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10 Best Water Softener Shower Heads of 2023

When you’re shopping for a showerhead, you focus on its finish, its size, and its water pressure. You might also check whether it’s a flexible, hand-held or permanently installed one. But you should also think about the quality of your water source. Is your piped water hard or soft?

Do you use government supplies or a private borehole, pond, or lake? What chemicals are used to treat your water, and what other contaminants does it have? A water softener shower head has a built-in filter to remove some of these foreign objects. Let’s look at ten popular models.

AquaBliss SF Water Softener Shower Head
AquaBliss SF 100 Shower Filter

  • It combines filtration and rejuvenation. It extracts harmful chemicals while infusing useful minerals and vitamins into your shower water.
  • It uses mixed filtration media that includes ceramic beads, activated carbon, sediment filters, calcium sulfite, and redox components.
  • Tested and proven against dandruff and itchy skin.


The Best Water Softener Shower Head of 2023

1. Aqua Eva Luxury Water Softener Shower Head

Aqua Eva Luxury Water Softener Shower Head

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Logically speaking, the more times you filter a product, the purer it becomes. Aqua Eva filters our shower water a record fifteen times. The water passes through multiple beads, cotton mesh, stainless steel mesh, medical stones, and magnetized filtration balls (to catch heavy metals).

This water softener shower head releases water at high pressure and has a no-leak guarantee. You don’t need tools to install it, and it comes as a comprehensive kit, with a rain showerhead included. Inlets and outlets are half an inch in diameter. It works with both hot and cold water.

The filter attaches to the showerhead through a flexible joint which lets you adjust the angle of your showerhead from 35° to 78°. The filter is 3.3 inches wide and 4.7 inches tall. The rain shower head is 4.5 inches in diameter. The filter works against chlorine, sand, and sediments.

While this kit has a showerhead included, the filter is compatible with all showerheads – hand-held, adjustable, or wall-mounted.  Plus, it has a few extras – Teflon tape and five shower caps.


  • It has a showerhead included and flows at 2.5 GPM.
  • Your shower water passes through 15 filtration stages.
  • These stages include KDF 55, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Activated Carbon, Calcium Sulfite, and various filtration beads including alkaline ceramic beads and negative ion balls.


  • Even with 15 filtration levels and a calcium sulfite layer, this showerhead doesn’t extract calcium from your shower water.

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2. Berkey Shower Filter

Berkey Shower Filter
Image: Berkeyfilter

When you buy a Berkey filter, you may be surprised by the price point. Especially since there’s no shower head included. But it’s a simple, stylish, convenient filter that stays active for a year. It has a back-flush feature, which lowers the likelihood of clogging. It reduces chlorine by 95%.

Some showers have a shut-off valve to prevent wastage, but it can compromise the working of your Berkey filter, so uninstall the valve when you screw in your Berkey. The filter is good for your lungs too. Its KDF 55 granules minimize the amount of chlorine vapor you’ll inhale.

This filter is simple and low-fuss. It works against hydrogen sulfide, mercury, lead, iron, and toxic micro-organisms. But remember to leave room in your budget for a separate showerhead.


  • It’s a lightweight unit at 1.46 lbs.
  • It lasts a year (or up to 20,000 gallons)
  • It reduces chemicals, fungi, mold, and limescale


  • While it gets rid of 95% chlorine, it’s useless against chloramines, so if your municipality uses them, buy a different filter.

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3. Sprite Universal Water Softener Shower Head

Sprite Universal Water Softener Shower Head

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There’s an app for everything, including water softener shower heads. This particular one has a free mobile app for Android and Apple. The app helps you monitor the performance and lifespan of your filter so that you know when to replace it. The filter itself is reversible.

The Sprite Showerhead filter has a universal filter housing, making it compatible with all shower brands. It measures 8 inches by 3.2 inches by 3.2 inches and weighs 1.7 lbs. It’s 3.13 inches in diameter and comes with a 1-year warranty. Keep your receipt – you need proof of purchase.

The box contains a replacement cartridge, so you get two filters for the price of one. The filter works via its patented non-carbon Chlorgon filtration medium. You’ll end up using less soap, shower gel, and shampoo because your shower water is softer and gentler.

For a shower filter than leaves you feeling clean and pampered, invest in the Sprite Shower Filter. It has spare parts included and helps you breathe easier. It’s affordable too!


  • It has a showerhead included, and the showerhead has massage features.
  • It softens your hair, smoothens your skin, and helps you breathe better.
  • Its filter cartridge is reversible.


  • The filter has no effect on fluoride. You need bone char carbon for that.

