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27 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

The primary problem of every kitchen in the world is the way how to organize a bunch of cookware and appliances we need while preparing a meal for our families. It is a crucial question since the modern kitchen has more functions nowadays as a place for cooking, dining, and even working.

Anyway, there is no need to worry. I will give you a few excellent kitchen storage ideas for small spaces. After making a few changings, you can transform this place from a complete mess to an elegant and attractive space. Let’s do it together.

kitchen storage ideas for small spaces

1. Well-organized custom pantry

Well-organized custom pantry

In my opinion, it is the best option you can get. The fact is that this fantastic, well-organized walk-in pantry can provide enough space for everything you need to keep in your kitchen more than any other solution existing.

You will have a bunch of pull-out baskets, plenty of shelf space, and convenient pocket doors at your disposal. Plus, the well-organized pantry will allow you to see precisely what groceries you have available and what you need to buy.


2. Fill up open shelves with baskets

Fill up open shelves with baskets

If you don’t like big drawers, you can use these convenient and beautiful baskets as a suitable storage space. That way, you will clean up a mess in your open shelves and arrange disposal of things in the most efficient way possible.

The bonus part is that these baskets look absolutely fabulous. One more thing! You can put paper tags on each basket with a list of their content, as well.


3. Multifunctional kitchen island

Multifunctional kitchen island

If you don’t have an appropriate space for storing kitchen appliances and groceries, you can solve the problem by purchasing a convenient kitchen island if there is enough space in your kitchen.

Otherwise, you can use a kitchen trolley and transform it into a moveable workbench with a lot of space for bottles, jars, glasses, and other kits you use in your kitchen daily.


4. Rolling cart or kitchen cabinet

Rolling cart or kitchen cabinet

Having a rolling cart is an excellent idea, but I prefer using this contemporary rolling cabinet in my kitchen. You can use both as a storing space or a kitchen island when needed, which is highly practical if your kitchen is not too spacious.


5. Kitchen island for storing pet bowls

Kitchen island for storing pet bowls

When having a dog and three cats, one of the crucial questions is where to place pet bowls. We solved that issue and got an ideal space for storing these bowls after buying a large and multifunctional kitchen island.

I placed them under the kitchen sink, which is highly practical. Finally, I don’t need to carry bowls around when it comes to washing them. The additional space allows keeping them near the kitchen faucet.


6. Handy jar storage

Handy jar storage

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to store dried food is to use glass jars of different sizes and shapes. At the same time, you will free up your cupboard space. The system is quite simple.

Fill jars with grains, pasta, and spices and arrange them in desired height and size order. As an added benefit, you can create fun and colorful labels to always know what is in the jars.


7. Rotating organizer

Rotating organizer

To keep bottles with vinegar and oil, as well as containers of salt, pepper, bell pepper, and the spices you use daily, you can purchase this convenient rotating organizer. It will save you a lot of space and make supplies more accessible.


8. Install appliances into the cabinet

Install appliances into the cabinet

It is a convenient and unique way to make more free space in your kitchen. By installing bulky appliances such as the coffee maker, speed oven, or water dispenser into the cabinet, you will bring some clean vibe to the whole place.

At the same time, you can use corners of your cabinet to expose expensive wines or jars with their content and provide warmer surroundings.


9. Open-shelving on the kitchen wall

Open-shelving on the kitchen wall

A shabby chic style is highly modern nowadays. Why wouldn’t you use that idea to double your storage space and create the lovely new design of your kitchen?

However, for this way of organizing, you can use any possible style. Keep in mind that white is the color of choice if your kitchen is smaller. That way, you will visually enlarge it and make it brighter.


10. Store above the window

Store above the window

Usually, there is some space above every window. Be wise and use it for storing stuff you don’t use regularly. Even though you have a big kitchen, you can use that extra space to display decorative plates, vases, bowls, or smaller pieces of art.


11. Tops of your kitchen cabinets

Tops of your kitchen cabinets

If you don’t like kitchen elements that reach the ceiling, you can use the tops of your regular ones as storage. It is actually a convenient way to store serving platters for special occasions and extra supplies that you need from time to time.

There are a few ideas on how to use that space. You can arrange your items there randomly or purchase practical baskets in which you can pack all the things planned. If you are skillful enough, you can even make vertical bulkheads, giving this space the appearance of a shelf.


12. System of kitchen-living room shelving

System of kitchen-living room shelving

What an ideal solution for smaller flats! If you have a kitchen-living room without any separation, useful and beautiful shelves can be a winning combination for you. They will visually separate these two areas and provide enough space for all your kitchen appliances.


13. Pull-out cutting board

Pull-out cutting board

Installing a pull-out cutting board is one of those ideas that completely blows my mind. I can’t imagine the level of inventiveness of the person who invented this solution of saving space, but I have discovered all the benefits of it.

Nowadays, you can find a model with a hole and a trash bin below. That will make it easy to clean all the scraps directly into the trash.


14. Mix the styles

Mix the styles

Have you ever thought about the possibility of using a few open-shelving and glass-fronted cabinets out of your cooking areas for storing extra dinner services? You can make such a mix in every house, but it is a particularly ideal option for tiny apartments.

