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30+ Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas & Designs

Most people consider their bathroom the most private place in the house. However, if your family is big, privacy is a luxury, and you may find sharing this room with other members tiring. At the same time, you probably want to share a relaxed and romantic morning routine with your partner.

In that case, a Jack and Jill bathroom is an excellent solution for you. One of its basic features is the double sinks. Most often, such a bathroom has a double door entrance, as well. That way, you can avoid the morning wait outside the bathroom while having some privacy under the shower.

1. Paired Sinks

Paired Sinks

It is easy to create the Jack and Jill bathroom without a significant investment. Get a cabinet with two paired sinks, so you both have plenty of room for personal items.

Then, hang a large mirror on the wall and add a lamp that is both practical and decorative. You will also need a towel holder so that you can dry multiple towels at a time.


2. Separate Mirrors

Separate Mirrors

Separate mirrors are an excellent idea for the Jack and Jill bathroom. Instead of one large, place two mirrors in separate frames side by side.

If you have a bathroom with windows and plenty of natural light, a black granite countertop will be a nice contrast. A touch of green is a detail that will bring added vitality to your space.


3. Wooden Wall

Wooden Wall

If you prefer using natural materials in your home, combine wood with concrete floors and light color walls. Place a wooden wall around the bathtub and add a simple wooden shelf with two sinks under the mirror. To provide yourself more privacy, get a folding wooden panel to hide your tub from a view.


4. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

If you have a small bathroom with attic walls, you may consider designing a modern Jack and Jill bathroom as a hopeless idea. However, all you need is some creativity.

Why don’t you choose mosaic marble tiles for a slanted wall? Add a neon light and a wide mirror above the two separate cabinets with sink and couple of plants for finishing touch.


5. Hexagon Wall Tiles

Hexagon Wall Tiles

Typical for the Jack and Jill bathroom is a tendency to separate the tub from the rest of the room. To do this, you can attach two paired sinks to the divider wall, and place the bathtub on the other side of the wall.

Grey hexagon tiles definitely look modern and elegant. If you choose to have ceramic basins and chrome faucets, your bathroom will get a contemporary, clean, and cold metallic style.


6. Mirror in Mirror Reflection

Mirror in Mirror Reflection

Your Jack and Jill bathroom can be a luxurious masterpiece, as well. If you are lucky enough, you can organize a personal space for both of you. Two mirrors on wooden frames can reflect in each other if you hung them on opposite walls.

Below them, put matching dark wood cabinets with granite countertop and a built-in sink. For a complete stylish picture, add a rustic lamp or a decorative vase on the counter.


7. Black Bathroom

Black Bathroom

If you have a taste for high elegance, you can organize an unconventional bathroom with black walls. In that case, light wood shelves with a couple of drawers and shiny mirrors are a must-have.

A few fresh flowers in the vase will give a feminine touch to the whole room so that it won’t look too strict.


8. Old Fashioned Bathtub

Old Fashioned Bathtub

If your idea of ​​relaxation is a quiet countryside atmosphere, you might want to bring some in your Jack and Jill bathroom. Fill the space with wood and shades of brown and beige, for a start.

Wherever you can, place bouquets of mountain flowers there. Plus, enjoy walking barefoot on the wooly carpet. Don’t forget to lay a bathtub next to the window to get a view.


9. High Pillar Basins

High Pillar Basins

If you have basins with high pillars as stands, you can enjoy their luxurious, almost royal look. Combine them with drawers set in between.

That design, supplemented with the marble floor and sand walls, looks magnificent. Don’t forget elegant details like a stylish lamp and rounded mirrors above each sink.


10. Black and White Marble

Black and White Marble

The beauty of Jack and Jill bathroom is that it can meet the needs and tastes of two people. If one of you prefers black and the other marble, take advantage of your differences and combine them in a unique style.

Why couldn’t the bathtub be black if you choose so? Or a sink? A pair of wooden shelves and two mats in natural tones will enhance the black and white play of light and make your bathroom entirely unforgettable.


11. Beige Decor

Beige Decor

You can choose to cover the wall with mirrors. If your Jack and Jill bathroom is bright and sensual, installing spacious white cabinets will be a win-win solution. You can avoid the monotony by adding elegant beige tiles while recessed ceiling lights add a sophisticated note to your space.


12. Wrought Iron Mirrors

Wrought Iron Mirrors

If you are an extravagant person by nature, you will probably want your Jack and Jill bathroom to show it. Wrought iron mirrors combined with stylish furniture and plaster decor are designed to impress.

Separate ceramic sinks and built-in wooden cabinets can have a cosmetic table between them. Plus, you can install a walk-in closet on the other side of the bathroom, as well.


13. Gray and Blue Contrast

Gray and Blue Contrast

If you have large windows in the bathroom and plenty of natural light, you can play with the colors. One of the ideas is a combination of blue and gray.

This contemporary bathroom has a minimalist design, perfect for neat and precise people. Even though you both prefer a tidy and metallic space, you should add some warm details for a personal touch.


14. Red Sinks Design

Red Sinks Design

The bathroom can have different walls or even a floor divided into sections of various materials. You can use concrete and wood for the bathroom floor.

Also, you can overcome the dull grayness of the walls by beautifying space with the elegant marble one. What you also need is one compelling but functional detail. Pair of red design sinks is what you look for!


