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Shower Dream Interpretation: What Does a Showering Dream Mean?

When we dream, many of the themes are related to unremarkable everyday actions, but even if our dreams concern things we do often, they can still carry deeper meanings and convey important messages.

A good example of this is showering since the symbolism of this seemingly mundane activity is rich – and to help you understand how to decipher such a dream, in this post, we discuss shower dream interpretation and meanings.

What are the associations we have with showering?

When it comes to dream interpretation, it’s not as simple as saying that a particular symbol or image has a universal meaning that is the same for everyone.

Rather, the context of the dream is just as important as what the dreamer sees because different images may have vastly different connotations for different people.

For example, a dream of a dog would have a completely different meaning for a dog lover and someone who is afraid of dogs – and how the dreamer feels about the dog or reacts to the dog in the dream could also completely change the meaning of the dream.

So what associations might we have with showers that can help us understand the symbolism?

Taking a shower is the act of cleaning ourselves physically, but in a dream, it could also symbolize cleaning or purification mentally or physically.

Similarly, showering is related to personal hygiene and cleanliness, so a dream about showering may be connected to physical, mental or spiritual cleanliness and well-being.

Another way to think about showering is that it is something we do to prepare for something.

For example, we may shower before we go to work, and we usually shower before attending an event such as a wedding – so the symbolism of a shower in your dream could be related to preparation.

Finally, after a shower, we usually feel clean, fresh and ready to face the new day – so showering may be related to feelings of positivity and optimism.

Some different ways to interpret a dream about showering

Having thought about some of the possible symbolism showering may have in your dream, now let’s look at some of the most common interpretations of such a dream.

  1. You are in need of cleansing and purification

If you dream of having a shower, one of the most obvious interpretations is that you seek some kind of cleansing or purification.

Perhaps you recently had to do something distasteful that has left you feeling dirty. As a result, the dream about showering may be a manifestation of your desire to feel clean again.

For example, perhaps you had to fire somebody at work recently, and it left you with a lingering feeling of unpleasantness. In this case, a dream of showering could be your subconscious trying to wash these feelings of negativity away.

Alternatively, perhaps you had to take a course of action that you knew was morally questionable, but you had no other choice.

In that case, the dream might be a representation of your subconscious desire to wash off the disagreeable feeling your actions left you with.

If you think this might be true, try to deal with your feelings head-on. Think about what happened and try to find some kind of resolution.

Then, when you have dealt with these dirty, negative feelings or emotions, you can leave them in the past and move into the future more positively.

  1. You want to draw a line under a negative experience and move on

A similar interpretation of a dream about showering is that you recently lived through a negative experience, and now you want to draw a line under what happened a move on.

For example, perhaps a relationship you were in ended and you found it difficult to get over it. However, now you think it’s time to move on, and you’re ready to leave your memories in the past where they belong.

Another possibility is that you lost money, perhaps through a bad business deal – or perhaps somebody tricked you, scammed you or ripped you off.

Although this may have left you feeling angry or even depressed, you shouldn’t cling to these kinds of negative emotions – and a dream of showering represents your subconscious desire to draw a line under what happened and leave all negative feelings behind.

  1. You need to let go of something or someone

On the other hand, a dream about a shower could be a message telling you that you need to let go of somebody or something, and this could be related to a number of things.

For example, perhaps you are in a loveless or toxic relationship, and your dream about showering is telling you that the time has come to end things and move on.

This dream could also be about a bad habit that you need to give up, so perhaps now is the time to stop smoking or drinking and start living a cleaner, healthier life.

Or perhaps you are stuck in a phase of your life that you are reluctant to give up. Perhaps you need to look for a new job or move to a new area to freshen things up in your life because things have become stale.

If you dream about showering, you should think about these kinds of possibilities, and if you find your dream is telling you to let go of something or someone, the message is that it’s the right thing to do, even if it might seem hard.

  1. You want a fresh start

A related interpretation of a dream about showering could be that you want a fresh start. Perhaps you have become disillusioned with your life or maybe things just haven’t been going your way.

If this rings true, maybe now could be the right time to change everything and try something new.

Maybe it could be something minor – like changing your job – but perhaps now is the time for a major change like moving abroad to start a new life full of new and enriching challenges and opportunities.

  1. You are looking for forgiveness

A dream about showering can also mean you are looking for forgiveness.

Perhaps you have wronged someone, but the person doesn’t know – or maybe they know about what you did, and now they bear a grudge.

In any case, this dream could be a strong message that you want them to forgive you, so actively apologizing and trying to do what you can to make it up to them could bring you the absolution you crave.

  1. You are preparing for the future

We mentioned above that the symbolism of showering may be related to some kind of preparation, and if you are about to start a new venture or a new phase in your life, the dream may be a message about your preparations to face whatever comes next.

In this context, the dream should be taken as a message that you should stay positive and be confident about what is about to happen – because you have done everything you can to prepare for a positive outcome, so now you just have to wait and see what happens.

  1. You need to look after your physical and spiritual health

When we shower, it is partly because hygiene is important for our physical well-being, so a dream of showering could be a message from your subconscious that you need to pay attention to your mental or spiritual well-being too.

Take time to look after yourself and do the things you enjoy – and make sure you leave space for the spiritual side of life too – and you will find it leaves you in a much happier and healthier space.

  1. A cold shower – you have just received a shock

An icy cold shower in a dream often means you have received a shock and you are still trying to process and deal with what happened.

However, it can also be a sign that you are about to receive a shock – so you should prepare yourself for an unforeseen event or some startling, unexpected news.

  1. Showering with someone – you want to cleanse and refresh your relationship

If you dream about showering with somebody, it could mean that you want to wash away any problems that you have been having in your relationship with that person and start afresh. It could also mean that you want your relationship to be more open and honest.

However, the other person in the dream could also represent another part of yourself, so perhaps the dream could mean you need to be more honest with yourself, something you will be able to understand through deep thought and self-reflection.

Let your intuition guide you

Dreaming about showering is usually a positive dream that’s related to ideas like a fresh start or moving forward and leaving past negative experiences behind you.

To find the meaning of your dream, consider how what you saw might relate to your current life situation and the challenges you are currently facing. Then, through introspection and meditation, your intuition will guide you to the correct interpretation of your dream.