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 4. Aquasana Deluxe Water Softener Shower Head

Aquasana Deluxe Water Softener Shower Head

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You may be uneasy about buying this showerhead filter. The cartridge is bulky and hangs down from the shower in an unsightly manner. But while its low on aesthetics, that overhang serves a practical purpose – it makes it easy to unscrew and replace your cartridge as needed.

You won’t need to do this very often – roughly twice a year or after 10,000 gallons. Aquasana uses both copper-zinc and coconut husk carbon to filter natural and synthetic chemicals. It can be attached to both fixed and flexible showerheads, though you need to be careful about sizing.

If you want to use this filter with a hand-held shower, buy the shower wand variant. Also, because of your filter cartridge position, you need a narrow showerhead. This Aquasana unit has a suitable showerhead included, with adjustable massage features and nozzle sprays.

Because this showerhead filter uses dual filtration methods, your water feels fresher and tastes better too. It’s a small thing but makes all the difference in those moments when shower water seeps into your nose and mouth. These filtration media collaborate to correct your water pH.

Another advantage of the drooping cartridge is filtration time. Water flows down from the faucet then up through the filter before gushing out of the showerhead. Meaning it stays in the filtration chamber longer, providing more effective purification. Aquasana is certified by NSF.

This up-flow filter is low on clogs and high on water pressure. It’s easy to install and its coconut carbon filter is a lean green cleaning machine. Buy the showerhead version – it’s worth it.


  • It reduces 90% of chlorine and chloramines.
  • Its filter cartridge is easy to replace.
  • It uses eco-friendly AquaSorb HX coconut shell carbon as well as KDF.


  • It doesn’t remove calcium, and it only gets rid of 40% to 50% of fluoride.

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 5. G-Promise Hand-held Water Softener Shower Head

G-Promise Hand-held Water Softener Shower Head

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What features do you look for in a hand-held shower? Long, flexible hose? Adjustable spray with massage options? Solid, stylish shower holster? The G-Promise delivers all this and more. Its 63-inch anti-wrap hose is made of stainless steel, and it can stretch to 75 inches.

‘Anti-wrap’ means the hose doesn’t tangle or coil around itself. And because it’s stainless steel, it’s rustproof. As for the showerhead, it has 6 spray modes, including circular massage, power wash, and water-saving mode. The showerhead is mounted on brass brackets for added stability.

The filter inlet is 0.8 inches and its outlet is 1.1 inches, so it won’t fit standard showerheads. Luckily, the G-Promise filter has a showerhead attached. The showerhead is chrome-coated Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) thermoplastic and oil-rubbed bronze.

The G-Promise filter and showerhead are stylish, easy to install and have a 10-year guarantee. Replace your filter after 10,000 to 12,000 gallons, which is roughly six months.


  • It has a 6-spray showerhead included.
  • It achieves 10 stages of filtration.
  • It comes with a spare cartridge.


  • It can filter out rust, sediments, and chlorine, but not calcium.

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6. Culligan WSH Wall-Mounted Water Softener Shower Head

Culligan WSH Wall-Mounted Water Softener Shower Head

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The Culligan resembles a regular showerhead, so you may not notice the built-in filter. But even though the filter is discreet, it easily screws off when you need to replace it. You should do this twice a year, or after 10,000 gallons. The shower releases water jets at 2GPM.

This Culligan filter works against sulfuric smells, chlorine, and limescale. It also has a bacteriostatic feature that kills germs and other micro-organisms. It has a half-inch outlet, so you can attach it to any standard shower arm. You don’t need any tools to install it.

This is one of the best water softener shower head filters on the market. It weighs 1.58 pounds and has a chrome finish. The package has a spare cartridge, and Culligan has a 5-year warranty.


  • The included showerhead has 5 massage settings.
  • It’s certified ANSI 177.
  • Its rubber spray nozzles are designed with anti-clogging properties.


  • The distance from the wall is minimal, so you may feel constrained as you shower. You’d have to get an expandable shower arm if you need more room.

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7. AquaBliss SF 100 Shower Filter Our Top Pick 

AquaBliss SF 100 Shower Filter

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When you look at an AquaBliss box, it says ‘75% filtration, 25% rejuvenation’. The filtration bit is standard – the showerhead uses a combination of sand filters, stainless steel mesh, micro-porous cotton mesh, and the usual filtration media (redox and calcium sulfite).

Then things get interesting. Far infrared rays, zeolite, tourmaline, vitamin C, and magnetic beads infuse the water with Oxygen, negative ions, and beneficial minerals. This can relieve eczema and keep your skin moist, supple, and well-hydrated. It’s also good for hair and nails.

