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6 Different Bathtub Drain Stopper Types (With Pictures)

Everyone knows that bathtub drain plugs are used to keep water in a bathtub. However, they might be unaware that they have to consider some factors before choosing various types of bathtub drain stoppers.

For instance, drains come in various sizes, and it’s vital that you choose a plug that matches the bathtub drain perfectly. It’s also important you find the right plug to place beneath the bathtub tray because some models can be hard to clean.

Fortunately, most retail stores stock bathtub drain plugs of various sizes so there is a high chance that you will find a plug that meets your needs. Here are the different styles of stoppers for bathroom drains.

bathtub drain stopper types

Below are some of the popular types of bathtub drain stoppers you will find on the market.

1. Lift-and-Turn Bathtub Drain Stopper

Lift-and-Turn Bathtub Drain Stopper

You can identify this plug by the tiny knob placed on the product’s cap. With this knob, you can easily open or close the stopper by twisting movements. For example, if you lift and turn the knob in one direction, the stopper opens while turning the knob in the opposite direction closes it.

Installing a lift and turn stopper requires minimal effort. Screw the center setscrew into the threaded center of the drain crossbar. Do not make the stopper too tight so that it doesn’t get stuck.

This stopper requires little maintenance because of its practical design. All that is needed is an infrequent pull of the plug to remove debris from the drain.

2. Push-and-Pull Drain Stopper

Push-and-Pull Drain Stopper

This stopper design mimics the lift-and-turn model because they share the same look. They even have the same installation technique that involves using a setscrew to fix the stopper body with the drain.

But the similarity ends as the push and pull model works differently. As the name implies, they open and close via pushing and pulling. Moreover, its simple design enables it last with minimal care.

3. Toe-Touch Bathtub Drain Stopper

Toe-Touch Bathtub Drain Stopper

The Toe-touch stopper mimics the Push-and-pull model. Although it consists of a spring, it is installed in the same manner as the push and pull or lift-and-turn.

Operating this model is as easy as a walk-in bathtub. To open close it, simply push down the stopper with your toe. One exciting part about this type is that it is easy to maintain, but you might need to replace the spring after some time.

4. Flip-It Bathtub Drain Stopper

Flip-It Bathtub Drain Stopper

You can easily install this item (without tools) in either a regular or a corner bathtub. Fix the stopper into the drains while its rings will keep it steady and create a strong seal. It is easy to use this stopper as all you need to do is to move the toggle lever from side to side to open or close it.

5. Trip Lever Drain Stopper

Trip Lever Drain StopperThe Trip Level Stopper stands as one of the models that have levers on the overflow plate in front of the bathtub. Here, a strainer replaces a visible pop-up stopper in the drain opening.

Unlike the other type of bathtub drain stoppers on our list, it can be confusing when you want to take out the stopper for cleaning. This task involves taking it out of the overflow tube and plate.

If you don’t like levers, you might check out the other variant that offers a twist cover on the overflow plate. To open or close the plunger of this model, you will have to rotate the twist cover in different directions.

6. Pop-Up Drain Stopper

Pop-Up Drain Stopper

Most people might confuse the drain end of this item for a traditional bathroom sink pop up due to their similar design. It is even operated in the same way as the trip lever model because it features an overflow plate and lever.

Lifting the lever moves the connecting rod in the overflow drainpipe thereby rotating a rocker arm that is connected to the pop-up stopper. The rear end of the rod houses a spring that helps the rocker arm control the stopper.

The design on this stopper makes it easy for it to trap dirt. If you want to take out the filth, you will need to go through the complicated process of extracting its components through the overflow pipe and plate.

How to Remove Bathtub Drain Stoppers

Here we’re going to give great steps on how to remove the Flip-lever and Push-pull Stoppers.

Easy Steps on How to Remove Flip-Lever Drain Stoppers

Easy Steps on How to Remove Flip-Lever Drain Stoppers

This form of stopper requires special handling because it is fixed to a linkage arm that must be extracted simultaneously from the opening.

  1. Move the rotating dial to the open setting.
  2. Gently remove the stopper from the drain opening and use wiggling movements to remove the whole arm linkage from the same opening.
  3. Wipe off any grime from the pop – up stopper and rocker arm. For lime buildups on the latter, use vinegar or commercial lime cleaners.
  4. Restore some shine by polishing the stopper with commercial chrome polish. You can also use a homemade mixture of lemon and vinegar for the same task. Next, gently fix the rocker arm into the drain until the stopper fits the opening.
  5. Move the lever to check if the stopper works perfectly.

Easy Step on How to Remove Push-Pull Drain Stoppers

These models share the same design with toe touch variants. However, they do not have springs. Here are steps to remove push-pull drain stoppers.

  1. Open the stopper and remove by twisting the knob in a counterclockwise fashion. You can use either your hands or two pairs of pliers for this task.
  2. Unscrew the mounting post with counterclockwise movements. This action will help to remove the stopper from the drain fitting. Next, clean any mess on the drain opening with a small brush.
  3. Clean the stopper with the brush and a household cleaner solution. Use a lemon and vinegar solution or chrome polish to give the stopper an extra shine.
  4. Thread the mounting post of the stopper back into the bottom drain fitting. Reattach the knurled knob on top of the stopper.
  5. Fix the mounting post to the bottom drain fitting. Return the knob to the surface of the stopper.
  6. Check if the stopper is working correctly.

Final Word

Bathroom drain stoppers are important items to have in your bathing space as they help prevent messy floors. However, you must choose a model that fits the diameter of your drain opening.

Although it is not as complicated as fixing a bathtub surround, removing a stopper requires some steps which might confuse some homeowners. But with our guide, you should be able to pull this off easily.