How to Clean Shower Head Without Removing & Naturally

Are you looking for great tips to clean a shower head to make water flow to its full potential? Mineral tends to clog the holes of the shower head, thereby preventing water from flowing out freely. If your showerhead is having such issue, it’s advisable you clean it to remove these mineral clogging the holes.

Many might find it hard to go about this, but you don’t have to worry because we have some great tips on how to clean a shower head.

Tips for Cleaning a Shower Head

There are a few methods on how to clean a shower head, and we will like to give you great insight into some of them.

One thing you should know is, the two methods we’ll be discussing about require the use of vinegar. This is because vinegar helps to loosen the mineral buildup, making it easy to clean.

How to Clean Shower Head Naturally

In this part, we will give you great steps on how to clean your shower head with vinegar and baking soda.

However, this method requires more caution and measures, especially if you have a shower head with a designer finish like antique copper, brushed nickel, and bronze.

Using vinegar to clean chrome shower head will work great without any problem.

But for other finishes, take a cotton swab and test a small discreet area for few minutes before applying this method on your entire shower head.

Material Needed

  • White Vinegar solution
  • Bucket or other containers
  • Pliers or Wrench
  • Cleaning rags or cloths
  • Baking soda

 The Steps

 Steps on How to Clean a Showerhead Naturally

  1. Remove the shower head. Ensure to read the instruction manual of your shower to know how to remove the shower head. The reason is that most types require you to twist it off, but yours might not be the same method. Also, if it is not quite long you installed the shower head, make sure you follow the package instruction in order not to do things outside the warranty backing.
  2. Get a bucket or a container large enough to contain the shower head when fully submerged. Pour white vinegar as much as necessary to cover the shower head when immersed completely. Once you’re done pouring vinegar, add some baking soda into the bucket (about 1/3 cup per every cup of vinegar poured).
  3. Dunk the shower head into the bucket containing vinegar and baking soda. Make sure it is submerge completely into the vinegar and then leave it for an hour or overnight for a deeper cleaning.
  4. After that, bring out the shower head and rinse thoroughly to remove any vinegar. Wipe it with a clean cloth to keep it dry.
  5. Turn on the faucet to allow water gush out from the shower nozzle. Allow it to run for about 30-40 minute, reconnect the shower head. Turn on the shower again to run for a few minutes to remove any vinegar inside the shower head.

How to Clean a Shower Head without Removing

You will find it easy to clean your shower head with this method. All that is required is getting the right material, and following the steps accordingly.

Material Needed

    • White vinegar solution
    • A small brush or toothbrush
    • Paper clip
    • Cleaning rags or cloths
    • Baking soda

The Steps

Plastic steps on How to Clean a Shower Head without Removing

  1. Get a large plastic bag and pour enough white vinegar that will completely cover the shower head. Ensure there aren’t any holes on the plastic bag and it is strong enough to hold the vinegar for a long time when tied on the shower.
  2. Lift the plastic bag containing the mixture up to the connected shower head. Hold the bag open and raise it towards the showerhead until it is fully immersed into the vinegar. If you have a shower chair, you can bring it closer and climb on it to make things easy for you.
  3. Once you have completely immersed it into the vinegar, tie the top of the bag to the shower. You can use a rubber band, paper clip, or even a zip tie method to keep it secured. Ensure it is well tight to the point that it won’t fall off when you leave it.
  4. Leave the bag vinegar tied up there for at least an hour. You can decide to wait for more than an hour because the more time the shower stays in the vinegar, the cleaner it gets.
  5. Remove the plastic bag and throw it away. Then turn on the shower to run for a few minutes to get rid of any buildup and vinegar in the shower head. With this process, your shower will be cleaner and allow water to flow out to its potential.

Important Advice for Cleaning a Shower Head

Important Advice for Cleaning a Shower Head

  1. Always open the windows to ventilate the bathroom when cleaning. If you’re using cleaners with strong fumes, it’s best to turn on the ventilation fan to increase the airflow, that way the smell doesn’t choke you. This also includes when you’re using vinegar or other commercial cleaners.
  2. Clean your shower head thoroughly at least once a month. This process helps to reduce the bacterial growth and mineral buildup, thereby making the pressure of the water to come out steady and strong.
  3. Do a surface cleaning of your bathroom. Make sure you carry out surface cleaning with vinegar weekly.
  4. Avoid using hard brush to clean. If you have a chrome shower head, cleaning with a hard brush can leave scratches and scuff, making it look unpleasant to the eye.
  5. Avoid using bleach to clean a shower head. The reason is that most bleach contains chlorine which is caustic and can ruin your clothes. Also, many researchers found that this bleaches could lead to the growth of microbes that are harmful to human health.

Wrap Up

We’ve come to the end of how to clean your shower head. With the steps, guide, and important advice mentioned above, you will find it easy to clean your shower head.

When cleaning your shower, all you need is to:

  • Have the right material handy for cleaning and removing the shower head if you will have to do so.
  • Carefully follow the tips to clean your shower head properly.
  • Reconnect the shower head and turn on the shower. Let it run for a few minutes to remove any chemical inside the shower head.

If you find the article helpful or there are anything you like to add, we will love to see your comments below.

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