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15 Best Bathtubs of 2021 – Most Comfortable Soaking Tubs Reviews

Most of us don’t always have time to soak in the tub. In the morning, we’re rushing out the door. In the evening, we’re too exhausted to run the bath. But for those who consider bathtubs sacred, buying the right tub is essential. You want it gorgeous, comfortable, and affordable.

It helps if it’s low maintenance. You don’t want cleaning your bathtub to take longer than the bath itself. But how can you be sure you’ve bought the best bathtub? We’d like to help, so we’re going to review fifteen tubs we think will suit your needs. Let’s get started!

best bathtubs American Standard
American Standard 5-Foot Bathtub

  • It has an apron so it doesn’t need tile coping.
  • Its surface has StanSure slip-resistance for extra safety.
  • It comes in four colors to suit your bathroom décor.

Woodbridge Freestanding Bathtub
Woodbridge Freestanding Bathtub

  • The tub is made of Lucite acrylic and coated with Ashland fiberglass and resin.
  • Its curvy contours and high gloss give it a luxurious look whether you buy black or white.
  • It sits on a stainless steel bracket that can hold up to 1,000 pounds.


The Best Bathtub on the Market of 2021

1. Aqua Eden Kingston Alcove Bathtub

best bathtubs Aqua

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Many buyers obsess on the size and dimensions of their tubs. But it’s far more important to see how well it covers you. When you’re inside the tub, how much of your body is covered? And how much water can the tub take before it spills over and floods the floor and risks broken bones?

The Aqua Eden tub can hold between 58.2 and 63.3 gallons, depending on your body mass. It has an overflow height of about 15 inches, with pre-drilled overflow holes to reduce spillage. Its mixed media construction helps counter the downsides of each material.

Resin seals the pores in your fiberglass, which in turn adds luxury and shine to the ‘plasticky’ acrylic. But the tub is lighter than cast iron, so it can hold a larger load and is safer for storied floors. This triple construction gives your tub extra insulation and added scratch-resistance.

If you’re looking for a deep, comfortable soak, Aqua Eden is it. It slopes 64º at the back and 83º at the front, giving you better submersion and insulation. And it only weighs 95 lbs.


  • It has both left and right drain models, so it can fit any bathroom configurations.
  • The tub is 2 to 4 mm thick for added insulation.
  • It combines the durability of acrylics with the gloss and style of fiberglass.


  • The tubs dimensions are all +/- half an inch, so if you based your purchase on the box labels, you may struggle with the snug alcove installation.

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2. American Standard 5-Foot Bathtub (Our Top Pick)

best bathtubs American Standard

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Some people soak in the tub with a good book and a glass of wine. Others prefer to keep their eyes closed with cucumber slices and scented candles. But if you have a window with a nice view, an alcove bathtub is the best way to enjoy it. Enter American Standard’s 5-foot bathtub.

Its Americast shell is coated with porcelain, giving it a gorgeous gloss. Americast is a tri-layered material exclusive to American Standard. The insulated base is coated in enameled steel, which is then topped with porcelain. This makes it lighter than cast iron tubs, but just as thick.

The tub also has a headrest bevel, ADA seat, and back support. It drains to the right, and comes in shades of white, gray, and beige, though they’re described using fancier terms like bone, arctic, and linen. The tub measures 60 inches by 32 inches

Get all the properties of cast iron at half its weight. This American Standard soaking tub is a good choice if you want long shelf life, low maintenance, and basic bathtub features.


  • It has an apron so it doesn’t need tile coping.
  • Its surface has StanSure slip-resistance for extra safety.
  • It comes in four colors to suit your bathroom décor.


  • It’s an alcove bathtub, so you need a three-sided niche to install it.

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3. Sinkology Heisenberg Claw-Foot Bathtub

best bathtubs Sinkology

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Copper jewelry is sometimes worrying. It turns green with time, and that sickly shade may transfer onto your skin. Copper bathtubs don’t have that problem, especially the Sinkology Freestanding Claw-Foot Tub. It’s hammered over 100,000 times for that perfect finish.

