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33 Wood Tile Bathroom Ideas – Wood Tile Shower Designs

Wood is a wonderful construction material. In the olden days, it was easily available, so most homes were made of mud and wood. These days, wooden dwellings are more of a luxury unless you live in the woods or mountains where log cabins are still more common than stone houses.

Still, city-dwellers love the lure of timber paneling on your roof or siding. For the bathroom, wood is appealing. You’ll find it used in vanities, window trim, or even roof and floor panels. But in most cases, wood tile works better. So let’s check out some wood tile bathroom ideas.

Wood Tile Bathroom Ideas – Wood Tile Shower Designs

1. Wooden Walls

Wooden Walls

Ceramic tiles are versatile because you can print any pattern on them. Your tiles can simulate wood, stone, or even fabric patterns. In this room, the MDF vanity and extra-large vessel sink are matched by wood tile walls. The tiles are cut into long horizontal planks that mimic 2 by 4 wood planks. The print simulates distressed wood seemingly salvaged from a lumberyard.


2. Herringbone Haven

Herringbone Haven

Wooden flooring is a popular design choice, even in areas where wood is rare. To get around this, interior decorators use laminate, engineered wood, or parquet. For your bathroom, wood tile is preferable because it handles moisture better. This bathroom uses gray herringbone tile.


3. Palette Grids

Palette Grids

Some wood tile bathroom ideas are more eye-catching than others. This bathroom uses neutral grays and beiges. The vanity cabinets and bathtub coping are pale brown MDF. The tile above the tub, behind the shower glass, and on the bathroom floor is all slate gray tile. The cube-shaped tiles are arranged in alternating grids that mimic wood palettes.


4. Could be Wood

Could be Wood

The effectiveness of wood tile bathroom ideas can be uncanny. In this bathroom, the tile realistically simulates wood. It’s gray in tone, with the ‘wood grain’ popping. The linear style of these elongated tiles also mimics wooden floor layouts. In this bathroom, the gray wood tile is used for the floor and wall above the vessel sink, since tile makes a better backsplash than wood.


5. Bathe in Brown

Bathe in Brown

This room is visually inspiring, but it can also be a bit confusing. Everything in the bathroom looks wooden, from the vanity to the garbage can. These two – plus the floor and the bathtub coping – are finished in reddish-brown tile with rich grain detail. The rest of the bathroom is covered in sandy-colored beige tile that runs from the floor to the bathroom roof.


6. Master Bath

Master Bath

You can tell this is a master bathroom because it has a plush sofa and Friesian cow-skin rug. The flooring panels are convincingly wood-like. The grain is extremely intricate and the coloring is authentic and realistic. You wouldn’t know it’s tile unless you set a bare foot on this floor.


7. Woodsy Tile and Stone

Woodsy Tile and Stone

The textures applied in this bathroom are eclectic. The backsplash is a tile mosaic while the walls are a mix of paint, large marble tiles behind the tub, and smaller brick-shaped tiles inside the shower. The vanity cabinets are wooden, and the floor has wood-print tiles pale distressed gray.


8. Practically Parquet

Practically Parquet

This bathroom borders on garish, but it straddles the line beautifully. The gilded mirror frame and glossy gold sink seem over the top. But the ‘parquet’ floor looks real – that’s how carefully it was printed. It retains the detail, grain, and gloss of true parquet, but because it’s tile, it won’t warp, rot, or smell, and it never needs to be sanded or oiled. Win-win!


9. Wood and Tile

On occasion, your wood tile bathroom ideas take a cheeky view of things. In this bathroom, the floor is gray marble tile while the walls flanking the French door resemble unfinished wood. While the lumber walls have a raw look, the wood must be pressure-treated or oiled to avoid water damage. The vanity doors have the same ‘raw-wood’ finish as the walls.


