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10 Best Tankless Toilets of 2023 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

A tankless toilet is one that doesn’t seem to have a cistern or a flushing tank. When you look at it, all you see is the bowl. Sometimes, the bowl itself is oddly shaped, so while it might have a tank, you can’t exactly see where it is. That’s why you should confirm the toilet is genuinely tankless.

Maybe the tank is sold separately and you just forgot to order one. Why does this matter? Well, if you buy a bowl-only model instead of a truly tankless toilet, your toilet won’t flush. Now you’ve wasted money on a fancy ceramic vase! So what tankless models should you consider?

SaniFlo SaniCompact Tankless Toilet
SaniFlo SaniCompact Tankless Toilet

  • This tankless toilet has an upflush macerator, so you can install it anywhere, even in basements and closets.
  • Its pumping power extends up to 9 feet up and 120 feet sideways.
  • Its structural set-up allows you to link sink drainage to the toilet.

Dometic 300 Triple Jet Tankless Toilet
Dometic 300 Triple Jet Tankless Toilet

  • The convenient adjustable foot pedal provides easy intuitive flushing.
  • It’s easy to install and has a two-year warranty.
  • It has an optional hand-spray if you want to simulate bidet functionality.


The Best Tankless Toilet on the Market of 2023

1. Duravit Wall-Mounted Starck 3 Tankless Toilet

Duravit Wall-Mounted Starck 3 Tankless Toilet

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From a manufacturer’s perspective, round toilets are a good option. They occupy less space, so they’re a smart choice for small bathrooms. But from a user point of view, they’re uncomfortable to sit on. Their seats can also be hard to find. The Duravit appeals to both segments.

Size-wise, it’s classified as a round toilet, because it measures 16.5 inches from bolt to rim. But aesthetically, it has a D-shaped toilet seat (which you buy separately). It gives your toilet an elegant European ambiance. This one-piece dual flush toilet is made of brass and porcelain.

It does have a tank mounted inside the wall, so you can’t see the cistern from the front. And when you order the Duravit, you only get the bowl. You’ll have to buy a separate wall stack tank and flush plate. Geberit hardware works best and is assembled using Dura Fix 2 systems.

If you want a pretty toilet, this one works. Its trap is concealed inside a smooth skirt making this wash-down easier to clean. But its bolt spread isn’t standard and its customized seat is pricy.


  • It’s mounted on the wall so it saves floor space and makes the bathroom look bigger.
  • It’s seamless, so it’s easier to clean.
  • It’s a lightweight one-piece unit weighing just 29 pounds.


  • It’s 15.75 inches tall including its seat. And while that’s standard height, it can be uncomfortable for older users.

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2. SaniFlo SaniCompact Tankless Toilet Our Top Pick

SaniFlo SaniCompact Tankless Toilet

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When you buy a tankless toilet, you’re worried about three main things – space, smell, and sense. You want the toilet to fit in your small space, but you don’t want a flimsy one that needs seven flushes. And without a tank, you may worry it won’t get rid of smelly loads.

SaniFlow SaniCompact solves all these problems. Being a macerating toilet, it has built-in ventilation, so there’s no lingering scent. It’s a dual-flush unit with 1.28 GPF in heavy flush and 1 GPF in light flush. And the pumping tank sits inside the floor-mounted base, so it saves space.

The toilet is designed like a regular toilet, so the toilet trap is always full of water. The trap water partially absorbs toilet smells, keeping the room fresher. This is crucial for basements, closets, hallways, or stuffy renovations in similar window-less rooms.

The toilet is skirted, so it’s easy to maintain. Its upflush has a 9-foot vertical and 100 to 120-foot horizontal push. Plus, you can attach a sink to the toilet. It’s set up to dispose of the sink’s gray water independently from your slurry toilet waste. But the toilet needs electricity to function.

SaniFlo SaniCompact offers an attractive, environmentally friendly toilet with a soft-closing seat and included. It’s WaterSense compliant and makes a fun DIY project.


  • This tankless toilet has an upflush macerator, so you can install it anywhere, even in basements and closets.
  • Its pumping power extends up to 9 feet up and 120 feet sideways.
  • Its structural set-up allows you to link sink drainage to the toilet.


  • Some models are single flush at 1 GPF while others are dual flush, offering 1.28 GPF in heavy flush. Confirm before you order, since they have the same exterior.