To go with its 14-gauge copper curves, the bathtub has bronze feet that are cast and finished by hand. The bathtub has a higher back on one side, providing extra support for your back. If the copper patina bothers you, wax it off using Copper Armor products and microfiber cloth.

Copper tubs promote longer soaks because they retain heat better than acrylic or fiberglass tubs. The Heisenberg is freestanding, so you can install it anywhere in the bathroom. But the plumbing process is a bit more complicated than wall-mounted tubs, so call a plumber if you need to.

To make a statement and create a cozy cabin ambiance in your bathroom, consider buying a Heisenberg copper bathtub. It conducts heat well and works with 2-inch drainage pipes.


  • Each tub is handcrafted so it has a unique design.
  • The tub is pure copper and the claws are pure brass.
  • It gives you home antique elegance and fits well with a rustic theme.


  • Sinkology bathtubs don’t have their faucets or drain kits included, so you have to buy them separately.

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4. Kohler Expanse Bathtub

best bathtubs Kohler

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Alcove tubs offer lots of advantages over regular tubs. They’re almost the bathtub equivalent of a corner toilet because you can install them in awkward niches. Plus, they don’t need side coping, so they’re quicker than tiled tubs. The Kohler Expanse tub offers all these features and more.

Your average alcove tub has a boring rectangular shape. Kohler modifies this basic silhouette by curving the longer sides outward. This gives the tub an eye-catching shape that heightens the fashion sense of your whole bathroom. The tub drains on the left and weighs 70 pounds.

If you regularly overfill your alcove tub, the constant moisture may seep into the walls. This Kohler tub has a tile flange ‘lip seam’ on three sides, wherever the tub touches the wall. The flange adds style and reduces water damage. Plus, the bathtub has a 1-year warranty.

Kohler’s curvy rectangular tub adds a nice talking point to your guest bathroom. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and easier to maintain. And its acrylic shell will give you years of use.


  • Its rims have a flange to keep your wall seams dry.
  • The curvy inner design is both spacious and beautiful.
  • Its flat base is textured to prevent slipping.


  • While the tub is pretty, its unusual shape may need customized accessories. For example, you’ll probably need a curved shower rod rather than a straight door to prevent spillage.

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5. Vista Copper Euclid Roll-Up Bathtub

best bathtubs Vista

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If clawed feet aren’t your style, you might prefer the type of tub that sits flat on the floor. The Euclid bathtub has decorative detail at its base and raised rims on both sides. The lower central curve makes it easier to climb into the tub. Its decorated pedestal keeps it stable on the ground.

This beautiful bathtub is hammered from 16-gauge copper. At 170 lbs it’s heavier than fiberglass or acrylics, so avoid installing it on flimsy floors. It could crash through plaster or crush ceramic tile. Especially when the metal frame and water weight is added to your body mass.

The tub is extra wide, stretching 71 inches at its longest point. It holds as much as 70 gallons of water. Its rim is rolled, but it doesn’t have an overflow valve. Each tub is unique and distinct because it’s hammered and molded by hand. Its tapered sides offer good back support.

The Euclid copper tub looks good and feels great. Its pedestal distributes weight better than its claw-foot cousin. But it uses a thinner gauge of metal, so it’s more susceptible to dings.


  • The bottom of the bathtub is accented with rivets and horizontal bands.
  • The drain is in the middle of the tub’s pedestal, rather than the side.
  • The bathtub comes pre-drilled with a faucet hole.


  • Patina is inevitable, so you may have to wax it off twice a year.

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6. Ove Decors Houston Freestanding Bathtub

best bathtubs Ove Decors

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Sometimes, you want a hybrid tub to mesh your best features. This bathtub from Ove Decors combines concealed adjustable feet with a pedestal silhouette. So its lighter on its legs but it’s still stable on the ground. This helps because the tub can hold up to 60 gallons of water.

