchen flooring.


33. Dump Cardboard Boxes for Clear Canisters

Dump Cardboard Boxes for Clear Canisters

Move food items from their original packaging into clear containers. By doing this, you will have a tidy store. You will even keep your staples safe from annoying rodents.


34. Store Staples in Slim Canisters

Store Staples in Slim Canisters

On your pantry shelf, place flour and cereals in slender, clear canisters. For easy identification, label each of the containers.


35. Hang up Your Cookware

Hang up Your Cookware

Tossing loads of pans and pots might look like one of the quick kitchen pantry organization ideas. But hanging your cookware on a pegboard comes as a better way to free up your space.


36. Try New Shelving Designs

Try New Shelving Designs

Instead of using regular shelves, choose a design with tiered features. Since it has this look, you can maximize your cupboard space and quickly get the items at the back. Instead of seeking the services of a carpenter, you can order the shelf from online stores.


37. Install a Chip Hanger

Install a Chip Hanger

If you need an affordable way to keep your chips and snacks, get a universal rack for a few dollars.


38. Use Bright Labels

Swap label markers for attractive washi tape. After all, it comes in several designs and makes your food jars pop out.


39. Experiment with Chalkboard Paint

Experiment with Chalkboard Paint

Writing a grocery list near pantry shelves adds a unique touch to storage space. You can get this material at any store or even make your own.


40. Add More Shelves

Add More Shelves

Are there any spaces next to your pantry shelves? You can add more storage by installing baskets or organizers into these spots. When completed, you can use these items to keep condiments.


41. Wrap up Your Bins

Wrap up Your Bins

Storage bins serve as one of the x kitchen pantry organization ideas, but they could look boring. To jazz up their look, wrap the containers in wallpaper.


42. Toss out Packages

Toss out Packages

Pack dry goods into labeled containers. You can also shop your kitchen staples from the bulk section at grocery stores.


43. Make a Simple Snack Station

Make a Simple Snack Station

If you are remodeling on a budget, go for a homemade snack station. Create this item by placing a hanging shoe rack on the wall. Then, you can fit in bars, pretzels, and chips into the pouches for a tidy and organized look.


44. Decorate Your Storeroom with Interesting Accessories

Decorate Your Storeroom with Interesting Accessories

Like most spaces in your home, you can also decorate your pantry with elegant fittings. A piece of chalk art, some bright cookbooks, and eye-catching lighting can turn your dull store into a pleasing space. For the walls, use brightly colored wallpaper or tiles.


45. Cover Your Wall with Tiles

Cover Your Wall with Tiles

Swap your plain walls for subway tiles. Apart from enhancing the look of the pantry, its easy to clean and maintain.


46. Assign Spots for Every Item

Assign Spots for Every Item

Choose spaces on your shelves for items you buy frequently. By using this tip, you can quickly organize pantry items, especially after coming from the store. For easy identification, place labels on these spots.


47. Place Bottles and Cans on their Sides

Place Bottles and Cans on their Sides

Some canned goods and bottles cannot stay in upright positions, which results in an untidy pantry. This scenario means that you have to place the items on their sides. To avoid a runaway bottle or can, lay a Fridge Monkey that uses grooves to keep the containers in position.