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3. Bio Bidet Fully Integrated Tankless Toilet

Bio Bidet Fully Integrated Tankless Toilet

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Electric bidets are hi-tech by nature, but when you find one with extra features, it’s a delight. The Bio Bidet has many automated tricks, including a biosensor that detects your presence and initiates auto-flushing when you leave. The seat and the drier are both heated for your pleasure.

The toilet mounts on the floor, is easy to install, and it comes with everything you need including a wax ring, toilet seat, screws, bolts, and washers. You can operate it via wireless remote, and despite having lots of electric bells and whistles, you can set it to power-saving mode as needed.

This bidet has a built-in tank hidden in its rear section, and it uses 1.6 GPF. But with a flow rate of 0.18 GPM (gallons per minute), it takes nearly 10 minutes to fill up. Luckily, it’s an auto-flushing toilet (and it never leaves floaters), so it doesn’t need your intervention.

If you want a cozy, hi-tech bidet with an easy-to-use LCD remote, this is it. It doesn’t have a battery though, so it needs AC to run. Also, it takes a long time to refill after flushing.


  • Its seat is heated, its drier releases warm air, and its bidet water is always warm. So it’s ideal for added comfort on cold nights and wintry days.
  • Its washer nozzles have settings for pulsating spray or wide-surface massage.
  • It has an auto-washer and a deodorizer to keep your toilet clean and fresh.


  • There’s a gap between the wall and the bowl. It’s where the water connectors and power supply are located, but it’s not easily accessible. A lot of dirt is sure to hide in there.

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4. Dometic 300 Triple Jet Tankless Toilet Budget Pick 

Dometic 300 Triple Jet Tankless Toilet

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Sometimes, you start off looking for a tankless toilet and end up settling for a portable campsite commode. It’s not what you had in mind, but it does the job. This Dometic Triple Jet elaborates on the concept. It’s extremely water-saving, at just 0.125 GPF, and its rim is 18.5 inches high.

The toilet is made from polypropylene, so it’s a mere 8.25 pounds. But it’s a full-sized toilet and its triple-jet rinse keeps your bowl sparkling and spotless at all times. To flush the toilet, use the foot pedal on your left side. The pedal is height-adjustable. Lock it as high or low as you like.

This portable toilet is intended for RVs, but you can link it to regular drain lines. And it isn’t as flimsy as it seems. Its gravity flush is effective, and you can buy it in white or bone.


  • The convenient adjustable foot pedal provides easy intuitive flushing.
  • It’s easy to install and has a two-year warranty.
  • It has an optional hand-spray if you want to simulate bidet functionality.


  • Its 8.5-inch rough-in means you can’t install it without customizing your bathroom drainage. Also, the flush often skips the front part of the toilet bowl.

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5. Kohler Veil Smart Tankless Toilet

Kohler Veil Smart Tankless Toilet

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Basic bidets allow you to wash your bottom after you’re done with the toilet. But this bidet is smarter than your average bathroom. In addition to heated seating, warm water cleansing, and heated air drying, you have multiple nozzle settings. It can even change the shape of your spray!

The bidet wand is completely hygienic, and it self-cleans with sterilized water and UV-lighting. The nozzle spray is infused with air bubbles, and you can adjust its pressure, temperature, and position. The slow-closing toilet lid opens and closes on its own, offering hands-free toilet use.

In terms of flushing power, the rimless bowl releases 1.28 GPF in solid flush and 0.8 GPF in liquid flush. It has a double-jet siphon for complete load depletion. You can buy a wall-mounted or floor-mounted version, depending on your spacing needs. It has a one-year limited warranty.

This toilet looks good and works great, but it’s not cheap. It doesn’t have a battery, so all those fancy features are useless when the power is out. But the hands-free biosensor is a nice touch.


  • It has a built-in LED so you don’t lose sleep during your midnight pee break.
  • Its sleek one-piece design is elegant, stylish, and looks nothing like a toilet.
  • Its skirted exterior makes it effortless to clean.


  • For something with so many movable parts and intricate features, the warranty seems short. Also, its price is way beyond the reach of most buyers.

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6. Toto Aquia Wall-Hung Tankless Toilet

Toto Aquia Wall-Hung Tankless Toilet

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The Toto Aquia toilet can seem puzzling. You’ll buy it thinking it’s a low-slung kiddie toilet because its height is listed as 13.75 inches without the seat. And of course, this seat is not included in the box. But once installed, the wall-mounted unit floats a few inches above the floor.