Although the bathtub is acrylic, its fiberglass coating gives it an element of luxury. With many soaking tubs, you worry about drilling your own holes. The Ove Decors isn’t just drilled, it’s also fitted with a leak-proof chrome overflow and drain cover. The tub is 69 x 31 inches at the rim.

It tapers on all four sides and has armrests all around its rim. The tub comes with a limited warranty of 5 years. It’s a deep bathtub, allowing you to cover yourself with 17.7 inches of water. The tub resembles water-trough, and this design is an eye-catching of modern and mythical.

For a tub that mixes the best of classic and contemporary bathroom sensibilities, buy the Houston Ove Decors. Its pop-up drain is already fitted so less plumbing work for you!


  • At 17.7 inches, this tub fills deeper than the average tub.
  • Its acrylic fiberglass body feels lighter and lasts longer.
  • It weighs 120 lbs so it won’t strain your floor.


  • While the outer rim is wide, the inner rim is 58 inches by 26 inches, so you lose a lot of bath room, pun intended.

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7. Buchanan Cast Iron Slipper Tub

best bathtubs Buchanan

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Fans of clawfoot tubs enjoy their distinct style and flexibility. They add character to your bathroom. And they offer more placement options since you don’t have to install them against a wall or tile their sides. The Buchanan bathtub is a good choice, with its 71 x 30.5-inch rim.

Its faucet, overflow, and drain are centrally positioned, and the bathtub is 31 inches at its tallest point. And although the tub’s capacity is low, it has good submersion, filling up to 14 inches deep before it overflows. It’s quite a heavy tub though (450 pounds), so be careful with your flooring.

The weight comes from its cast-iron sell, which is topped with porcelain to make it glossy, waterproof, and rust-resistant. And you do need some DIY skills because the feet don’t come attached when you order the bathtub. You have to screw them into place yourself.

Buchanan bathtubs are a curious mix of old and new. This version mixes a contemporary china shell with rustic oiled bronze feet, though you can update its look with chrome feet if you like.


  • Its claws come in three options – nickel, bronze, and chrome.
  • The tub is high-backed on both sides, offering dual lumbar support.
  • Its glossy porcelain interior is easy to maintain.


  • It’s marketed as a two-person tub, but it only holds 44 gallons so it’s a tight squeeze.

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8. Woodbridge Freestanding Bathtub (Budget Pick)

best bathtubs Woodbridge

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Curved tubs occupy a lot of space, so they can crowd your small bathroom. But if you have the square footage, the Woodbridge bath is a lovely luxury to indulge. It has a high profile, standing 23 inches off the ground. But the first 10 inches are your base and plumbing, so be careful.

The actual water depth is 13.75 inches, so while this tub seems larger and deeper than the average tub, it offers slightly less coverage. Lengthwise, the tub is 54 to 57 inches at its longest point. The sides taper inwards, so the tub is about 35 inches at its base. Its width is tapered too.

The Woodbridge bathtub has three alternative lengths, depending on the style you choose. Its rim can be higher on one side (54″), flat throughout (56″), or dipped in the middle (67″). All three versions are acrylic with fiberglass glazing, and they have pre-installed drains and overflows.

For lovers of long soaks, this Woodbridge bathtub is ideal. It has a double-wall, so your water doesn’t cool as quickly. It has valves that eliminate leakage and prevent bad smells.


  • The tub is made of Lucite acrylic and coated with Ashland fiberglass and resin.
  • Its curvy contours and high gloss give it a luxurious look whether you buy black or white.
  • It sits on a stainless steel bracket that can hold up to 1,000 pounds.


  • It comes in similar heights and shapes, which can be confusing, so double-check your order. Also, the pedestal is almost 10 inches thick, so your tub isn’t as deep as it looks.

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9. MCP Whirlpool Corner Bathtub

best bathtubs MCP

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The internet of things offers far more entertainment and utility options. This MCP Whirlpool partly benefits from that trend. It’s not WiFi-enabled, but it can send and receive Bluetooth signals. This lets you communicate with your remote controller, and it powers other functions.

