14 Ideas to Make Bathrooms Safe for Seniors and Kids

How to Make Bathrooms Safe for Seniors and Kids?

Bathrooms are among the most common accident sites in your home. Especially if you have younger children and older (grand)parents. These demographics are vulnerable in separate but similar ways. As their primary caretaker, your kids’ and parents’ safety is in your hands. Child-proofing or senior-proofing your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. Some safety solutions … Read more

How to Make Bath Bombs? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

We all day-dream about visiting a spa and having an exotic day of pampering, surrounded by the sweet scents, soothing sounds, and warm, invigorating hands of trained masseuses. But spas are expensive, and you can recreate the experience at home with DIY bath bombs. You might not get the massage, but you can buy scented … Read more

Can You Use Laminate Flooring In a Bathroom (Pros & Cons)

Can You Put Laminate In a Bathroom? (Pros & Cons)

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular options out there. Its clean lines and attractive wood or stone patterns look great in any room. But when it comes to using it in the bathroom, you might have some questions. Will it cope with the wet and humid conditions? How long can you expect it … Read more

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

How Do You Deep Clean an Extremely Dirty Bathroom? (Hacks)

Kim Kardashian once said she can’t shower in a soiled bathroom. Every time she needs a soak and rinse, she starts by scrubbing down the walls and floors. I have friends like that too, but it seems strange, because you just have to wash the bathroom again when you’re done showering. Still, your pre-shower or … Read more

15 Best Bathroom Ceiling Material

As you probably know, it can be quite expensive to remodel a bathroom. Among many things you need to fix and change, you may overlook the ceiling there, which is a common mistake. So, take care to follow the recommendation of the National Kitchen and Bath Association of a minimum height for bathroom ceiling of … Read more

33 DIY Bath Bombs for Kids

33 DIY Bath Bombs for Kids

Fizzy bath bombs are quite the treat after a rough day at work. But with all those bubbles and all that color, kids get excited about them too. And you can make those DIY bath bombs for kids extra special. Just stuff a bath-safe toy inside – magic foam toys are especially popular. Bath bombs … Read more

31 Homemade Bath Caddy Ideas You Can DIY Easily

31 Easy Homemade Bath Caddy & Tray Ideas

You know how some people get upset when you use the top of the fridge as a storage space? Or the window sill in the kitchen or bathroom? (Maybe you’re even one of those people …!) Well, for the bathroom at least, a waterproof shower caddy can stylishly resolve that pet peeve. It offers one … Read more

31 Bathroom Lighting Ideas - Shower Light Ideas

31 Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Shower Light Ideas

Lots of us prefer to shower before we leave the house in the morning. Or sometimes, we get home from work and want to wash off the stress of the workday. Meaning we mostly use the bathroom in the dark (pre-dawn or after sunset). Plus, many bathrooms have small windows. They’re often positioned in the … Read more

Are Wooden Wall Panels Suitable for a Bathroom (Tricks to Use)

Are Wooden Wall Panels Suitable for a Bathroom? (Tricks to Use)

If you’re looking for something to inject character into a room, wooden wall panels can be a great choice. But when it comes to installing them in a bathroom, you may have some worries. After all, bathrooms are demanding environments. We’re far more used to seeing ceramic, porcelain, glass or stone tiles on the wall. … Read more

27 Homemade Bathroom Light Fixture Plans You Can DIY Easily

27 Easy Homemade Bathroom Light Fixture Plans

When people decorate their bathrooms or other parts of their home, lighting is often overlooked, and then it gets added at the end, almost as an afterthought. However, installing the right kind of lighting can change the whole complexion of your space, and light fixtures are easy to make yourself. So for anyone who wants … Read more