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10 Best Bathroom Sinks of 2022 – Bathroom Sink Brands Reviews

Bathroom sinks are often taken for granted. You’ll spend a lot of time picking bathtubs and toilets, but you won’t think twice about your sink. You should though, because they get more attention than your other bathroom fixtures, especially from guests. Think of it this way.

The toilet and tub are urgent, utilitarian items. But by the time you’re washing your hands, you have time to inspect the cabinet and the sink. Plus, you’re looking at your hands as you wash them, so you’re focusing on the sink for an extended duration. So how do you buy the best one?

KES Vessel Bathroom Sink
KES Vessel Bathroom Sink

  • It meets industry standards, being certified by IAMPO and cUPC.
  • It has square, round, and rectangular models in black or white.
  • Its premium glazing guarantees a smooth pore-free surface.


The Best Bathroom Sink on the Market 2022

1. Kohler Verticyl Under-mount Bathroom Sink

Kohler Verticyl Under-mount Bathroom Sink

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Under-mount sinks are a popular choice because they allow you to hide the plumbing. But they’re only suitable if you already have a bathroom counter. Or if you’re willing to install one. Kohler’s under-mount sink has a clean, simple design that elevates your bathroom décor.

It comes with two pre-drilled holes – one for the overflow and the other for the drain. It doesn’t have holes for your faucet, because it’s installed beneath a solid counter. Meaning you’ll have to position your faucets in the wall or on the counter itself. This complicates your installation.

It’s a shallow sink, with water filling 3.125 inches below the overflow. And at 11.4 lbs, it can support different types of countertops. It has a subtle, contemporary feel, but it’s not scratchproof, so avoid using abrasives. Instead, sponge it regularly before any stains set.

Countertops are intended to be eye-catching. So if you want an understated sink that won’t grab the limelight, invest in the Kohler Verticyl Under-mount.


  • It has a simple symmetrical design with a rectangular rim and vertical sides. You can also order round or oval versions.
  • It has an overflow port to prevent flooding your counter.
  • It’s made of vitreous china, which is easy to keep clean.


  • The underside of the sink isn’t glazed, so it’s susceptible to staining.

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2. Vccucine Above-Counter Bathroom Sink

Vccucine Above-Counter Bathroom Sink

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When you’re installing a regular sink, it’s easy to confirm the height. You’ll just look at the drain pipe and pick a sink that’s tall enough for you. With a surface-mounted sink, this is tricky. You already have a comfortable counter, so you don’t want a sink that messes with those dimensions.

Luckily, The Vccucine sink is 5.12 inches deep, so it won’t throw off your counter-top math. It’s 18.9 inches long and 14.57 inches wide, so it’s a workable median size. It doesn’t have an overflow, but that’s not a crucial feature in vessel sinks. It could use a pop-up drain though.

It does have a pre-drilled drain hole that 1.75 inches in diameter, so be sure to buy the right size of drain. It’s a glossy white, so it can fit a variety of decorative styles and faucet choices. The ceramic construction looks delicate, but its sufficiently sturdy and tough to stain.

For a sink that’s easy to install and allows you flexible faucet options, buy the Vccucine vessel sink. It exhibits European elegance and works just as well with chrome or oiled bronze fixtures.


  • Its crystalline glaze makes it easy to maintain.
  • It’s surface-mounted, so it’s easier to install.
  • It’s versatile, so it’s just as much at home in modern and traditional bathrooms.


  • Its pop-up drain isn’t included, so you have to spend extra on hardware.

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3. KES Vessel Bathroom Sink  Our Top Pick 

KES Vessel Bathroom Sink

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Some sinks are mounted using wall-brackets while others stand on pedestals. So there’s always a risk of leakage at the joints and flanges. The well-named KES sink (KES stands for Keep Efficient Simple) is different. The vessel sink has a single drain hole, so there’s less risk of leakage.

Like many vessel sinks, your faucets aren’t connected to the bowl. Instead, they’re installed on the walls above the sink or the counter below it. The KES is coated in a premium baked-on glaze that plugs all pored and stops micro-organism from invading or breeding in your sink.

This prevents water damage, reduces staining, and enhances your bathroom hygiene. You may worry this delicate product will break in transit. To prevent this, it comes packaged in protective foam and packed in corrugated cardboard. Keep this foam – you may need it when you move.