These include FM radio and two built-in speakers, so you can soak in soothing surround sound. This whirlpool corner bathtub has 13 air jets and 12 rear water jets. You can massage your body in 4 modes, and the tub has a portable shower wand with waterfall settings on its faucet.

It’s a two-person tub, and every user gets their own padded, waterproof headrest. Aside from the remote controller, you can use the LCD panel to control your bathtub. Its underwater light gives your bath time session a gentle glow, and it’s a safer option than bath candles.

You can enjoy a relaxing ritual without burning the house down. Use your submerged LED in place of candles, and turn up the music on your MCP whirlpool. There’s room for two!


  • It has a molded corner seat for soaking convenience.
  • It has a sliding glass lip for walk-in users.
  • You can set its function by remote.


  • It’s a hi-tech electrical bath, so you can’t soak off your stress while the power is out.

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10. Maykke Vale Round Freestanding Bathtub

best bathtubs Maykke

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Round tubs look beautiful, but they present two related problems. They’re shorter than other tubs so you’ll feel squashed. But their width uses up more floor space so the bathroom can feel crowded. The Maykke round bathtub is 53 inches wide, larger than most corner tubs.

It’s made of 8 layers that alternate resin, fiberglass, and glossy acrylic, making a total thickness of 6 to 8mm. The bathtub holds 121 gallons of water, which is almost double the capacity of a typical tub. And it’s a light tub at just under 150 lbs, so it can support the extra water weight.

The Vale tub has a rounded bottom with well-concealed adjustable feet. This way, you can keep it stable despite its curved, or even install it on uneven flooring. The bathtub has a central drain cover, and there’s a flexible pipe included to help you position it better.

If you’re interested in curiously-shaped freestanding bathtubs, Maykke will soon be your favorite brand. This rounded Vale is acrylic, but its glass coating offers insulation and beauty.


  • Its thick 8-layered shell retains heat better than other tubs.
  • It has a generous 53” diameter, which is almost as long as rectangular or oval tubs.
  • Its chrome pop-up drain kit comes pre-installed.


  • The tub is easy to install but mounting hardware isn’t included.

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11. Empava Acrylic Walk-in Bathtub

best bathtubs Empava

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Unless you’re a certain age or have specific medical conditions, you may not see the point of a walk-in tub. But for elderly users, it’s the difference between broken bones and a soothing soaks. The Empava bathtub has a door on the left and a seat at the back, so it’s perfect for grandpa.

Grandma can use it too, or anyone with mobility impairments. It has three grab bars for added support, and a textured floor to prevent slips and falls. The tub itself is a little over 40 inches tall, so if you use the seat, your bathwater can cover your body all the way to your shoulders.

To step into the bath, you only have to raise your feet a few inches. This is ideal for users with weak knees and poor eyesight since they’re less likely to stumble. The 4-inch threshold also prevents tub water from spilling into the rest of the bathroom. There’s a handrail as well.

For the older members of your household – or for recovering patients – this Pure-Scape bathtub is a godsend. It has both safety and comfort features, so they’ll feel properly pampered.


  • Its high sides, textured floor, and grab bars provided added safety.
  • It comes in 48-inch, 53-inch, and 67-inch versions.
  • It has a 4-inch threshold so you barely need to lift your feet.


  • The tub comes with a copper drain pre-installed. Some buyers would prefer a drain in nickel or chrome.

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12. Companion Massage Walk-in Bathtub

best bathtubs Companion

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For some seniors, a simple soak is sufficient. Especially if they can seat at comfy chair-height. But for the discerning buyer, your tub needs extra features like whirlpool water jets and air bubble therapy. The Ella Bubbles Walk-in Massage tub delivers all this and more.

This tub-for-two has seats facing each other with a door in between. The tub can push pressurized microbubbles through 15 air jets at 3 speeds. It also has 18 water jets. This acrylic tub is coated in fiberglass gel, and it has two independent drains. It has overflow valves as well.