10. Curves and Coils

Curves and Coils

In this bathroom, the finishing is typical tile. But the palette is aligned with wood tile bathroom ideas. It’s a light mix of yellow-to-brown tile paired with floating wooden shelves and a curvy wicker armchair with pretty coiling spirals. The seat is waterproof and low-maintenance.


11. Indoor Decking

Indoor Decking

A deck is a poolside patio that’s finished with waterproof wood. It’s common in tropical beachside cities. In this bathroom, the wood tile ideas are so accurate that you can’t be sure it’s not wood. Should you choose to apply this idea to your bathroom coping, cabinets, and floors, we recommend wood tiles rather than real wood, which costs more and needs more attention.


12. Parquet and Stone

Parquet and Stone

Here’s another clever decorator. S/he used color and tone to create a cozy jungle feel. The shower floor is stacked stone in earthen colors while the floor outside the shower is parquet-print tile in the same mix colors. The tile has a matte finish to better mimic timber’s texture.


13. Woody Shower

Woody Shower

Do these shower walls look wooden to you? What about the stools? While the shower seats are probably some form of water-proofed wood, the walls are matte tiles in impressively realistic wood print. The stone floor pleasantly compliments these wood tile bathroom ideas.


14. Deep and Glossy

Deep and Glossy

Here’s a more shimmering version of the wood tile bathroom ideas above. The walls are and floors are largely covered in wood-print tile. But unlike the matte shower walls we previously reviewed, these walls have a glossy finish that matches the sophistication of the deep, curvy soaking tub and the equally elegant rounded vessel sink. Recessed lights complete the picture.


15. Wood Substitute

Wood Substitute

The countertop, bathtub platform, and flooring on this bathroom are all made of wood. But this makes it a finicky bathroom that needs a powerful fan and constant mopping to keep the wood in good condition. Reproduce this with wood tile bathroom ideas. Instead of wood, use wood-patterned tile. Reinforce the tile so it doesn’t crack under the weight of a full tub or full sinks.


16. Bulbous Vessels

Bulbous Vessels

For these wood bathroom tile ideas, we’re focusing on the countertop. It has a wood-looking backsplash that’s made of parquet-print tile. The sidewall has plywood-print tile while the countertop is a waterproof lumber surface with open shelves below. You could opt for a tile countertop as well, whether it’s sandy brown or has wood-grain patterns.


17. Grain and Mosaic

Grain and Mosaic

Above this bathtub in this wood-themed bathroom, the wall is covered with large rectangular tiles printed with light brown wood grain. The floor uses the same wood tile bathroom ideas. A mosaic backsplash lies behind the see-through glass vessel sink. A matching row of mosaic breaks up the wall behind the bathtub, creating an accent effect on the sidewall.


18. Sand and Wood

Sand and Wood

While the tile in this bathroom has the same sandy-brown color throughout, the textural effect varies. Most of the wall has a pale-brown woodsy hue with pale marble striations, but the backsplash and the section behind the shower enclosure have horizontal wood grain prints.


19. Pretty Timber Accents

Pretty Timber Accents

This mostly white bathroom has used both real wood and wood tile bathroom ideas. Beside the white floating vanity, decorative wooden shafts are arranged in columns. They run from the floor to the ceiling. On the other side of the sink, wood-print tile forms an accent wall behind the toilet. The horizontal wood tile grain pleasantly contrasts the vertical wooden beams.


20. Wood on Tile

Wood on Tile

Sometimes, a little wooden detail is all you need to make an impact. This bathroom has an under-mount sink on a white countertop. The backsplash is white tile topped with a wooden ledge that has horizontal graining. The vanity has grained wood as well, but with vertical grain.


21. Mixed Media Bathroom

Mixed Media Bathroom

In a bathroom where multiple construction media are used, uniform coloring can help you bring the room together. This wood-and-tile bathroom has everything tinted off-white, include the white wood cabinets, the herringbone section, and the brick-patterned sections of the tile wall.


