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How to Clean Your Shower Floor?

One of the hardest chores we can take on would be cleaning the bathroom, especially the shower floors, it is not a very pretty task. This is because it requires a lot of effort getting the stains off the floor, and getting the floors to glimmer again like before. Sometimes, it may look as if you are not doing anything.

But, the task, no matter how difficult it is, is very necessary. Imagine, you, stepping on a dirty shower floor! Besides the fact that it would be a home to germs, microbes and other parasites, it could also be very slippery due to the grime caused by soap scum, which can make it very unsafe to tread upon, as it could result in a fall.

The good news is cleaning a shower floor is not as difficult as you have been experiencing or imagining it could be for you, most probably, the difficulty you may have been facing could be from the fact that you have been going around the cleaning the wrong way, just like I have been doing in the past before realizing that something must be done differently to make the chore more easier and fun. Knowing the right way to approach it could make things a lot easier, and you would always have very clean shower floors, like mine has been lately.

These are some of the tips to properly clean your shower floor

1. Get rid of the damp

Get rid of the damp

Most of the scum or mold on the shower floor accumulates because the area is usually damp, wet or cold.

To get rid of that, always air your bathroom properly. Leave your windows open during the day. Try to run a steamy bath for no other reason than letting the steam touch places like the floor.

You have to pay attention to the temperature of this room as it makes a lot of difference between what is clean and what is not.

2. Clean the floor as soon as you leave

Clean the floor as soon as you leave

Use a rag or mop to clean the floors immediately you are done and try to leave the shower as dry as possible. This would get rid of soap suds and water on the floor that, if left to dry, could be very hard to get rid of later on.

You do not even have to use cleaning agents. Just properly wiping the floor every day when you are done is enough. Just be sure to use cleaning agents at least once a month.

3. Pay attention to your shower walls

Pay attention to your shower walls

Water that gets sprayed or splashed on the wall is what slides down and ends up on the floor most times.

So, as you are cleaning the floor, try to focus on the walls and the shower doors too. Avoid having much water splash on it, and try to wipe it as often as you can, usually after using the shower.

4. Use the right solution for the floor type.

Use the right solution for the floor type.

Now, the type of cleaning tool or method to employ largely depends on what the floor is made of. The most popular types of floors are made of fiberglass, tiles, and stone. The success of your cleaning depends on if you are using the correct chemicals or solution for the surface.

  • If your floor is made of fiberglass, then removing scum should be as easy as possible. Unlike other floors, you do not have to worry about mixing up solutions or calling professional help. You just have to use normal cleaning agents, including regular detergent and bleach. The most important thing to note is that you should not try to stress the floor by using harsh chemicals or a hard sponge as that could even damage the floor.
  • When cleaning tile floors, use mild or soft cleaning solutions, and make sure to scrub with a hard sponge. You can easily make your cleaning solution with baking soda and vinegar, and mix it till its soft, not watery. Apply on the soap scum areas, and give it some time to soak in, before you use the sponge to brush it all away fast. It is best to run hot water on the floor, at least to get the steam to loosen up the scum areas.
  • If it’s a stone floor you have, then prevention is better than cure in this case. This is because, unlike other floors, stone floors, because of the spaces in-between, take in soap scum and other things that may get your floor dirty. So, cleaning it is not a surface issue, and it is not something you can easily do, as you may have to seek professional help. But you can prevent the scum by cleaning the shower as soon as you are done, especially the walls. A solution you can try on your own, before calling in professional help, is to mix water with rubbing alcohol and apply it on the stones.

5. Clean Regularly

Clean Regularly

The best time to clean the shower floors is every day or every time you step out of the shower. That way, stains are easier to get rid of, as there are even no stains yet.

Also, it is more like a preventive method that has a great advantage in the long run. It also does not cost you anything to wipe the floors and walls as soon as you are done.

But time may not always permit us to spend much time around the house every day, as other things would need our attention. If you can clean your shower once a week, it is still okay.

Once a month still works. The most important thing is to remember to clean it regularly and not only when you start noticing stains, smells, or when it becomes very slippery to tread on.

And when cleaning, focus on other things like the shower head and shower filter as they also contribute to the neatness of the shower, and may also accumulate soap scum too.

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By following the listed tips, cleaning the shower floor would no longer be a boring arduous task with very little results, as your floor would no longer have stains, but would be gleaming, and free of dirt. Remember, your everyday little effort goes a long way in making things easier and better for you.