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27 Easy Homemade Bathroom Rug & Mat Ideas

There are many reasons you might want to make a bathroom rug – maybe it’s because you want to recycle some old materials, perhaps it’s because you can’t find the perfect one for your bathroom, or it could just be because you think it would be a fun project to attempt.

Whatever the reason, for anyone who wants to have a go, we’ve had a look online to see what other people have been trying – and here are our favorite 27 plans for DIY bathroom rugs you might like to try at home.

1. How to Make a Bathroom Mat

How to Make a Bathroom Mat

If you want to know how to make a bathroom mat or rug, a great place to start would be WikiHow. This site consists of a vast collection of how-to guides giving you instructions for just about anything you can think of – including making bathroom rugs. The tutorial teaches you three different ways, which, when combined with some of the other plans we’ve collected, will help you start creating your own designs in no time.

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2. DIY Cozy Bathroom Bathmat

The bathroom rug this YouTuber shows us how to make consists of not much more than the three inexpensive towels she picked up from her local supermarket. It’s a really clever design, and although it requires a bit of work, the result is more than worth it. It’s the kind of project you will be proud of having completed, and it looks like it will be super cozy and comfortable to walk on too!


3. Eco-Friendly Towel Bath Rugs DIY

Eco-Friendly Towel Bath Rugs DIY

If you have some old worn-out towels that are ready to be replaced, there’s no need to throw them out – because you can give them a second life by re-working them into a bathroom rug. All you need to buy is some gridded matting, and once you have that, it’s easy to make a luxurious shaggy rug your feet will love.

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4. DIY Urban Outfitters-Inspired Bathmat for Under $5

Here’s another plan for a bathroom rug that’s based on a piece of gridded matting, but this time using yarn rather than an old, recycled towel. The matting can be picked up for next to nothing at the Dollar Tree, and the rest of the supplies won’t cost you much either, meaning you can reproduce a similar design without spending more than around $5.


5. DIY Bathmat

DIY Bathmat

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a bathmat using old pillowcases or bedsheets, and it’s an idea we love since it just uses old materials that almost everyone has at home. It requires a bit of sewing, which is best done on a machine, but it looks fantastic when it’s finished – so if you don’t mind some basic stitching work, this is a plan you’re sure to enjoy trying to reproduce at home.

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6. Turn Old Pants into Bathroom Mats

This fun video shows that it’s possible to make new bath rugs out of just about anything you have to hand – because this YouTuber does it using old pants! It’s another one that requires the use of a sewing machine, but if that’s no problem, it’s a recommended watch. The video is in Turkish, but it has English subtitles, so don’t let that put you off because it’s a highly creative idea that’s well worth checking out!


7. Sew a Bathroom Rug… from Towels and Sheets!

Sew a Bathroom Rug… from Towels and Sheets

As this blogger writes, she enjoys making her own bathroom rugs mainly because she loves that squishy bathmat feel under her feet when she steps out of the shower. Another important reason is that they are so quick and easy to make – and here she shows you how to do it using recycled items like old bedsheets and towels.

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8. Bathmat Using Old Towels

Homemade bathroom rugs made from old towels are inexpensive to create as well as being super absorbent and cozy underfoot – as this YouTuber explains. As long as you have access to a sewing machine, the design could hardly be easier to copy either, so if you want to learn an simple way to repurpose any old towels you have lying around, this tutorial gives you all the info you need.


9. How to DIY Eco Bath Rug from Old T-shirts

How to DIY Eco Bath Rug from Old T-shirts

Something that almost everyone has in the back of their wardrobe is old t-shirts that are unlikely to ever see the light of day again. And if that includes you, why not fish them all out and turn them into something useful like a bathroom rug? Sound like something you’d like to try? Then check out this blog post to learn how to do it!

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10. Pedestal Mat for Toilet DIY

The design for the bathroom mat this YouTuber teaches you how to make is a little different from a lot of the others since it’s designed to go around the bottom of your toilet, giving you somewhere comfortable to put your feet while you sit on your throne. All you need to recreate this design is an old towel and a sewing machine, and if you already have both, it will cost you nothing to make.


11. Homemade Bath Rug – DIY

Homemade Bath Rug – DIY

Here’s a simple plan for making a fun and cozy bathroom rug from just about anything you have available. You can use old towels, sheets, clothes or anything else you don’t need anymore. The instructions are simple to follow, and there’s plenty of scope for creativity, allowing you to produce a unique bathroom rug to match your personal style.

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12. DIY Towel Bathmat Rug – Recycle Old Towels!

This is a fun video if you like to be entertained while learning about how to tackle useful DIY projects. The YouTuber who made it certainly has a sense of humor, which makes it enjoyable to watch – but he also gives us plenty of useful info about the project, making it simple for anyone to copy. Our favorite part was the cart cam section – what about you?