15. Simple Round Bathtub

Simple Round Bathtub

It is always an excellent idea to take advantage of the ample space. Choose a simple round bathtub where you can relax together.

Then, place two matching cabinets on the partition marble wall. The striking color of the floor can determine the beauty of the entire bathroom. Green is the one!


16. Yin and Yang Booths

Yin and Yang Booths

Imagine a narrow barrier between basins. One mirror is in a black frame on a white wall. The other one, hanging on the black tiles wall, has a white frame. Sinks, towels, and decorations can also be black and white.

Would you install white granite floors? Maybe a combination of black and white stone? As you can already imagine, possibilities are limitless.


17. Turquoise Spot Pattern

Turquoise Spot Pattern

White, in combination with pastel colors, looks gentle and romantic. Choose a turquoise pattern wall behind basins mounted on a light wood shelf. Apple or ash color sounds fantastic.

Keep the liquid soap and shampoo containers white and add a small plant to complement the entire combination. With this arrangement, your Jack and Jill bathroom will have a  beautiful Scandinavian vibe.


18. Plaster Trophy on Red Brick Wall

Plaster Trophy on Red Brick Wall

Bright red is definitely not a choice for everyone. If you are the couple who always makes a strong impression, perhaps the dramatic effect is what you like to see in your bathroom design.

The modern carpet on the floor and the bright red brick wall surrounded by snowy whiteness are a bold choice that can’t leave you indifferent. A plaster figurine or trophy on the wall will enhance the theatrical effect.


19. Cabin Style

Cabin Style

When was the last time you and your partner had a romantic cabin getaway? Maybe it is time to install your own Jack and Jill bathroom to get an adventurous vibe in your home. Cover the walls with waterproof wood from floor to ceiling.

Elegant lines of porcelain basins will highlight the rustic beauty of your space. Plus, you can add romantic decorations or some greenery, which will make you feel like you are in a mountain hut.


20. Navy Blue Bathroom

Navy Blue Bathroom

A stylish contemporary bathroom can only have a couple of colors. Go for navy blue if you want simplicity and elegance at the same time.

You can avoid the annoying white walls and paint them blue, but complete it with white cabinets, shelves, and details. By adding a wide mirror above the sinks, you will accentuate the beauty of this fantastic arrangement.


21. Glass Wall

Glass Wall

The bathroom with a view sounds perfect, doesn’t it? In this case, the ideal spot for the bath is right next to the glass wall, on a raised wooden platform. If you enjoy wooden surfaces, try to improve this style with sinks installed on wood shelves.

A wood panel wall with two mirrors and towels on the bottom shelf is everything you need to make a warm atmosphere. In the end, you should place a large potted plant next to the tub so that it can bloom in the sunlight.


22. Baby Blue Elegance

Baby Blue Elegance

Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of colors. The baby blue bathroom can look warm and calming. You can set a pair of hanging lamps above the mirror and high pillar basins for a more alluring impression. Standing towel holders next to each sink will highlight an aesthetic experience.


23. Glamorous Mirrors

Glamorous Mirrors

If you want to feel like a Hollywood star, choose two elegant mirrors and place a grand bouquet of roses between them. White marble tiles and glass door shower will look luxurious. If you are sensitive to cold, consider having a floor heating.


 24. Magenta Wall

Magenta Wall

It is not always easy to fit both your and your partner’s style in Jack and Jill bathroom. However, a little femininity is necessary to bring some elegance into your space. Bright colors such as magenta can mark the entire bathroom, even if it is about one partition wall with a sink shelf.


25. Shelves on The Wall

Shelves on The Wall

If you cover half of the walls with blue tiles and the top with white, you can combine the mirrors and shelves as you like. When sharing a bathroom with a partner, an extra place for your little things is always welcome. Use the wall space to install wooden shelves that will easily fit into any style.


26. Black Countertop

Black Countertop

Although a white marble countertop is a safe choice, go with your personal style. Black granite can be an elegant solution in combination with dark wood cabinets. Find a round built-in paired sinks you like and match them with beige tiles for a simple yet harmonic Jack and Jill bathroom.


27. High Contrast Items

High Contrast Items

The bright and bold spacious bathroom can handle extreme contrast. If you like black elegance, you should combine marble tiles with matte walls. Plus, add exciting round double sinks and metal shelf to this dramatic choice.


28. Wooden Countertop

Wooden Countertop 1

If you don’t need cabinets with lots of drawers and compartments, you can opt for a wooden countertop with one shelf for a few towels and essential hygiene products.

Take advantage of this minimal design and place a large mirror on the wall and a pair of glass lanterns on both sides. For the perfect Jack and Jill bathroom, it is desirable to pick out unique paired sinks, such as black ceramic bowls.


29. Ceramic Mosaic

Ceramic Mosaic

Few things are as relaxing as going to the spa. With a little effort, you can quickly create such a soothing and peaceful atmosphere in your bathroom. Arrange a mosaic of ceramic tiles on the white surrounding, preferably in shades of blue and green.

Place adequate towels on the shelves and your cosmetics next to the sinks. If you add a large plant in a wooden pot and a cabinet in natural colors, you will get a complete spa experience.


30. Impressive Bathtub

Impressive Bathtub

A massive bathtub for two and a matching pair of sinks are the primary features of a Jack and Jill bathroom. If you place the tub on a wooden board and set a shelf for bath salts on the wall, you will create a corner where you will both enjoy.