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68 Very Small Kitchen Ideas On a Budget Ideas

It takes creativity to transform a small kitchen. This term has always been the little secret top designers use to proffer solutions to how a kitchen should look. With the use of patterns, colors, and materials, even a small kitchen will look gorgeous and spacious.

Believe it as you are already on the first step to achieving it. Everyone can afford the same thing at the same time, so we have considered small kitchen ideas on a budget. Here are 60+ small kitchen on a budget ideas to choose from.

Very Small Kitchen Ideas On a Budget Ideas

1. Beautiful Sunshine

Beautiful Sunshine

A place you lose count of time, this affordable small kitchen decorating ideas are from designer Rayman Boozer. His house in New York’s East Village has a sunny and attractive kitchen painted lemon yellow. This beautiful kitchen gives you a feel of country life even in a big and busy city like New York.


2. Hanging Beauty

Hanging Beauty

Designed by Alex Papachristidis, this London kitchen combines space and prints from neoclassical times. In this kitchen, pots hanging on Nina Campbell’s Tamarin wallpaper create more space for other materials in the cupboards. Notice the extra beauty creative by the pictures from John Rosselli International


3. White and Large

White and Large small kitchen

Located in Aerin Lauder’s home in East Hampton, this kitchen arrangement of lightings, stools, and lithographs is artful. The large size of the flower and other arts make the room look large and spacious.


4. Black Gold

Black Gold

The attractiveness of the kitchen in this Hamptons home comes from the natural blend of white and black. Looking at it gives an impression of ample kitchen space with an elegant kitchen faucet, kitchen sink, and range hood. The secret to this commendable illusion is the thick black line seen all around the kitchen.


5. Simply Cool

Simply Cool

In this Wisconsin home, the custom kitchen cabinetry and the walls have the same color. This decorating idea for a small kitchen will help to distract the eye view from the limited space in the kitchen. Simple and cool, the gas cooktop, oven, stainless steel countertops, and the dishwasher all add to this homely kitchen.


6. Color Marvel

Color Marvel

Nothing holds back the intention to make this kitchen stand out in beauty and warmth. Found in a Manhattan apartment, the cabinet, tables, and walls are green while the floor is beautiful laser-cut linoleum. It’s an exciting place to stay and focus on your small chops and tasty meat.


7. Dine Away

Dine Away

Some apartments don’t have a separate dining space, but creativity can quickly save the day. Mikael Anderson does not delay in transforming his kitchen into a dining room for lack of space. This small kitchen ideas option makes it easier to cook and eat right away.


8. Space Gain

Space Gain

Sometimes to manage the little kitchen, you need to be more creative. This kitchen uses the hoodless stovetop, and a cupboard that contains fancy cups and bowls that stands out prettily. Check out the subtle colors in some parts of the room, and you will feel the mood the kitchen creates.


9. Hang Cookware

Hang Cookware

Having small kitchen storage ideas will always be an advantage when the need arises. Instead of competing with other cookware, hang those pots on the kitchen walls and put your mind at rest. Limited space is frustrating only when you lack decorating ideas for small kitchen space like the one used for this kitchen.


10. Hide Away

Hide Away

Except there’s something significant about those appliances, hide them away from public glare. Your contractor can help you make this possible, and you have to keep your microwave and toaster out of sight.


11. Tall Story

Tall Story small kitchen

When a room cannot accommodate a dining table and too big for you to leave it empty, this idea works best. Place a tall table close to the cabinet or let it serve as an island to the entire kitchen. Hecker Guthrie’s design adds a wooden table to a modern kitchen island, creating a story of double beauty.


12. Make it Relaxing

Make it Relaxing small kitchen

The first impression from this cottage in Cape Cod is that of a home, warm and inviting. The small kitchen space has cabinets, a butcher block countertop, cream walls, and an antique stove. It’s a place to feel at home while you wait for those irresistible and tasty meals.


13. Three Shades

Three Shades

Magdalena Bjorndotter and Erik Bjorklund own this century-old farmhouse in rural Sweden. Here the interior decorating ideas for small kitchens are all about using bright white. There are also shades of black and gray on the floor, walls, and decorative objects.


14. Bar Side

Bar Side

As part of our 60+ small kitchen ideas, the decoration and arrangement in this space look like a bar corner. Add side chairs, a table, a custom-made cabinet, and sink fitting to make the picture complete. This New York apartment got the idea correctly.