Here’s a bathroom sink that keeps things simple, just like its name. It matches any bathroom theme or counter style and is easy to install and maintain. But don’t forget to buy the drain!


  • It meets industry standards, being certified by IAMPO and cUPC.
  • It has square, round, and rectangular models in black or white.
  • Its premium glazing guarantees a smooth pore-free surface.


  • It’s a fragile sink, so while it’s well protected during shipping, it can still get damaged once it enters your home. So be careful while installing!

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4. Kingo Home Oval Bathroom Sink

Kingo Home Oval Bathroom Sink

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In some ways, vessel sinks are the easiest type to install. You just position it over the drain hole and make sure the faucet is in the right position. But they can only sit on a pre-existing counter, so the faucets and drains have to be pre-installed by your contractor or plumber.

The simple curves on this low-fuss sink make it both elegant and laid back. The drain hole is pre-drilled, but the drain cover isn’t included. It’s a standard-sized drain though, so it’s easy to buy the right one. The sink has a scratch-resistant glaze baked onto all its surfaces.

It’s a porcelain sink, and it’s taller than your average sink, so you’ll need a tall faucet to go with it. Brushed nickel and oiled bronze are good choices because they offer a stylistic charm that chrome doesn’t. They also contrast the high-gloss sink better than sparkling chrome would.


  • It has pretty curves but its bottom is flattened for stability.
  • It’s 16 inches by 13 inches and 5.5 inches deep.
  • Its ceramic glaze is baked on so it lasts longer.


  • Its faucet and drain cover have to be bought separately.

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5. Aquaterior Tempered Glass Sink

Aquaterior Tempered Glass Bathroom Sink

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This is the perfect example that sinks don’t have to be boring white. The Aquaterior is still minimalist and simple, but its glass construction and rich copper color raise the sophistication level of your bathroom. It would work well in a woodsy-themed cabin-style bathroom.

You could also use it in a  contemporary bathroom filled with gilded hues, or a rustic one with antique fixtures, so it’s versatile bathroom sink. Installation is simple, though it has no mounting ring of hardware. You’ll have to buy those separately. But its glass is non-porous.

And because is a rich umber rather than see-through, it won’t show dirt as easily. This could be a downside since you might forget to clean it. Its 16-inch diameter is generous without overpowering your bathroom counter. The sink basin weighs 15.5 pounds.

Make your mark with this stylish vessel sink. Its rounded design is quietly attractive, and its rich coloring complements a variety of decorative aesthetics.


  • It’s made of strikingly attractive tempered glass.
  • It’s hard to crack and easy to clean.
  • It’s a fairly deep sink at 5.75 inches.


  • It has a narrow base, so tiny tip-toe-ing hands may tip it over. Don’t let them use the sink unsupervised, even with a stepping stool.

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6. Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink

Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink

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Curves aren’t the only way to make a statement. The Luxier ceramic vessel sink has comfortingly familiar squares at its top and bottom connecting with tapering trapezia. It gives the sink a striking design while adding depth, both physically and psychologically.

The wide 11 x 11-inch base prevents tipping and balances out the weight above it. The rim is 16 inches square, and the sink is a median 4.5 inches deep. Its construction is porcelain ceramic, so its lighter than metal-based porcelain but glossier than unglazed clay-work sinks.

The sink comes with a 2-year warranty, and its hardware has to be bought separately. At 22.5 lbs, it’s on the heavier side for a vessel sink. You do need to buy the faucets and drain separately. And because the sink tapers outward, your faucet needs to be tall and have a long spout.

Luxier’s trapezoid silhouette means the base of the sink is further out from its rim. So buy an extra-long tap to ensure it doesn’t drain onto the sides of the sink. This could cause a messy water trail that’ll be hard to scrub out, especially in a hard-water zone.

The Luxier vessel sink is easy to install and looks great in modern, angular bathrooms. It would be out of place in a curvy bath. Ensure your faucet spout is long enough to stretch over the rim.


  • It’s heavy, but its broad base supports it well.
  • It merges familiar squares with tapered trapezia for added style and beauty.
  • It has a 2-year warranty.


  • Its edges and angles create a strict aesthetic, so it limits your décor choices.