That’s why it’s categorized as universal height despite its squat stature. And it’s a ‘shallow’ toilet too. Its depth stretches a little over 21 inches from your baseboard, making it ideal for tiny bathrooms. It’s a dual flushing toilet with capacities of 1.6 GPF and 0.9 GPF.

This is an older pre-Cefiontect model, so it’s glazed with SanaGloss instead. But you only get the bowl here. The hidden wall-tank and flush plate – just like the toilet seat – have to be bought separately. Total rim height is 15 to 19 inches, depending on the seat you buy.

This gravity-flush toilet is a stylish and convenient purchase, but don’t be fooled by its pocket-friendly pricing. All its essential parts are missing, so crunch your numbers one more time!


  • This floating wall-mount toilet makes your bathroom seem more spacious.
  • Its skirted bowl eases your daily cleaning routine.
  • Its dual flush system helps you save water.


  • Trap water doesn’t rise very high, and SanaGloss is less advanced that Cefiontect, so this toilet has lower de-staining power than other Toto toilets.

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7. Dyconn Faucet Aphrodite Tankless Toilet

Dyconn Faucet Aphrodite Tankless Toilet

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They say the purpose of furniture is to bang you toes at night, and toilets can be like that too. If they’re not snagging your feet at midnight, they’re chilling you awake with their splashing droplets and chilly seats. Fortunately, the Dyconn Aphrodite offers lots of late-night love.

It has a nightlight built-in, so you can find your way around without becoming too wide awake. This lets you pee then crawl back to bed before you lose sleep. The toilet seat is warmed, which preserves your slumber even further. And the soft-close lid won’t slam your sleep away.

Despite all its electric features, your Dyconn bidet conserves electricity. Its water warms up instantly rather than pre-boiling inside the cistern, which would use more power. The toilet’s automatic sensors mean it controls the lid and auto-flush in real-time, saving even more power.

This is a single flush toilet, but it’s still water-friendly because it uses 1.18 GPF. You operate the toilet using the maroon control panel at the rear edge of the toilet seat. Its back-up battery means you’re not stranded if electricity gets unexpectedly disconnected as you sit on the throne.

The toilet comes in rose gold, so it adds a soft feminine touch to our bathroom. And because its light is dim and its seat is warmed, you get right back asleep after your midnight foray.


  • It has a built-in UPS battery back-up in case of power outages, so it won’t fry and it’ll give you that last flush when you need it.
  • Its LED control panel has a nightlight for kids, grandparents, and groggy sleepers.
  • Its slow-closing D-shaped seat is included in its package.


  • Its control panel is complex, so it takes a while to figure it out.

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8. Toto Neorest Dual Flush Tankless Toilet

Toto Neorest Dual Flush Tankless Toilet

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Bidets are becoming increasingly popular as a tankless toilet option. They take up less space and have lots of snazzy features. This one is serviced using eWater. It takes tap water and electrolyzes it, which disinfects both your toilet bowl and spray nozzles, killing all germs.

This makes your toilet environmentally suitable because you don’t have to use harsh toilet chemicals. The toilet is a water-efficient dual-flush model. Its hands-free auto-flush kicks in after 5, 10, or 25 seconds, depending on your settings. It also has a 25 or 90-second auto-closing lid.

The lid closes softly and quietly, and you can also operate the toilet by remote. This lets you heat the seat, adjust the temperature, control nozzle pressure, position your cleansing spray, and turn on the drier. The toilet looks tankless, but it has a space-saving cistern hidden beneath its skirt.

The limited warranty on this toilet depends on what you’re buying it for. If you want to use it at home, your warranty extends 3 years. But for a hotel, shop, or commercial purchase, you only get a 1-year warranty. It’s WaterSense compliant though, no matter where you use it.

This hi-tech toilet has a nightlight and Cefiontect glazing. Its eWater tank skirted base, and auto-flush means it stays clean, smells great, and needs minimal maintenance.


  • It conserves water, using 1 GPF in solid flush and 0.8 GPF in liquid flush.
  • Its Double Cyclone flushing system is powerful and efficient.
  • Its bidet spray can pulsate or oscillate depending on your preference.