The AquaBliss doesn’t have a showerhead included. But it has standard dimensions so it works with any type of showerhead. The filter installs in minutes and you don’t need any tools. Just screw it in by hand. It then filters your shower water in 12 stages, from chemical to manual.

This lightweight filter only weighs a pound, and you can fit it onto any standard shower arm. Enjoy the dual benefits of rejuvenation and extreme filtration, all at a pocket-friendly price.


  • It combines filtration and rejuvenation. It extracts harmful chemicals while infusing useful minerals and vitamins into your shower water.
  • It uses mixed filtration media that includes ceramic beads, activated carbon, sediment filters, calcium sulfite, and redox components.
  • Tested and proven against dandruff and itchy skin.


  • This model has no showerhead included.

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8. Luxsego Ionic Water Softener Shower Head

Luxsego Ionic Water Softener Shower Head

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In most hand-held filters, the filtration cartridge is attached further down the shower shaft. But in the case of the Luxsego, the filtration media sits inside the shower arm. Meaning the flexible shower wand doubles as a see-through shower cartridge with micro-nozzles.

These nozzles double your water pressure while lowering water usage by up to 30%. Anions beads soften your skin and enhance its elasticity, giving you a tighter, more youthful look. On the other hand, infrared beads filter out water impurities while boosting your circulation.

This helps your blood pump more efficiently, which slows the effects of time and aging. Your showerhead has three buttons, offering three shower spray modes. The showerhead filter has multiple complex parts, but they all detach for easy cleaning. The hose is modified too.

It comes in eye-catching multicolored patterns, and is resistant to knotting, tangling, rusting, or corroding. The box carries a spare hose and shower bracket. The beads themselves have to be replaced every two months or so. Wipe the metal plate after two to four showers.

The Luxsego is striking and colorful. Its mixed-function makes it a smart buy. But replacing those beads every six to eight weeks can get expensive.


  • It uses a mix of anion mineral balls and infrared mineral balls.
  • It has a sleek design that’s easy to clean and maintain.
  • It releases high-pressure sprays even when the mains water has low pressure.


  • Luxsego only gives a 90-day seller’s warranty.


9. pH Energize Multi-Stage Shower Filter

pH Energize Multi-Stage Shower Filter

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Many of the filters we’ve looked at so far are effective against chlorine but not against limescale. This isn’t one of them. Instead, this ‘true water softener’ puts your shower water through 8 stages of filtration, keeping toxins out of your lungs and off your skin and boosting antioxidants.

This hardware was developed by a company called Invigorated Water, and it also eliminated fluoride, chloramines, and silt sediments. Add that to its 100% money-back guarantee and you have a smart buy. The filter promises fast, tool-free installation and easy replacement.

This filter softens your hard water by raising its pH, eliminating toxins, and introducing beneficial elements that leach into your skin. You need to replace the filter every six months, and you also need to buy a separate showerhead (or re-install your old showerhead below the filter).

While pH Energize removes harmful toxins, it bypasses potentially useful chemicals like magnesium, zinc, and calcium, so it doesn’t completely strip your shower water. You can install this filter on both wall-mounted and hand-held shower faucets. Each cartridge lasts 6 months.

When you’re looking for a shower filter that’s stylish and versatile, opt for pH Energize. It filters in 8 progressive phases, but it doesn’t come with a showerhead, so order one separately.


  • It’s compatible with the standard dimensions of most shower brands.
  • It removes chlorine, heavy metals, chloramines, and a bit of fluoride.
  • The filter blocks out solids up to 0.3 microns.


  • It doesn’t have a showerhead, and it doesn’t extract calcium, so it’s not going to resolve your issues with soap scum.

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10. Culligan ISH 100 Inline Filter

Culligan ISH 100 Inline Filter

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Inline showerhead filters are the least obtrusive version because they use your existing showerhead. They come with standard half-in threads, so all you do is slip it in between your shower arm and showerhead. Preferably if your current showerhead is chrome or steel.

The Culligan can handle 10,000 gallons of water load before it needs replacing, so you need a new one twice a year or thereabouts. You may need to swap it sooner if your bathroom has high traffic. The filter is effective against chlorine, bacteria, and unpleasant sulfur smells.

The filter weighs a little under a pound and pushes water through at 2 GPM. The filter is made from white ABS with a chrome finish, and it has a sleek, visually striking design. But being plastic, its housing isn’t as durable as metal models. The plastic-metal mix is prone to leaks.