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7. Walcut Wall-mount Sink

Walcut Wall-mount Bathroom Sink

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Wall-mounted sinks are a great way to save space in small bathrooms. The Walcut does this nicely, with its entire rear surface mounted flush against the wall. Its faucet is installed on the right side of the sink. This may feel a little foreign if you’re used to centered faucets.

Fortunately, the hardware is included. The sink comes with a faucet, hot-and-cold hoses, a drain corner, and mounting rings. You can order these fixtures in shimmering chrome or solid brass, depending on your style sensibilities. You can also order round sinks if you prefer.

You can also opt for models whose faucets are on the left lip of the sink. The sink has no overflow and is ‘stuck’ straight on the wall. So be careful not to overfill it – you risk water damage on your mounting wall. The sink is 5 inches deep and the faucet is 9 inches high.

If your toilet is on one side of the powder room and you want to psychologically balance out the room, this Walcut wall-mount is a clever choice. Choose a faucet that’s opposite the toilet.


  • Its 10-inch width is ideal for tight bathroom spaces.
  • The side-tap is a unique styling option.
  • Both the faucet and the sink are easy to clean.


  • It comes with a faucet and drain cover, but you still have to buy a trap and other hardware. Plus, it needs more plumbing skills than a vessel sink.

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8. RunFine Vanity Bathroom Sink

RunFine Vanity Bathroom Sink

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To reduce the clutter in your bathroom, you may want a bathroom sink with all-in-one functionality. This RunFine vanity sink fits the bill. It comprises a vitreous chine sink mounted on a cabinet. The cabinet and drawer doors are soft-closing to prevent slamming accidents.

The back of the vanity has an open recess at the top, which makes it easier to mount your sink. It’s the only thing you have to do since the rest of the vanity is already put together. The sink is fairly deep at 6.5 inches, and the storage unit has handles made of chrome.

The cabinet is 34 x 24.6 x 19 inches and weighs 107.8 pounds, so you may want to pad its feet to avoid cracking your floor tiles. The wooden cabinet has three color choices, but the sink is always white. Because it’s pre-assembled, you’ll have it up and running in minutes.

RunFine is one of the easiest sinks to buy because all you have to do is plumb it. But maybe stick to a ground-floor powder room or guest bath – it’s a nightmare dragging it upstairs.


  • Being a vanity sink, it comes with a built-in storage unit.
  • It comes in gray, white, or walnut.
  • It’s fully assembled, so all you need to sort is the plumbing.


  • While it includes a cabinet and a drawer, it may crowd a small bathroom.

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9. Enbol Vessel Sink

Enbol Vessel Bathroom Sink

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Once in a while, you want to enjoy something unique and exotic. But you rarely want the fuss that goes with it. In this case, you want a rich, copper sink, but you can’t be bothered to clean off the tarnish and patina. Enbol allows you to do this and offers 12 other designs to choose from.

There’s even a turtle-shell version. All these Enbols are made of scratch-proof tempered glass. Designs range from carved copper to lotus shapes and rainbows. But their surfaces are always smooth and indent-free, making them easy to clean despite their deeply textured appearance.

These vessel sinks are 16.5 inches in diameter. The basins sink 5.75 inches, and the glass itself is 12mm thick, with a flat bottom to keep the sink stable. The glass is tempered to keep it shatterproof and stain-free. And because it’s glass, your patterns won’t discolor or fade.

These Enbol basin sinks combine contemporary glass materials and retro design elements. Choose up to 13 options from colorful cubist patterns to spirals and speckled abstracts.


  • Every sink in the series has retro styling and a glossy, easy-to-clean surface.
  • It’s handcrafted at the back to keep it unique and retain a smooth upper surface.
  • It’s lightweight at 12.3 pounds per sink.


  • The bottom of the sink is rounded, not flat. You’ll have to buy a mounting ring to hold the sink in place and keep it from wobbling or tipping. You could sink it into the counter, but that complicates your installation process. It’ll take way more time and effort.

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10. Miligore Glass Bathroom Sink

Miligore Glass Bathroom Sink

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Fancy glass bowl sinks are nice. But sometimes, you want something plain and simple, which Miligore delivers. It’s a minimalist translucent brown with a rounded bottom and a diameter of 18.4 inches, roughly two inches larger than most rounded sinks. You’ll need a longer faucet.