  • The toilet lid automatically closes after 25 seconds minimum, which means the lid is still open while your toilet auto-flushes. Not everyone likes to watch their toilet flush, so this can be uncomfortable, especially since you can’t close the toilet manually.

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9. American Standard Madera Tankless Toilet

American Standard Madera Tankless Toilet

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When you’re sitting on the toilet, the front part of your body is often in direct contact with the toilet seat. Especially if you’re male. It’s why some men prefer U-shaped toilet seats that are open at the front. After all, EverClean porcelain is far more hygienic than any plastic seat.

This tankless Madera toilet from American Standard comes with the open-front seat included. It’s a low-slung toilet, standing 14 inches high from floor to front rim. In place of a tank, it has a manual flush valve that’s directly connected to your water mains. This toilet uses 1.6 GPF.

When you buy the Madera, you get a flush valve and toilet bowl. The U-shaped toilet seat isn’t included, and you have to buy a wax ring from the hardware store. It’s a gravity flushing system since there’s no tank to provide pressurized flushing. But the chrome flusher is easier to clean.

Simplicity is a key selling point for the American Standard Madera. It’s easy to maintain and quick to install. But because it’s tankless, you may struggle if your home has low water pressure.


  • It’s a lightweight toilet at 37 pounds.
  • Its elongated open-front seat is more comfortable and hygienic for male users.
  • Its EverClean glazing prevents microbes, stains, and nasty toilet odor.


  • The toilet links directly to your mains and needs a 1-inch pipe. It won’t work with half-inch or three-quarter-inch supply lines.

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10. Ove Decors Tuva Tankless Toilet

Ove Decors Tuva Tankless Toilet

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Have you ever walked into a fancy hotel room and felt completely lost? You couldn’t figure out the complex light switches, or what all those buttons on the wall do. Maybe it was the bathroom that puzzled you. You couldn’t tell which of those shiny trinkets was the shower faucet.

The Ove Decors tankless toilet fits right in this type of bathroom. The cute curvy toilet comes packed with hi-tech features. It’s a space-saving toilet, standing at 16.125 inches tall and weighing 73 pounds. But even with all that tech, you can install it yourself with basic tools.

Its ‘plug and play’ connections don’t require any plumbing knowledge or electrical wiring. It’s all set up and ready-to-use. The ‘toilet hole’ is narrower than ordinary toilets, but it offers comfy seating and has a soft-closing seat and lid. The toilet glows blue at night to avoid waking you.

In addition to this nightlight feature, you can operate the toilet using its blue backlit touchscreen remote controller. The remote sits in a magnetic holster when you’re not using it, so you’ll never have to waste time searching for it. Alternatively, you can use the LED control panel.

These controls are on the right side of the toilet seat. Its manual flush button is on the left side of the seat. Both sets of buttons are within easy reach, even while you’re seated on the toilet. You can set spray temperatures, manual nozzle positioning, air drying, and the deodorizing filter.

The Tuva is a heavy-duty ceramic toilet, but its manual seat is made of plastic. It’s been known to break during use, and this can be a problem because it’s a highly customized product. Both in size and style. So you can’t just swap it out for a seat from a different toilet brand.

This toilet is extremely hi-tech and will leave you feeling pampered. It turns every bathroom break into a personal spa experience. But only if you can afford it.


  • The Madera doesn’t look like a toilet so it creates an eccentric styling touch.
  • It has both manual and automatic flush options, so you can still use it when the power is out.
  • It’s EPA compliant, only using 1.28 GPF.


  • Given all these fancy features – including a blue nightlight when you lift the toilet lid – you still have to manually open and close the toilet seat.

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Buying Guide

Tankless Toilet buyng guide

A lot of tankless toilets are essentially concealed cisterns. They’re just like skirted toilets, which have smooth exteriors to cover their toilet traps. Some upflush toilets do feed directly from your water mains. But even they hold water in their grinder as they mix, mash, and macerate.

That said, the best tankless toilet is both space-saving and fashion-elevating. It has an unexpected, somewhat unconventional look. And it could lower your utility bills as well. So what features should you keep in mind as you shop for this key bathroom fixture?

Physical Measurements

Tankless Toilets

There are two main toilet sizing issues – height and length. The length of your toilet seat could be 16 inches. These models usually have round seats, though they can be square. When you try to sit on them, your body feels off-kilter, so you’re not comfortable, especially for Number 2s.

