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26 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Small Kitchen

Your kitchen cabinets are the primary parts of your kitchen, and they give the tone to the overall appearance of this space. If you find a way to fit them with the existing range hood, induction cooktop, and kitchen sink, you will get a stylish and attractive cooking place.

Unfortunately, some actual trends may become outdated after a few years. Therefore, you should consider all the options available and take care to choose the right color and quality model of the product, which will last for years. Let’s see the best solutions you have at your disposal.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Small Kitchen

1. White kitchen cabinet

White kitchen cabinet

White kitchen cabinets are an enduring and timeless choice, whether they are part of an antique-style, contemporary, or rustic kitchen. Even though some people think that white kitchen elements are too impersonal, there are a lot of ways to make your white cabinets extravagant and desirable.

The secret is in the details, which will transform your white kitchen into a stylish and gorgeous place without much effort and additional investment.

2. Black kitchen cabinet with milky paint finish

Black kitchen cabinet with milky paint finish

Many people admire chic, sleek, modern, black kitchen cabinets, but they can be quite tricky when it comes to cleaning. The fact is that every flaw is visible on the surface of this particular color. The secret is in milky paint. By using it, you will avoid the visibility of brush marks, as well as all the minor irregularities and imperfections.

3. Color kitchen cabinet

Color kitchen cabinet

Having pure white cabinets in the kitchen may look fantastic on the photo, but it is entirely different in reality. Honestly, they may remind of a hospital a bit. Therefore, it is always better to pick out the cream, beige, or wood color.

In most cases, the right choice can be grey and blue, as well. Keep in mind that bright yellow, kiwi green, and colorful cabinets are modern at the moment, but it is questionable if it will last.

4. Jewel kitchen cabinet

Jewel kitchen cabinet

After years of a dominant white and beige kitchen look, more and more people these days choose deep and vibrant hues, with the distinctive accent to jewel tones.

Keep up with trends and pick out one of the classic gem tones, such as emerald, amethyst, ruby, or sapphire. Your new jewel cabinets will look particularly luxurious and sophisticated if you combine it with white elements and elegant and shiny range hood, for example.

5. Floating kitchen cabinet

Floating kitchen cabinet

Have you ever paid attention to the latest effect of floating cabinets? Basically, while opening the space up, your ‘floating’ lower cabinets will showcase your floor.

If you choose this model, it will make your kitchen memorable, ergonomic, and surprisingly functional. To make the whole place a bit spacey and glowing, you should add lighting beneath the floating cabinets.

6. Kitchen cabinet with adequate lighting

Kitchen cabinet with adequate lighting

No matter how ordinary and unobtrusive your kitchen cabinets look, a properly placed light can do a miracle and transform your kitchen into an ultra-modern and attractive place.

It’s up to you to make lower, upper, or both cabinet lighting. In each case, the result will be beautiful. You can do the same when deciding to install the new kitchen elements, as well. Be sure that the lighting will improve the entire impression.

7. High gloss kitchen cabinet

High gloss kitchen cabinet

Nowadays, this type of kitchen cabinets is highly popular and desirable. As well as looking fantastic, they are easy-to-clean, resistant to damage, and long-lasting.

Plus, their reflective surface will brighten your kitchen and transform it into a place worthy of royalty. Be careful with a color if you want to enjoy your cabinets for years without the risk of your kitchen looking kitschy over several years.

8. Chalkboard kitchen cabinets

Chalkboard kitchen cabinets

It is a convenient and practical solution for a busy modern woman. The combination of an elegant and attractive kitchen cabinet and a chalkboard on its inside is an excellent option.

I like the possibility of having a board with a few favorite recipes written on it, instead of a bunch of paper I can’t find when needed. On the other hand, you can use it to put a grocery shopping list there or to write a message or reminder for your beloved ones. How lovely!

9. Two-tone kitchen cabinet

Two-tone kitchen cabinet

If you want to have something special in your kitchen, you should go with a two-tone effect. You can achieve it in three different approaches.

1 – The first one includes a combination of a low and high two-tone effect, but take care to use complementary colors. That means you should combine the color on the upper cabinets with a different, but compatible color on the lower ones.

2 – There is also an excellent option to pick out a lighter shade of the color you like or pure white for the top cabinets and a deeper shade of the same color for your lower cabinets.

3 – Finally, you can select factory-made, two-tone look cabinets instead of matching colors by yourself. The most contemporary solution is the combination of one color for the doors of your cabinets and another for the exterior frame.

10. Wooden kitchen cabinet

Wooden kitchen cabinet

Wood is a timeless choice for the kitchen cabinet, and it will never go out of fashion. However, if you are an eco-friendly person, you can save our forests by choosing the kitchen elements made of bamboo, chipboard, or even wallpaper with a wood motif.

11. Barn wood doors of the cabinet

Barn wood doors of the cabinet

If you still miss the days when your Grandma made cakes and Grandpa told you goodnight stories while the fire was burning in the hearthstone, there is an ideal solution for you. Believe it or not, these charming doors made of weathered barn wood can fit the modern kitchen perfectly. What a fantastic combination!

12. Bamboo kitchen cabinet

Bamboo kitchen cabinet

As I have already mentioned, you can choose to purchase kitchen cabinets made of bamboo instead of hardwood. These high-quality, solid, and low-VOC models will look excellent and elegant for decades.

13. Historic elegance of the kitchen cabinet

Historic elegance of the kitchen cabinet

I have always liked that specific, measured balance of classical elegance. If you feel the same, you should organize your kitchen cabinets to reminds you of the court of Louis the 14th and a romantic Renaissance period.