While the bottom is round and may need recessing, the pre-drilled drain hole is beveled. This makes it easier to install on a mounting ring. Beveling lowers the chances of leakage. The tempered glass used to mold this bowl is half an inch thick. It resists staining and scratching.

This beautiful bowl sink is bigger than average and keeps its luster for years. It weighs 14.5 pounds and installs easily, but you have to buy your hardware separately.


  • Its made of bronze-colored shatter-proof glass.
  • It’s a deep sink at 5.5 inches.
  • Toothpaste and hard-water might cloud the glass, but they easily wipe off.


  • It’s handcrafted glass, so the color isn’t consistent and you may not get the exact shade you expect, especially if you buy more than one.

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Buying Guide

The best bathroom sinks are of high quality and low fuss. You want them to serve your needs without drawing too much attention to themselves. After all, the more keenly you stare, the more you’ll notice its flaws. So what features should you shell out for?

Bathroom Aesthetics

Best Bathroom Sink

Most bathroom sinks are white, but it’s possible to get them in other colors. If you get a metallic sink, it could have decorative carvings and etchings. Or if you opt for natural stone, its speckles and creations offer attractive style choice. Pick sinks that go well with the patterns of your tile.

Faucets come into play as well. Bronze and brass options offer rustic appeal, with chrome and stainless steel have a more contemporary feel. Brushed nickel is somewhere in the middle. Some sinks come with their faucets included, so you don’t have much say unless you buy the whole set.

Others will let you mix-and-match your plumbing. But if you’re fixed on buying chrome faucets – for example – you’re not going to order a copper-colored sink. You may also need to think about the shape and size of your drain holes and overflows since these will affect installation.

Physical Dimensions

Bathroom Sink brands

A sink could be as small as an oven bowl or as large as a washing machine. It depends on your requirements and the space you have available. Shape comes into it as well. For example, a corner sink needs to have at least one right angle, whether the sink is a square or triangle.

Curvy sinks often take up more space than straight-edged ones. You should also consider the length of your faucets and plumbing. Will you sink lie flush against the wall or will it project forward a few inches? This makes a big difference in the space and layout of your bathroom.

You could also factor in your storage. Will the sink have a medicine cabinet above it or a chest of drawers below it? Does it need floating shelves for your soap dispenser and hand towels? How wide will these shelves be? And will this shelving match the rest of your bathroom décor?

Easy to Clean

top rated Bathroom Sink

The average bathroom sink deals with toothpaste, matted hair, beauty products, and potentially harsh soaps. Many of these cleaning chemicals are corrosive. Others have strong pigments and staining power. And there’s still the matter of rust and hard water, which could leave limescale.

So you want your bathroom sink to be easy to maintain. You don’t want to spend half the day scrubbing your sink. Especially when you still have a toilet and bathtub to worry about. Pick a sink made of quick-cleaning materials like porcelain, tempered glass, or vitreous china.

These three are the most convenient options in terms of maintenance. Metal sinks are popular, particularly stainless steel. They’re lightweight, but they make you think of kitchens and outdoor washrooms, so they may not be a good fit for your bathroom.

Installation Options

Bathroom Sink reviews

There are lots of different sink types. Vessel sinks have a bowl-like or basin-shaped appearance. They’re good if you have limited space because they’re smaller. They sit on top of your counter and require minimal plumbing. If you have more space, you could buy a pedestal sink.

It usually has a leg or two, and these legs stand on the floor. Other options include wall-hung sinks and under-mount sinks. You can buy a drop-in sink, sometimes described as self-rimming sinks. They usually have a decorative ‘rolled rim’ that floats above your countertop.

Consoles are another common direction for your bathroom sink. They’re wall-mounted sinks, but they also have legs, so they’re a cross between pedestal sinks and wall-mount sinks. You should also think about how easy it is to install. Can you DIY or will it require a plumber?

Let it all sink in!

Once you’ve considered the shape, size, and style, it’s time to settle on the best bathroom sink for your needs. If you asked us, we’d go for the KES Bathroom Sink. You can buy it in black, which is unusual for bathroom sinks. And you can get around, square, or rectangular options.

Its premium glazing isn’t as shimmering as some, but it’s packed with extra foam padding to avoid the dreaded ‘cracked-in-shipping’ scenario. Plumbing regulatory boards recommend it, certifying it in Canada and the US. And it’s simple style matches any décor choice you can think of.

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