15. Go Simple

Go Simple

Some decorating ideas for small kitchen space may include a table that serves as a counter for prep work. This bright white kitchen is designed to utilize the limited space fully. Countertops are absent, and this makes the space look a little bigger.


16. Smart Walls

Smart Walls

Overcoming the challenges of small kitchens requires quick and smart thinking like this kitchen. To create enough space, the owner used luxe materials and created cupboards on the walls for cups and bowls. To keep it simple and shiny, avoid flashy colors, and use bright white and some black paints instead.


17. Cute Space

Cute Space

Even though this is a small kitchen, it has a carefully planned design and arrangement. It looks like a big room but a kitchen with open shelves, a simple range hood, and green cabinets. This small kitchen is a proof of how to create a dreamy and cute space in your kitchen.


18. White Land

White Land

White kitchens are always cool and attractive for some homeowners. Go all white for your small kitchen with a bunch of cutting boards and fresh bloom. Look for ways to make it reflect the personal style, and you are right on track.


19. Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors

Decorating a kitchen with layers of pastel colors can make the kitchen glow. Add a favorite rug, white marble counters, and indoor plants to give it a touch of nature. This idea provides cool and breezy feelings, even when cooking a meal.


20. Open Up

Open Up

If you have an old and outdated kitchen, don’t lose hope yet. Be bold to take out the cabinet door, leaving it open. Get new bowls and cups and arrange them as décor on the shelves. Soon, no one will remember this was formerly an old kitchen.


21. Brand New

Brand New

The challenges of cramped kitchens can be very annoying. Instead of worrying all day, give the walls a fresh, bright painting. Get new kitchen faucets, lightings, gas cooktop, kitchen sink, and cabinets. This inexpensive renovation will make the entire place look and smell nice in the end.


22. Simply Stylish

Simply Stylish

Simple and stylish, this kitchen designed by BHDM with gray and white paints, give the room a little sophistication. The elegant ceiling and a quiet breakfast corner are just one smart way to design a small kitchen.


23. Multi-color Stripes Rug

Multi-color Stripes Rug

Say hello to this small and cute kitchen everyone would love to have. The all-white color and the lights dangling right from the ceiling make the view breathtaking. On the floor are the multi-color striped rug and white chairs, which makes this kitchen so unforgettable.


24. Red Carrier 2

Red Carrier 2

This kitchen, designed by Michelle Nussbaumer is a combination of thought and style. Only a few persons notice and make good use of the storage space between the counter and the ceiling. Here all less-used cooking tools are kept on the countertop to give room for other items in the cabinet.


25. Perfect Combination

Perfect Combination

Kitchen shelves make the room look neat and well-built, but you don’t want to leave them empty. Take out your cups, mugs, and bowls and arrange them by color neatly on the shelves. Step back and see how it looks exactly like this kitchen designed by Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson.


26. Cabinet Members

Cabinet Members

More cabinets to the kitchen mean more storage for tools and cooking ware. Don’t say there’s no space when extra cubbies can hang over the window. No matter how small the kitchen, this cleans Hecker Guthrie’s design proofs that you can create more storage space.


27. Rug and Color

Rug and Color

It is challenging to move around a small kitchen freely. Add a soft, colorful rug to the design and don’t leave out beautiful colors in the picture. Designer Michelle Nussbaumer shows how to make a small kitchen look warm and bright.


28. No Counter

No Counter

If you don’t have counter space, that doesn’t stop you from creating a kitchen from the available space. There’s always a way around any problem, and this galley-style kitchen is one example out of many. Created for Emily Henderson by the talented designer Brady Tolbert, this design comes with a ceiling-high cabinet.


29. Show Off

Show Off

White color can make a room look spacious and attractive. But nothing stops you from adding shades to your kitchen wall. For this deVOL kitchen, all the beautiful items are placed on open shelves. The not-so-glamorous are hidden in the cabinets.


30. Roll It In

Roll It In

Smaller kitchens will require proper management of space. It becomes impossible to have a kitchen island due to limited space. Get a rolling cart with butcher blocks for your prep work, and you are good to go.