Plus, by using different pieces of furniture, you can create the necessary distinction between the kitchen and your living room. Keep in mind that you should avoid mixing the color palette in this case. Maybe it is the best option to stick to a few shades of one color.


15. Slide down storage

Slide down storage

It is an unusual but highly convenient way to make additional space for storing your necessary utensils. Making secret storage inside your cupboard is so inspiring.

The most comfortable solution is to purchase it in the store, but you can make one, which will fit your upper cabinet perfectly. After pressing a button, your secret unit will open up, and you will have everything necessary at your disposal without too much searching.


16. Appliance garage

Appliance garage

It is an attractive solution for you if you are a skillful person who can create one by yourself. Having a clutter-free countertop in the kitchen is a huge benefit, which makes this garage highly desirable space for keeping a blender, mixer, toaster, and other smaller appliances out of sight.


17. Hang everything on the wall

Hang everything on the wall

If you have no enough space for a convenient kitchen island, you should take advantage of free walls in your kitchen. With a little bit of creativity and craftsmanship, you can create a beautiful, attractive, and highly useful place for storing necessary things.

By hanging mugs, cutlery, and teacups on the wall, you will free up a lot of space in cabinets for groceries, for example. Plus, it is a practical way to have everything necessary on hand and make your kitchen decorative and gorgeous.


18. Magnetic knife holder

Magnetic knife holder

To keep your children safe from the biggest knives, you can use this practical magnetic holder, and hang all of them on the wall. That way, you will keep them far away from your kids.

Plus, this is an excellent option to leave your valuable counter space free. I have a few holders, and I keep knives on them, but also my tailoring scissors. I can say that these gadgets are worth having in your home.


19. Old baskets as a place for storing

Old baskets as a place for storing

It is popular for bringing presents or flowers in baskets. They are always lovely, but I often don’t know what to do with them. Luckily, I have found this fantastic solution for a practical using of all my baskets.

If you haven’t got any, you can purchase a few convenient flat-back rattan baskets. They are a perfect place to store groceries, fruit, and gadgets you need in your kitchen. Plus, they are decorative enough to make your space attractive.


20. Add a rail with S-hooks

Add a rail with S-hooks

Most of us prefer having drawers in the kitchen. However, it is an impractical solution since it can be hard to find a particular item when needed. Instead, you can consider installing a slim rail along the wall.

That way, you will have all the necessary pieces above the kitchen sink and induction cooktop. By using S-hooks, you will make hanging of utensils more comfortable and transparent.


21. Drawer for keeping spices

Drawer for keeping spices

If you have a cabinet or kitchen island with a lot of drawers, you can use at least one for storing spices. It’s up to you to decide to purchase a convenient tiered spice organizer fitting to dimensions of your drawers or to make one by yourself. The idea is arranging jars to lay the way that speeds searching for the exact spice that you need.


22. Drawer organizer for kitchen stuff

Drawer organizer for kitchen stuff

Whether you decide to buy a drawer organizer for your kitchen stuff or are skilled enough to make one of the wooden slats, this thing is an excellent solution for every kitchen.

By using at least one, you can put your cutlery and all the necessary tools in one place, so you will always know where to look for them. Moreover, you can use one for other stuff, too, including your keys, extra chargers, and office supplies, as well.


23. Under-sink drawer

Under-sink drawer

There is one excellent DIY option for your kitchen. You can successfully use the space under your kitchen sink and add a drawer as an extra space for cleaning agents, pots, and frying pans, for example. There is an option to make a drawer for this purpose by yourself. On the other hand, you can also use one from the old, broken closet.


24. Corner drawers

Corner drawers

Everything I can say is that I adore corner drawers. I hired a professional to make one for me since creating them is a bit complicated. These original pieces of furniture will be a creative and convenient adding for your cabinets.

Moreover, they are more profound than other drawers because they go diagonally into the corner. My friend found a fantastic way to fit corner drawers with the garbage disposal, and I can say that it is one of the best pieces of furniture I have ever seen.


25. Repurpose old supplies from the office

Repurpose old supplies from the office

Believe it or not, old office supplies can be highly attractive and useful pieces in your kitchen. If you have some work tables or metal cabinets, line them up along the wall and use them as a space for storing much stuff you need in your kitchen. If you add a mounted wine rack nearby, you will get unique and stylish storage you will be proud of.


26. Space for lids

Space for lids

I hate storing the cookware lids because of their various shapes. However, there is an interesting option available, which may solve that problem. It is a convenient roll-out lid holder with vertical dividers.

You can place all necessary lids there and get a free space in your kitchen cabinets for other stuff. There is also a sliding shelf for your appliances and larger cookware. I am sure that you will adore it!


27. Reclaim your kitchen storage

Reclaim your kitchen storage

Maybe it is time to give up the temptation to pack your cookware in floor-to-ceiling storage. The better option is to pick out just necessary pieces, use small cabinetry for storing, and free up your space. Dare to try and enjoy an airy, spacious surrounding.