22. Wood Tile Swatch

Wood Tile Swatch

Are you tempted by wood tile bathroom ideas but you’re unsure where to start? Or maybe you’ve heard about it but you’re unconvinced tile can persuasively substitute tile. Check out this sample or show it to your interior decorator for inspiration. Matte tile looks just like wood and needs less care. It also eliminates the problem of warping or water damage on your bathroom wood.


23. Counter Reflections

Counter Reflections

A close-up shot shows the wood detail on this bathroom counter. The grain accurately mimics the appearance of tree bark. But because it’s glossy tile instead of earthy bark, you don’t have to worry about bugs, fungus, water damage, or aftercare. The blurred back wall has wood tile too.


24. Gray Wood

Gray Wood

Wood tile bathroom ideas might be mistaken for wood, but that’s not always the goal. On occasion, it’s enough to have tile that echoes wood patterns. In this largely gray bathroom, gray tile is laid everywhere. But while the floor has typical stone striations, the walls and bathtub coping have horizontal wood grain printed onto glossy gray tiles.


25. Lines of Separation

Lines of Separation

This bathroom uses the same wood tile ideas as the previous, but the separation of spaces is clearer. The walls and part of the floor are covered in gray tile with horizontal grain. But the central part of the floor has a different pattern of tiles. The recessed light highlights the grain.


26. Herringbone Floor

Herringbone Floor

This bathroom is simply styled in wood and concrete. It has a bare Spartan look. But it also has a lot of surface area for moisture to settle. So instead of using parquet on the floor, get herringbone tiles in the same print. Especially if your bathroom is built as a wet room.


27. Floor your Master

Floor your Master

When you’re styling your master bathroom, you’ll be advised to use the same flooring in your bedroom and bathroom. This unifies the two spaces. In this case, you can use wood-patterned tile in the bedroom and bathroom, separated the two rooms with an awning glass door. Use visible door frames. It’s less elegant, but it’s less likely to cause accidents as you walk into it.


28. Triple Tiers

Triple Tiers

This bathroom uses wood tile bathroom ideas to divide the room into three sections. The floating toilet and shower enclosure have walls and floor made of wood-printed tile. The central section of the bathroom is white to match the vessel sink while the counter is wood-print too. You could still use a wooden slab as the counter, but it has to match the color of the wood tile.


29. Behind the Glass

Behind the Glass

Separation seems to be a hit. It lowers your lumber cost because it lets you use less wood, even when the wood is printed tile. In this bathroom, only the area behind the glass enclosure is wood tile. This wood print tile starts at the bathtub and rises to the roof, and covers the ceiling as well.


30. Multi-tone Timber

Multi-tone Timber

Reclaimed wood or salvaged lumber are useful tools for home renovation projects. In this wood and tile bathroom, junkyard planks 2 by 4s are arranged into a pretty mosaic backsplash. Pre-treat the wood to ensure it’s waterproof. For the stone or tile countertop, pick some of the colors from the wooden backsplash and find a tile print that echoes those hues.


31. Looks like Wood

In this bathroom, the ceramic floor tiles are wood-imitation rectangular tiles. The white grout marks them out as tiles. But the rest of the bathroom is done in dark wood tones to maintain the woodsy illusion. Use true wood in your mirror frames and window trim for added realism. You can combine your wood tile with beige sinks and toilets. This keeps up the monochrome theme.


32. Wood-wash for Small Spaces

Wood-wash for Small Spaces

Whether you saw it a movie or had one of your own, you probably have a mental picture of a neglected woodshed. It may have peeling paint or faded plank walls. That same effect is replicated in this bathroom, but it’s created using wood tile. The effect is both antique and rustic. But the bathroom still looks modern, with its shiny fixtures and frameless glass door.


33. True and False

True and False

Another interesting way to implement wood tile bathroom ideas is to mix organic wood with ceramics in the same color, pattern, and print. In this case, the shelves, door frames, and vanity are true wood. But the walls and floors are wood-print tiles in the same shade. The conical lampshades, high-backed sink, and gilded horn-shaped faucets give the room a rustic feel.