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What is the Best Shower Head Height? (by Types)

Many experts will tell you that the standard shower head height should be 80 inches above the floor of the bath. Although this dimension is ideal for most people, a shower head with a long neck can reduce this measurement by some inches.

But do you know that there are other heights for showerheads? Some are 96 inches high while others fall to 72 inches. Usually, these measurements depend on many reasons. For instance, some dimensions allow you to move your body without bumping into your bathroom fittings.

With this article, I will share more tips about the standard shower height. I will also show ways that you can increase this dimension with ease. Now, let’s get started.

Why Do We Have Different Standard Shower Head Heights?

Why Do We Have Different Standard Shower Head Heights

As mentioned earlier, the shower head height standard stands at 80 inches for individuals with average height. However, the choice of your shower height is based on your needs and space in the bathroom. It should also be higher than the tallest person in your home.

If you own a building with large traffic like a hotel, commercial building, or guesthouse, you will have to go more than 80 inches. This height comes as a great idea, especially when people as tall as 7 feet might want to shower in the bathroom.

To make the tall guests feel more comfortable, you should not use the regular showerheads. Instead, use handheld models that come with long vertical bars to hold and set the height. As a result, the building owners will not have to receive complaints about accidental bumps in the shower.

In summary, consider the potential tallest person in the building before choosing a showerhead. Before you search for the best shower head height for tall person on your browser, read the next line for an interesting tip.

What is the Best Shower Head Height?

What is the Best Shower Head Height

A few inches from your head is the perfect height for your showerhead, particularly if you are the tallest person in the building. Usually, I would recommend 3 inches so that you can enjoy the different spray patterns during your shower times.

If you are not sure of your shower head height, you should measure from the floor to the vertical center of the shower arm where it meets the wall.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, the suggested shower head height can depend on the model of your shower head. So, here are some showerheads and their height requirements.

Types of Shower Heads and their Required Standard Height

Wall Mounted Shower heads Height

Wall Mounted Showerheads Standard Height

If you use a wall-mounted showerhead in your home, then its standard height should be 80 inches. However, you should choose a height that fits your personal needs.

But if you have a large household using the shower in your home, selecting a particular size might be tricky. To handle this issue, you will need to fix the shower to a height that will suit everybody in your house by calculating their average height.

During this exercise, there is no need to include the height of children. The reason is that they are still increasing in size.

Rain Shower heads Height

Rain Showerheads Standard Height

These showerheads make you feel as if you are standing in the rain. With these models, the water pours directly on your head. If you love these types of fittings, install the fixture at least 84 inches from the shower floor to meet the shower head height requirements.

Rain shower heads are ideal for households with members of various heights. It also the perfect fit for low ceiling showers because the water spreads before leaving the showerhead.

Handheld Showerheads Height

Handheld Showerheads Standard Height

Do you have a handheld showerhead in your home? If yes, then you will have to install it at the height of between 72 inches and 78 inches from the bathroom floor.

Although the standard length of this type of showerhead falls within the range mentioned above, you can use its attached handled bar to adjust the showerhead height to your particular needs.

If you want to purchase a handheld shower, choose a flexible hose with a minimum length of 60 inches. This item allows you to use your shower as a handheld or fixed showerhead.

For homes with little children, I would suggest a handheld showerhead. This model will suit kids because it can be adjusted to fit their ever-changing heights.

The Ideal Height for Your Shower Enclosure

The Ideal Height for Your Shower Enclosure

When installing a new shower, ensure you protect the wall above the shower pan with waterproof material. This enclosure should be between 72 and 78 inches high from the bathroom floor. But you can make or purchase them in sizes as high as 96 inches.

It suggested that your shower enclosure should be at least 3 inches higher above your shower rough-in. If you don’t know what a shower rough-in is, it’s the height at which your shower arm extends out of the wall.

Ideally, your shower enclosure should not reach your bathroom’s ceiling. However, if you have enough airflow, you could make the enclosure touch the ceiling.

Mildew and mold thrive on walls of poorly ventilated spaces, especially if steam comes from the shower. Now let’s look into standard shower space sizes.

Ideal Shower Space Requirements

The standard shower head height is linked to the size of your shower head. Here are facts about this important space.