31. Extra Storage Shelves

Extra Storage Shelves

A small kitchen means limited room for storing cookware and other essential items. Build extra shelves on the kitchen wall and tuck away those gift items and shoes after a hard day’s work. A good idea, isn’t it?


32. Low Profile

Low Profile

No one says it has to be tall stools all the time. Small seats can be cool for some kitchen designs, just like the one here. This beautiful kitchen is the idea of ETCetera for the Los Angeles Firehouse. The purpose of such design is to keep a low profile as much as possible.


33. Go Neutral

Go Neutral

The combination of primary colors of black and white can be stunning. The wall of this New York City apartment’s kitchen is covered with black and white wallpaper and artwork. The marble-top custom kitchen island and birthing chair all add style to the fantastic design.


34. So Transparent

So Transparent

How lovely to see your reflection on the smooth and shiny surfaces of your kitchen island and refrigerator. This Bohemian family kitchen makes you want to go for this design right away. You don’t need a mirror when you already have this kitchen design.


35. Dark Side

Dark Side

You will probably think that you are in a beautifully decorated modern cave on some expensive island. The dark shades of colors make you want to stay here all day, just admiring its exceptional beauty. But you have to prepare, and this Monaco apartment just showed you how to design the perfect kitchen.

36. White and Bright

White and Bright small kitchen

Estee Stanley, a former fashion stylist, redesigned her home kitchen into this gorgeous space. With white paint on the wall and a shiny marble-top counter, this place is more than just a kitchen.


37. Country Life

Country Life

Breathe in the fresh air of country life with this fantastic country-style kitchen. The combined ideas of a Connecticut family and Wayne Tobin, a local millworker, gave rise to this warm and quiet kitchen design. Check out the lightings, appliances, and cookware and feel the quality of the brands.


38. Open and Charming

Open and Charming

If you have an enclosed kitchen, great, but an open kitchen can be equally charming. Look at the kitchen found in a Paris apartment and see how beautiful the open-concept kitchen can be. The apartment original fireplace and the antique oak flooring are just some of the several things that make this place charming.


39. Fine and Modern

Fine and Modern

With a Carrara-marble countertop, a Viking stove York Street Studio stool, it’s incredible how ordinary ideas can make things extraordinary. A look around will reveal some of the items most valued by this family.


40. Clean and Bright

Clean and Bright

The walls of this Manhattan kitchen are painted white, and space has the appearance of a clean, modern kitchen. The beauty of this small kitchen lies in its clean bright color, Calacatta marble countertop, and the refrigerator made by Sub-Zero. Cooking and frying your tasty meals isn’t just fun here; it’s also clean.


41. Showy and Colorful

Showy and Colorful

Nothing can lighten up the mood and make the meal unusually tasty like a beautifully painted kitchen corner. A Saarinen table surrounded by silk cotton regency chairs stands invitingly at anyone who visits this home. Vintage silk wallpaper covers the wall, and beautiful artworks blend naturally with this showy and colorful kitchen.


42. Amber Chamber

Amber Chamber

There is no limit on options for interior decorating ideas for small kitchens. This amber-colored kitchen shows the brilliant use of creativity and limited space. Orange wallpaper forms the entire surface of the ceiling, and dark wood cabinetry stands boldly at one corner.


43. Complete Luxury

Complete Luxury

Talk about a luxurious petite kitchen, and this Paris apartment says it all to the smallest detail. The two stools come from Mater Design, and the pendant lights are products of Tom Dixon. What’s more are the ovens, refrigerator, and the eye-catching veneer cabinet with the color of a walnut.


44. Make it Blue

Make it Blue

Designed by an artisan in India, this kitchen reminds one of the deep blue seas without the relentless waves. Though the kitchen in this Manhattan home is small, it has some uniqueness you shouldn’t ignore. Here in this kitchen are lightings by Harry Allen, appliances straight from GE, and dreamy walls and carpet.


45. Changed Closet

Changed Closet

This Parisian kitchen looks like a closet that transformed to serve the purpose of a twenty-first-century kitchen. By installing a handless wooden cupboard and hood, its designers transformed the closest into a modern kitchen. There is no need to build a new kitchen when space in the house can serve the same purpose.


46. Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

Creativity often comes when you run out on options and want a better way to get out of a scary situation. A smart designer made cabinetry to fit into the limited space in this kitchen perfectly. Most of the kitchen items go beneath the counter, but coffee mugs and bowls stay on the shelf.