If you’re intent on keeping the showerhead you already have, the Culligan ISH 100 is an option. It has no showerhead include and will fit any standard shower fixture.


  • Like all Culligans, the ISH 100 has bacteriostatic functionality.
  • Its angled cartridge makes it compatible with any showerhead.
  • Its clean, modern design fits into most contemporary bathroom themes.


  • Its housing is made from chrome-coated plastic, so it won’t give you many years of use.

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Water Softener Shower Head Buyer’s Guide

The type of water softening showerhead you buy will depend on style, budget, shower dimensions. Let’s look at some tips to help you get the best water softener shower head.

Filtration Levels

Some shower filters can also remove larger particles like gravel or sand. This is helpful because filters extend the life of your showerhead and hardware. By removing solids that could scrape, scratch, clog, or degrade your plumbing, you significantly lower your bathroom costs.

But some contaminants are finer particles that are fully dissolved in the water. These include chlorine, fluorine, and calcites. If your water comes from a borehole, well, lake, spring, or some other untreated underground source, ensure your filter can sieve these dissolved materials.

Apart from protecting the technical portions of your showerhead and piping, filters make daily maintenance easier. Dirt, dust, and limescale are prevented from reaching the showerhead itself. Also, softer water means less soap scum. This eases your daily and weekly cleaning routines.

Filtration Periods

Water softener shower heads are not permanent. You have to switch out the filter regularly, depending on the model you buy. Some filters are good for up to 20,000 gallons. Others are measured by duration and can last up to 8 months before they need replacement.

Filters that last longer generally cost more. You’ll have to weigh the price point against the filtration duration. Would you rather buy a cheaper model that you’ll replace frequently? Or is it better to shell out for something pricy that will last a longer time? Do the math carefully.

After all, replacing a $20 filter 6 times a year is still cheaper than buying a $600 filter that promises a year or two of service. Also, the harder your water and the larger your household, the busier your shower, and the more often you’ll have to replace it, so consider that as well.

Filtration Methods

While the average filter targets dissolved chemicals and salts, some hi-tech water softening showerheads can trap microorganisms. This kind of filter protects you from viruses, bacteria, and other waterborne germs. This is sometimes dictated by the type of filtration media used.

Common types of filters use carbon, Vitamin C, or KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion). The latter works through redox (reducing / oxidation). It takes potentially harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead, iron, or mercury and exchanges electrons, ‘reducing’ it to its safer components.

KDF is a mixture of pure zinc and copper, and it’s effective against hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants. It also has a slight effect against algae, fungi, and bacteria, making it a mild disinfectant. It meets EPA and FDA safety standards for domestic and commercial use.

Quality and Style

The most common way to install a water softener shower head is to attach it to the shower arm. This way, water feeds through it before it reaches your showerhead. This means you want a softener that matches the style and theme of your bathroom. You want your décor to match.

Plastic filters are affordable and come in multiple colors and styles, including metallic paint. This makes it easy to align them with your decorative choices. But plastic doesn’t last long. If you opt for a metal filter, it has to be waterproof, rustproof, and corrosion-proof.

It also has to fit your faucets. A chrome filter will be out of place if your showerhead and fixtures are blackened brass or oiled bronze, for example. You also want a filter that’s easy to clean and doesn’t show dirt or watermarks. After all, you rarely wipe that high, so it helps if it stays clean.

Size and Fit

Adjustable showerheads offer more room, so it’s easier to fit a filter. If your shower arm is on the shorter side, you may need a filter that can snugly twist into place. On the other hand, while some filters have universal sizing, others are more customized, so always double-check.

You should also look at shower water pressure. Some filters can only work within a given pressure range. Others are versatile, but they do affect the pressure of your shower water, slowing it down slightly because of the time delay. Test the filter if you can, or watch demos.

If your showerhead doesn’t have standard-sized threads, or if it has a larger (or smaller) faceplate, talk to the sales team to ensure it’s compatible with your filter. It might also be helpful to check temperature settings. Some filters don’t work as well with hot water.

Flawless Filtration

Many residential spaces use chlorine and ozone to purify their water. Other areas harvest groundwater filled with calcites and mineral salts. To avoid irritating your tissues or damaging your bathroom hardware, buy the best water softener shower head you can afford. It should be:

  • Easy to install, with or without hired help.
  • Waterproof, rustproof, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Fine enough to extract pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine, calcium, and mineral salts.

This is why we recommend AquaBliss SF 100. It reduces skin ailments while giving your hair more bounce and shine. And because it targets calcium, it’s a true water softening showerhead.