The bathtub door is made of glass and steel. It’s a sliding door that swings inwards, and you can slip it off when you want to clean the tub. The backrests are removable too. This tub offers soothing hydrotherapy and microbubble exfoliation. And it’s scratch-resistant as well.

Give grandma and grandpa a daily spa experience with Ella Bubbles Companion spa tub. The tempered glass door adds elegance and space because it opens into the tub rather than out.


  • Two people can use it at the same time.
  • Its bubbles and whirlpools provide an elevated spa experience.
  • Its steel base and adjustable feet make it easier to install.


  • This bathtub has lots of hi-tech features, but faucets are not included.

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13. Annzi Jetson Whirlpool Bathtub

best bathtubs Annzi

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Have you heard of Rhino Alloy? This Annzi whirlpool bathtub comprises the patented blend of acrylic and fiberglass. The lightweight material is molded into a simple oval-shaped shell that belies its complex features. Stimulate your skin with +200 bubble jets plus therapeutic lights.

The air bubbles massage your body from hundreds of angles, soothing every sore muscle and aching joint. You can control your setting using the intuitive icons on your bathtub’s touchpad. The flat tub floor lets you sink into 16 inches of water, and the tub holds 80 gallons of bathwater.

With over 200 air jets, 4 therapeutic lights in 6 colors, and a built-in drain, the Annzi Jetson is a top-shelf purchase. Its adjustable feet and clear instructions make it easy to install.


  • It has more than 200 massaging air jets.
  • It has a simple silhouette that’s elongated and elliptical.
  • Its underwater bathing lights provide chroma-therapy.


  • The tub comes with its drain kit and overflow pre-installed, but you have to buy faucets separately.

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14. AKDY Acrylic Wood Bathtub

best bathtubs AKDY

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A lot of us dream of steamy saunas and hot tubs in log cabins. But wooden tubs are difficult to maintain. And they’re expensive too. So if you want the feel of wood but the ease of plastic, consider buying the AKDY acrylic wood tub. It comes in a variety of other styles too.

These include rose gold, cement gray, black gold, marble, and acrylic pink. The insides of these freestanding tubs are acrylic shells topped with fiberglass. Their outer surfaces have attractive textured finishes that are easy to maintain. The tubs themselves have tapered oval shapes.

Depending on where and when you buy it, your bathtub may include a free padded backrest and caddy tub tray. The tub has a flat bottom and is 67 inches long at the top. The tubs come with their drains and overflows already installed. Curve your back into 16 inches of soaking goodness.

For stylish tubs with glossy interiors, AKDY has you covered. Their flat bottoms and curved sides are built for added comfort and extended soaking time. And they’re pretty too!


  • It’s a lightweight tub at just over 100 pounds.
  • This version is wood-imitation taupe brown, but there are five other colors and textures.
  • The drain kit is installed before delivery.


  • The bottom of the bathtub isn’t textured even though it’s highly glossy, so there’s no-slip protection.

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15. Alfi Two-Person Wooden Bathtub

best bathtubs Alfi

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Teasing timber is nice, but if you’re looking for the real thing, you’ll want an Alfi bathtub. This 65-inch tub is built for two, with a padded headrest and a low curving bench at either end. It’s made of gorgeously grained cedar, and it comes with a drain kit in chrome.

The sides use vertical panels of lumber while the bottom uses horizontal panels, giving the tub added stability. The tub also includes a free wooden basket for your bath supplies. The tub, the seats, and the basket are all made from solid natural wood. It’s deceptively heavy at 159 lbs.

When you want wood that’s sanded to porcelain perfection, buy an Alfi tub.


  • It doesn’t need installation. Just plant it over the drain and connect your pipes.
  • Its wooden planks are held in place with electroplated iron bands.
  • The support bands are painted black and gold for that extra aesthetic touch.


  • Timber tubs create a rustic feel, so the contemporary chrome fixtures might rub you the wrong way. Brass or bronze would fir better.

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Buying Guide

best bathtubs

Some people see bathtubs as a luxury. Especially in modern homes with minimal space. But if a tub is essential to your peace of mind, take extra care to buy the right one. It needs to fill your space without crowding it. It also needs to match the mood of your home. Here are some tips.

