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18 Reasons Why Do Cats Follow You into the Bathroom

No one knows why, but most cats adore spending time in bathrooms, mainly when their owners use them. If you have a cat, you know what I am talking about. They sniff there, follow you, rub on your legs, and jumps into the sink while you wash your hands.

If you manage to get inside without your kitty, it will stay outside and meow loudly. All in all, these creatures love their privacy, but they have no understanding of yours. Give up to get upset and accept the eccentricity of your pet. So, why do cats follow you into the bathroom? Let’s see.

1. Cats follow routine

Like all other cats in the world, your kitty adores routine and the usual way of communication and behavior. Once when following you to the bathroom becomes a routine, it will start loving it.

Think better! If you come to take a shower every morning, your furry friend will want to share this routine with you. Moreover, it is possible to connect it with the meal it gets after that. This everyday rhythm will secure a familiar and relaxed environment, which will help your cat feel safe.

2. Cats ask for attention

I believe you are fully aware that cats love attention. As for your kitty, it is fully convinced that the time when you sit on the toilet is a perfect moment for cuddling and petting. It seems that this weird creature knows that you can’t move at that moment, so it is an ideal time to get your full attention.

There is no TV, other people, book, computer, or a cell phone to distract you, which means that you can dedicate that piece of the day to its majesty, the cat.

3. Cats enjoy supervising the owner

Cats enjoy supervising the owner 1

No one knows why, but cats feel the need to oversee whatever you do, including your activities in the bathroom. Experts assume that it is an innate behavior inherited from ancestors who observed their surroundings to protect themselves from predators.

4. Cats show their love

If you have one of these cats that adore licking you after a bath or shower, get used to it that any attempt to forbid that habit will be in vain. Your cat loves you, and it is its way to show its affection. Plus, you are its source of entertainment, and your kitty doesn’t want to miss anything.

5. Cats want to be with their owners

Contrary to the common belief, most cats enjoy the company of their owners. Your cat wants to be with you as much as possible. OK, it is not an entire truth. Actually, your kitty enjoys your company when it is in the mood for it.

It sometimes seems that the moment when cats are most in the mood to hang out is precisely that period in the bathroom. Your kitty can’t control you while you are outside, but once you enter the bathroom, you are finally at its disposal. Cope with that!

6. Cats enjoy following the owner around

Cats enjoy following the owner around

Some cat breeds enjoy following their owners around, and it includes private time in the bathroom. If your cat is one of them, get used to its presence at any time.

7. Cats look for your smell

Although you don’t enjoy the smells in your bathroom, your cat probably doesn’t share that opinion. The room smells like you, and that is enough reason for the kitty to follow you.

8. Cats are curious

You have already known that cats are the most curious creatures in the world. They simply can’t stand closed doors in the house without checking what happens behind them. So, a closed bathroom door is a challenge!

To you, visiting the bathroom may seem like a daily routine. In your cat’s opinion, you may do something incredibly fun behind closed doors this particular day without its present! Plus, your kitty considers your home as its own territory, and the ban on access to some part of it will challenge it to check what is going on there.

9. Cats are bored

Cats are bored

Cats that live in the house don’t have many opportunities to get fun, especially if you have only one pet. Therefore, they often look for entertainment. Honestly, what could be more fun than their owner while showering, wiping with a towel, or using a toilet paper? It is an ideal moment for every kitty to chase after drops, try to reach your bathrobe, or steal a roll of toilet paper, for example.

10. Cats are vulnerable

Believe it or not, your kitty likely views you as an elder brother and a source of security. Once you disappear behind a closed bathroom door, your cat may become vulnerable and insecure. It wants to be sure that you don’t do anything that may attract predators and put both of you in danger.

11. Cats don’t like mysteries

A closed bathroom door is a mystery for your cat, and this cute menace doesn’t like secrets in which it can’t participate. Every attempt to do such a thing will be a sign for your kitty that something will start happening. Therefore, it will want to take part.

There is one more exciting thing. Since your cat knows that you will shut the door as soon as you enter the bathroom, it believes that following you is the only option to prevent being outside of exciting happenings.

12. Cats look for a place to play

Cats look for a place to play

As soon as you walk into the bathroom, you will remind your kitty that it really enjoys playing in there. Most things in the bathroom are intriguing to these curious creatures, and they may consider them as a toy.

Everything, including a curved bathtub, a bottle of shampoo, toilet paper, water droplets, or fragrant and warm towel, can be good enough for your cat to play with. The fact you are there ‘trapped’ will only add to the fun.

13. Cats look for a place to chill

If you have a cat with long hair, it probably looks for a place to chill, especially after long summer days. So, most of them will come in with you to look for some freshness and enjoy lying on the cold tiles. The best time for this is in the morning or late in the evening, while you use your toilet.

14. Cats adore warm places

Since cats enjoy warm places, it is not surprising that they tend to spend time with you in the bathroom when you take a shower. At that moment, this is the warmest space in the house. Don’t forget that wrapping into your towel makes that perfect combination of ideal temperature and your scent. From a cat’s point of view, it can’t find better!

15. Cats look for freshwater

Cats look for freshwater

Sometimes, all your efforts to buy a quality and fancy water bowl is entirely in vain. If your cat prefers drinking water from the tap, you can’t do anything against it. The only result of your possible stubbornness will be a dehydrated pet. So, one of the primary reasons why your kitty comes to the bathroom as soon as you come there is its attempt to get fresh water.

If buying an attractive and convenient water fountain doesn’t help, you should accept defeat and turn on the tap. Plus, don’t freak out if you spot your kitty licking the wet sink or tub after you use it! Some cats enjoy that part, and no one understands why.

16. Cats look for a litter box

If you keep a cat’s litter box in the bathroom, your cat may feel that sharing a toilet is an excellent opportunity to spend some time together.

17. Sink reminds cats to bed

Sink reminds cats to bed

It seems that cats consider the rounded shape of the sink an ideal place for their bodies. Some of them even like taking a nap there since the coolness of the material will cool them. On the other hand, your cat will warm up the sink with its body and make it a cozy bed in winter.

Even though you have spent a lot of dollars on buying the most modern bed with soft pillows, your cat has its own logic. And that logic sometimes says that sink is the real thing! Your presence there is a bonus award.

18. Cats consider such behavior normal

It may sound weird for you, but your kitty probably can’t understand your complaints since it sees nothing strange about spending time with you in the bathroom. It can’t realize that going into the bathroom together is awkward. For this lovely creature, it is just one more room where it comes with you. Nothing more. Get used to it!


Neither cat behaviorists nor vets have a definitive conclusion about why cats like following their owners to the bathroom. In general, it doesn’t matter which of the theories listed is correct. If your cat likes to spend time with you in the bathroom, you should let her. It will enjoy your company, but there is also the possibility that it will get bored of your acceptance. So, it may surprise you, give up that annoying habit, and give you some privacy after a while.