By adding elegant metal kitchen faucets and modern appliances, you will connect centuries and enjoy the absolute uniqueness of your kitchen.

14. Rustic kitchen cabinet

Rustic kitchen cabinet

The most stylish option for kitchen cabinets these days is a rustic look on the ultimately modern way. The combination of contemporary kitchen faucets, shiny range hood, and the latest model of the induction cooktop with rustic cabinetry brings warmth into twenty-first-century kitchen space. It is worth considering.

15. Shabby chic kitchen cabinet

Shabby chic kitchen cabinet

Even though you haven’t got an old, inherited house, you can bring the vibe of the 1900 cottage into your kitchen. Everything you need is a few salvaged cabinets you can design in your own way.

With shabby chic style, you can let your imagination run wild. Decide which colors you want to use, prepare the right tools, and do the job by yourself. However, there is one more comfortable solution, as well. You can always purchase adequate pieces and combine them with contemporary appliances.

16. Slab-to-shaker kitchen cabinet

Slab-to-shaker kitchen cabinet

With a raised picture-frame line around the drawer fronts of your kitchen cabinets, this model looks sophisticated and unique. If you are skillful and have the necessary tools, you can transform the regular cabinets into elegant ones by applying this particular style. Then, paint them in the desired color, and you will get a beautiful kitchen in the modern shaker style.

17. Repurposed kitchen cabinet

Repurposed kitchen cabinet

If you are creative and have some old furniture, maybe it is time to start thinking out of the box. You can repurpose different pieces and use wine crates, lovely armoires, or out-of-use dressers as the kitchen cabinets instead of traditional ones.

There are a lot of ways to transform something, which is practically junk, into beautiful and unique pieces of furniture. Do it by topping them off with a wood or granite countertop, paint them, or use self-adhesive wallpaper, and give these discarded items the new life.

18. Kitchen cabinets to the ceiling

Kitchen cabinets to the ceiling

Depending on the height of your ceiling, you should be aware that the accessibility of storage shelves near the ceiling will be a bit tricky. However, this space is an excellent solution for storing seasonal or rarely used items.

Plus, you will prevent the deposition of dust and grease on the top of your upper cabinets. To improve access to the highest shelves, you can install a rolling library ladder, which will be both useful and attractive.

19. Kitchen cabinet with tiny shelves

Kitchen cabinet with tiny shelves

Most people choose kitchen cabinets with large and deep shelves, but they can be impractical for regular use. Too often, we lose necessary items somewhere in the back, which shouldn’t be the purpose of shelves at all.

Therefore, you can consider adding an open cabinet with tiny shelves where you can keep your gadgets at your fingertips. These small cabinets in minimalist style with rows of shallow cubbies are excellent places for storing your coffee mugs, plates, and containers with spices.

20. Roll-out storage

Roll-out storage

If you have a small kitchen, you probably always lack storage space. There are a lot of practical ways to solve that issue, but my favorite option is convenient roll-out storage. You will need plywood boxes and a few shelving, which you can make by yourself.

Once installed, this space will make storing all necessary cans, jars, and boxes in your kitchen much more comfortable.

21. Open kitchen cabinet

Open kitchen cabinet

If you like to have all your dishes at your fingertips, open cabinets are an excellent solution for you. Not to mention that it is a budget-friendly option since you don’t need to spend money on cabinet doors.

Additionally, this type of shelves provides quick access to every piece you store there and makes your kitchen cozy, airy, and open space.

22. Stainless steel kitchen cabinet

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet

You can see metallic cabinets made of stainless steel in every restaurant kitchen, but nowadays, they are a highly popular option for homes, as well. They are easy-to-clean, elegant, beautiful, and can transform your kitchen into an ultimate space with industrial appealing.

To soften the cold appearance of steel, you can add gold, bronze, or brass details there. If you look for a more budget-friendly solution, you can paint your old cabinets with the faux-metal finish, as well.

23. Half-glass kitchen cabinet

Half-glass kitchen cabinet

A combination of solid-wood cabinet doors and parts covered with glass reminds me of the old showcases, which our grannies had in their kitchens. However, there are a lot of contemporary pieces you can find on the market these days, which are just as beautiful and functional.

Usually, these cabinets have solid panels in the bottom half and glass panels above, to provide that desirable open look. They will offer plenty of storage and elegant space for showing your favorite pieces of porcelains, for example.

24. Kitchen cabinet with mesh inserts

Kitchen cabinet with mesh inserts

Even though glass door cabinets are a highly popular option for contemporary kitchens, you can try something unique and unusual. Adding a metal mesh instead of glass will keep your storage more discrete without using expensive closed doors.

As a middle-ground solution, the mesh will offer a quick look at the inside of your cabinet without putting your dishes on full display. An excellent fact is that meshes look beautifully in both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

25. Kitchen cabinets with sliding doors

Kitchen cabinets with sliding doors

What a modern solution for your kitchen cabinets! Thanks to a sliding track, you can move these barn-style doors left and right, depending on your needs. If you install sliding doors on your upper cabinets, you will get an excellent combination of open shelves and traditional door cabinets.

Sliding doors are a convenient and highly functional choice if your kitchen is small and tight. However, many people find them a practical option to achieve a gallery open look, as well.

26. Grooved kitchen cabinet

Grooved kitchen cabinet

This type of cabinets is an excellent, textured, non-traditional, and fun option for your kitchen. I like those cutting-edge, wood-paneled grooved pieces of furniture.

They are clear evidence of how quickly old-fashioned, country-style cabinet can become a model suitable for a modern industrial kitchen. If you opt for this particular design, it will add an exciting texture to your kitchen without looking cluttered.

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