Style Preference

In the past, bathtub options were limited. The earliest styles were horse-watering troughs fitted with feet and filled with water. Then we upgraded to oval tubs and claw-foot tubs. These days, you can get around, square, rectangle, triangle, bean-shaped, or abstractly-shaped tub.

Tubs can be open on one side or include a removable walk-in door. This door might have a hinge or a sliding panel. Then you can have a sunken tub, sometimes called a drop-in or under-mount. Your tub can be free-standing, corner-mounted, or it can be installed into an alcove.

Alcove tubs have three sides ‘plugged’ into the wall. The fourth side has a fully finished apron. Then there are tiled tubs whose sides are covered with coping. The coping can be wood, ceramics, or natural stone. Each bathtub style has pros, cons, and price points to consider.

You can also think about colors. Most tubs are white, but you can get various shades of black, gray, brown, or even pastels. Fiberglass tubs have the widest variety of shapes and colors. This because they’re molded in affordable casts, so they’re cheaper to mass-produce.

Bathtub Materials

best tub

The most common materials for bathtubs are porcelain, enamel, acrylic, natural stone, and fiberglass. You can also buy a customized tub made out of copper, wood, or steel. These three materials are costly because they need extra maintenance. They also need additional coatings.

Wooden tubs have to be covered in wax to make them waterproof, while metal tubs need insulation to prevent contact burns. Fiberglass bathtubs are the cheapest, but they also offer the widest variety because they’re cast out of a mold. Wooden tubs are the most expensive.

Apart from price, your bathtub material affects bathroom décor. A wooden tub would look strange if your bathroom had a contemporary theme. And a glossy black tub would feel alien in a rustic country bath. Bathtub material also influences the longevity of your tub.

One more consideration is weight. Fiberglass tubs are lightweight while metal ones are the heaviest. Once the tub is full, the weight of the water also makes a difference. That’s not even counting your own mass during your bath. You don’t want a tub that crashes through your floor.

Preferred Usage

Some people want to soak in the tub every day. Others have early mornings and long commutes, so they only use their bathtubs on the weekend. Usually, a corner bathtub is installed in a small apartment, so you’re more likely to live alone. So a one-person tub is sufficient.

But maybe your significant other comes over every night. Or maybe they’ve technically moved in. So you might want a bathtub that can fit you both at once. Wooden bathtubs are best for occasional use on weekends and holidays. For daily use, go with acrylic or fiberglass.

The type of baths you take are important as well. If you’re a fan of bubble-baths and bath bombs, avoid porous tubs like fiberglass. They’ll stain more easily and you’ll need more elbow grease to get that sparkly pigment off. You might also want extra features like whirlpool jets and WiFi.

Bathtub Direction

best bathtub

In most tubs, the drain is on the same size as the faucet. So you might assume you can simply flip the tub. That’s not true. Tubs are specifically designed to be right-handed or left-handed. This affects your plumbing pipes, your faucet installation, and other related features.

For example, if you turn a walk-in tub to ‘face the other side’, you may end up with the door facing the wall. Which means you can’t walk through it. Or if you install a left-facing tub in a right-facing corner, your floor will get flooded and you’ll have drainage problems.

This because the faucets drain into the floor instead of the tub. Also, the drainage hole will be covered by your solid tub floor. This is even worse for a sunken tub because the overflow leads to ‘nowhere’. So double-check the direction of your tub before you buy it.

Rub-a-Dub Tub

It turns out picking bathtubs isn’t as straightforward as you thought. But that’s what we’re here for. So, given our reviews and buying tips, we think you should buy the American Standard 5-Foot Tub. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and being non-porous, it’s easier to clean.

The tub has 26º lumbar contours, and end-seat, and an ergonomic headrest, so it’s comfortable during extended baths. It has an insulating layer at the base of its mold, so your water stays hotter for longer. This allows you to stretch out for a long, luxurious bath at an affordable price

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