13. DIY Project: Julie’s Crochet Bath Rug

DIY Project Julie’s Crochet Bath Rug

The rug this blogger shows us how to make requires intermediate crochet skills, so it’s not suitable for beginners. However, we think it looks adorable, so if you have the required skill level and you think you’re up to the challenge, why not have a go at recreating something similar yourself?

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14. DIY Rug from Scratch

Maybe you’re like these bloggers and think that making a bathroom rug from scratch is impossible. However, as they proved to themselves, this is far from the truth – because they managed to make themselves a beautiful Moroccan-inspired rug from just yarn and chicken wire. It’s not necessarily a bathroom rug, but you could easily use it as one, so if you like the design, it making one yourself could be a fun challenge to take on.


15. How to Make a Bathmat out of T-shirts

How to Make a Bathmat out of T-shirts

As this blogger writes, this project for a bathmat made of t-shirts can be colorful and lively or muted, according to your mood and décor – or perhaps depending on the kind of t-shirts you wear! In any case, it’s an easy tutorial to follow, and the photos give you an idea of the kind of thing that’s possible – so what are you waiting for?

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16. DIY Contour Toilet Rug

If you need a contoured toilet rug for your bathroom, this is another plan that should be worth a look. In it, you’ll learn how to make a mat to your own specs, allowing you to customize it to your preferences. It’s a simple idea too, so if you can’t find the perfect rug for your bathroom, you can just make one yourself!


17. DIY Bathmat from Modern Rug Hooking featured in Domino

DIY Bathmat from Modern Rug Hooking featured in Domino

The colorful abstract mat in this plan is a bit more demanding, but if you’re up for a challenge, it could be an interesting project to get stuck into. That said, it’s not exactly super-difficult either, and once it’s done, you’ll be able to surprise your friends when you tell them you made it yourself!

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18. How to Make a Rug

If you go to a store and buy a quality rug, you could be looking at some fairly steep prices. However, if you know how to do it, it’s not so hard to create one yourself using just inexpensive supplies – and this video teaches you everything you need to know.


19. Make a DIY Bathroom Rug in 1 Hour or Less

Make a DIY Bathroom Rug in 1 Hour or Less

The rug in this blog is probably one of the coziest we’ve seen – it looks just like you’re standing on clouds! And if you like the idea of stepping out of the shower and onto a mat of clouds, this is the tutorial for you!

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20. Easy DIY Rag Rug Tutorial + Tips and Tricks

This video teaches you how to make a DIY rag rug from old materials like t-shirts and bedsheets – and it also includes extra hints and tips for things like making it extra plush and soft. Once you master the techniques, you’ll be free to create – and this video teaches you the basics.


21. How to Make a Bathroom Rug with Pom Poms

How to Make a Bathroom Rug with Pom Poms

Here’s an original idea – in this blog, you’ll learn how to make a bathroom rug from pom poms! This blogger came up with the idea to replace her uninspiring non-slip bathmat, and we think the new one is a huge improvement. Take a look and see if you agree!

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22. DIY Fabric Yarn Bathmat

If you want to try a bathroom rug project that will teach you a new skill, this video should be worth a look. In it, this talented YouTuber teaches us how to make a mat out of fabric yarn using a special knotting technique. It’s fascinating to see how it works, and if your effort is anything like the one in the video, you’ll be super-excited by what you’ve made!


23. How to Create a Non-Slip Bathmat from a Cotton Rug

How to Create a Non-Slip Bathmat from a Cotton Rug

If, like this blogger, you have an irregular or awkwardly-shaped bathroom, store-bought rugs might not work – in which case, a good alternative could be to make your own to fit. Her design is practical, but it looks highly professional too, making a solution worth trying.

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24. DIY Bath Towel Rug

This video shows a YouTuber attempting to recreate a rug from a popular previous video – and if it got so many watches and likes the first time, it must have something going for it. It’s easy to copy too, so if you’re interested in a craft project that won’t be too challenging, this could be just the thing.


25. How to Crochet a Rug – Cheap DIY Boho Rug

This is another tutorial for the kind of rug that can go anywhere – so you can put it on your bathroom floor or just about anywhere else in your home. It’s made using the crochet technique, so if that’s something you enjoy, this is a project you’re sure to love.


26. DIY Bath Rug Runner Tutorial

DIY Bath Rug Runner Tutorial

Another common problem in bathrooms is finding bathmats that are suitable for double sink. However, DIYing your own is not difficult, and if that sounds like something you might like to try, this plan teaches you how. That way, you won’t need to spend endless hours looking for the perfect pre-made version!

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27. Bathmat Rug Using Old Towels

The bathroom rug in this video is another one made from old towels, and it’s a design we love. The way several colors are combined to create the pattern is extra-cute, and if you want something like it, it will cost you practically nothing to recreate at home.


Loads of great ideas for inexpensive bathroom rugs

As you can see, there are plenty of great plans for bathroom rugs, many of which allow you to recycle old materials like clothes you no longer wear or towels you no longer use.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans because we’ve been impressed by the range of creative ways to make bathroom rugs, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the inspiration for your next DIY project.