Elongated seats are 18 inches long, and they let you achieve a more natural posture. D-shaped toilets are often 18 inches as well. If you have smaller bathrooms, pick a shorter seat. As for toilet height, there are two main categories. Comfort Height toilets are taller – 17 inches or more.

These are great for elderly users or anyone with back problems. ‘Normal’ toilets are described as Right Height, Standard Height, or Universal Height. It’s usually 15 to 16 inches tall. These measurements are floor to rim before the toilet seat is added, so be sure to double-check.

You might buy an 18-inch toilet thinking it’s elevated, then realize the seat wasn’t included. Meaning your seat is too short and needs a seat riser. Confirm whether the stated dimensions are with or without the seat. Also, measure your rough-in from the baseboard, not the wall.

Disturbance Levels

Tankless Toilet features

Your toilet’s flushing mechanism influences many different things. It dictates how much water (and electricity) you use. And it affects the number of times you need to flush. But it also controls the noise levels in your toilet. Especially if you have small kids and a smaller bladder.

You don’t want a toilet that constantly disrupts your naps. Moreso if you’re sleep-training, juggling late nights, wrangling toddlers, or dealing with 3 a.m. feeds. If you have young kids, a nightmarish work schedule, or elderly parents, buy a quieter toilet with built-in night lights.

You can also look for a toilet with a slow-closing lid. It prevents accidental slamming as you stumble around in the dark. It’s frustrating to safely make it to the loo without rousing anyone … then startle them awake as the toilet lid slams shut. Soft-closing lids last longer as well.

This isn’t necessarily about the material they’re made of. Instead, it’s about how roughly your toilet gets handled. A seat that’s constantly slamming will peel and chip sooner. Installing a sturdy steel hinge ensures the toilet won’t bang, ding, break, or pinch your bottom in its cracks.

Mounting Position

Tankless Toilet reviews

Some tankless toilets have the cistern hidden behind the wall. Others use a compressed tank that’s fitted in the back portion of the toilet bowl. In both these cases, the toilet could be mounted on the wall or the floor, depending on your bathroom layout and plumbing structure.

Look at the available floor space as you decide. Floating wall-mounted toilets make the room seem bigger. But they need to be reinforced with steel brackets that support heavy porcelain. It’s also possible to trip over these ‘hanging’ toilets in your half-asleep midnight stupor.

Ordinary floor-mounted toilets can have issues as well. If it’s flush against the wall, there might be damp dirt squashed between, and there’s no way to get in there and clean it. If there’s a narrow gap, then you can see the dirt, but you still can’t reach it, which is even more annoying.

Some tankless toilets have their rear plumbing exposed, which can be unnerving. It also leaves a lot of awkward gaps and spaces where dirt can hide. In such cases, a toilet with a skirt is more hygienic and less distressing. Plus, it covers up any spaces where pests can sneak in and hide.

Flushing Power

Tankless Toilet

Many tankless toilets do have tanks – it’s just that they’re modified. They might be hidden behind the wall. Or they might be customized and compressed to help them fit below the bowl. In upflush toilets, the tank might be combined with (or replaced by) the macerator pump.

In all these cases, the concealed tank will be smaller than an ordinary cistern. This might mean you use less water to flush. It might also mean you don’t get as much ‘push’ when you flush. So when you’re looking for the best tankless toilet, find out how it flushes.

Get a demo and ask lots of questions. You want the toilet to have flush-enhancing features that make up for reduced flushing capacity. The inlet might be wider, to let in more water at higher speeds. The rim might be pressurized to increase momentum. The bowl may have extra suction.

If the toilet has fancy jargon its description, find out exactly what it means in terms of flushing. For example, in Toto toilets, Gmax means 1.6 GPF, whether or not the toilet has a tank. And in American Standard toilets, Cefiontect describes stain resistance, not flushing power.

Don’t tank your toilet!

We’ve shared our views regarding tankless toilets. Now we’d like to offer some advice. Out of all the models we’ve reviewed, and based on our chosen criteria, we feel the SaniFlo SaniCompact is the best tankless toilet. It has a glossy, skirted base so the outer surface stays cleaner for longer.

You can opt for single flush or dual flush. The latter saves water, but its flushing mechanism is harder to repair. Also, it’s an upflush toilet that can be installed anywhere. This makes it’s a quick, convenient renovation option for guest en-suites or closet-sized powder rooms.