According to experts, the ideal shower size is 36 × 36 inches. With these dimensions, you should be able to wash your hair without bumping your hands against the shower enclosure.

But since there are various types of cubicles, enclosures, and spaces in different sizes, choosing the ideal shower size for your home requires some advice.

First, you can get the smallest shower enclosure in sizes as small as 32 inches x 32 inches. Despite its small size, you can stand and wash, especially if you have an average body size.

But, this size of shower space hinders your body movement. Besides, if you have a taller, you might need extra room.

For people with wheelchairs, the shower size should be 36×46 inches. If you have an older person in your home, then shower space should be 36 inches x 48 inches.

Other Essential Tools to Raise the Shower Head Height Before you wonder if there is a dedicated showerhead heightener, Here are some accessories that you can use to perform a shower head height extension.

1) S Shower Arm

S Shower Arm

This tool can withstand wear and tear. However, you have to take out the current shower arm on your bathroom wall. Although this task does not require technical skills, you will need to remove the accessory from the wall forcefully. Sadly, you will need to apply extra strength, thereby making it a stressful activity.

Another drawback is its fixed nature, which makes it less flexible than other models. If you choose to ignore these minor issues, the S shower arm comes as a great tool as it offers height and durability.

2) Swivel Ball Adapter

Swivel Ball Adapter

If you have problems adjusting your showerhead, then you should add this tool to your shopping list. So what problem can the swivel ball adapter solve?

As mentioned earlier, the S Shower Arm is an easy way to increase your showerhead height. But it makes the shower sprayer direct water to the shower wall instead of you, especially if you are below average height.

This problem is caused by a pivot ball that does not provide an angle far enough for a suitable spray. With the swivel ball adapter, you can lower the height of your showerhead. Simply fix it between your shower arm pipe and showerhead.

3) Adjustable Shower Arm

Adjustable Shower Arm

The easiest and most affordable way to raise the height of your shower head is with an Adjustable Shower Arm. This type of Shower Arm attaches to your existing Shower Arm, acting as an extension, and then you can connect your existing showerhead.

Budget-conscious homeowners will love this item as it’s a simple and affordable way to increase the height of your showerhead. To use this product, you will need to fix it to your shower arm and attach it to your current showerhead.

As soon as you have completed the installation, you will be able to set the height of the showerhead by adjusting the arm.

Another reason to love this option is that it does not require tools. Instead, apply some plumber’s tape to the threads and tighten with your hands. Within a few minutes, you should have completed the operation.

4)  Shower Slide Bar

Shower Slide Bar

The Shower Slide Bar stands as the most complex option for getting the standard showerhead height of your choice. It holds the handheld showerhead after being placed on the wall. To adjust the height of the showerhead, you have to move the holder mount along the track of the Slide Bar.

There are various types of slide bars. However, I recommend the model that can be screwed to the wall and is flexible, thus allowing you to choose your preferred height with ease.

Frequently Ask Questions Related to Standard Shower Head Height?

Standard Shower Head Height

Even if you have read the guides, you might want to know more about other essential things. Here are some possible questions with answers that will help you know more about showerheads heights.

What is the ideal Shower Valve Height?

This part of the shower should have a height that falls within the range of 38 – 48 inches above the floor. Although the distance depends on the user’s height, the valve or controls should be reachable from all directions of the shower spray.

What is the ideal Shower Wall Height?

To get this ideal shower head height, two measurements need to be taken. First, the shower wall should measure at least 72 inches high from the bathroom floor outside the shower. The next measurement should be at least 70 inches and should be taken inside the shower, from the drain to the top of the wall.

What is the Ideal Height for My Shower Door?

Experts recommend between 72 to 78 inches; however, most homes use the least size. However, if you prefer larger shower doors, you can go as high as 96 inches.

What is the Ideal Height for My Shower Door?

The ideal height for a horizontal shower grab bar is between 33 inches and 36 inches.

Wrap Up

One of the essential ways to enjoy a shower is with a showerhead with a suitable height. Since people of different sizes will use it, you should place the height of the tallest person in your household before installing the showerhead. You can also adjust your current showerhead with any of the tools above.

So if you love our guide, feel free to share it with your friends. If you also have any questions, remember to comment in the box below.