47. All Hail Architecture

All Hail Architecture

If this isn’t among the 60+ small kitchen ideas, then the list isn’t complete yet. This design comes from architectural ideas that can perfectly fit into home kitchens. The architecture and the wooden furniture reflect a similar color, which makes the space a nice place to wine and dines.


48. Mirror on the Wall

Mirror on the Wall

From the arrangement of things, this kitchen must have been inspired by a cake-selling shop in Paris. A magenta runner, flowers, and white marble cabinets stand proudly inside this small kitchen. At the far end is a large mirror casting a romantic spell on this already charming lady-like small kitchen.


49. Everlasting


Most people would love a kitchen that is both clean and timeless. The white paint only makes it appeal more to the senses and irresistible to anyone who walks in. No tenant would ever wish to move out of this kitchen with granite countertop and subways tiles.


50. Blend In

Blend In

Living in a house where the kitchen and the living room are the same shouldn’t discourage you. Find a small space to the wall for refrigerator and cabinet and arrange your dining table and chairs close by. This kitchen has a white cabinet, and the design allows everything to shine with beauty.


51. Show Nothing

Show Nothing

Mathew Ferrarini is behind the design of this beautiful white kitchen. This wise use of space and cabinets help to keep most items out of sight. This decorating idea for a small kitchen is suitable for a tiny apartment.


52. Hang Them All

Hang Them All

Since different pots serve different purposes, some are too big to fit into some cabinets. The solution is to get an industrial rack and hang those pots and pans. This Leanne Ford Interior’s design makes the kitchen look stylish and well arranged.


53. Make it Dark

Make it Dark

While white color can make a space, look big, black color has a similar impression on a small kitchen. Heidi Caillier shows us how black cabinets can make the kitchen look impressive and soothing. So, make it dark sometimes and see how much you are missing.


54. Change Your Style

Change Your Style

It is not necessary to line up all kitchen items equally on both sides. Sometimes a different style can make the kitchen as gorgeous as it should be. Here, designer Jess Bunge intentionally positioned a mirror to detract from the large stove in Emily Henderson’s kitchen.


55. Shelf above Stove

Shelf above Stove

Sometimes, there is little or no space for cabinets or even shelves. Build a small shelf within a safe distance above the stove. The keyword is creativity, and in this small kitchen, even the window sill of this moody kitchen is useful.


56. Make it Colorful

Make it Colorful

Having a small kitchen space doesn’t mean it has to be boring and dull. This little kitchen may look old-fashion, yet it is colorful and lively. The marble countertop, ceiling lights, sink fittings, and bright walls all make it full of life.


57. Feel at Home

Feel at Home

Have you ever been in a kitchen that feels like home in every way? Designed by the General Assembly, it is a perfect spot for entertaining and seeing friends. This kitchen may look small, but the design makes it stand out.


58. Walk on Blue Sea

Walk on Blue Sea

A kitchen in Cape Cod with blue flooring and door frame brings the pleasant memory of the nearby sea. Close to the butcher’s block hangs a seascape, and sharp-looking knives stick out under a horizontal piece of wood.


59. For Craftsmen

For Craftsmen

The custom-made cabinet and unusually slim kitchen island are unique to this craftsman cottage. Due to the placement of objects, there is extra space to move around the small kitchen. The black granite countertop, the range, and vent hood are all set in place by KitchenAid.


60. White Marvel

White Marvel

Three stools stand close to this white-colored kitchen in Kate Reynold’s home. The atmosphere seems relaxed, and the kitchen looks like a bar where you freely walk-in or out. On the white marble countertop are a butcher’s block, a vase of flower, a blue kettle, and stainless steel faucet.


61. Brass and India

Brass and India

The many brass urns make you remember those Indian movies you have seen. The Kasilwal family home country kitchen is one of a kind. These owners of the legendary jewelry house store rice and other grains inside these urns.


62. Stay Stylish

Stay Stylish

Kimille Tailor knows how to add style in designing her cute looking Manhattan kitchen. This small space contains marble counters, Fisher and Perkel refrigerator, and a Bertazzoni oven. The patterned subway tiles are by Home Depot while the flooring is custom designed.


63. Cool and Solid

Cool and Solid

Unrivaled creativity and innovation, Christine Barberich’s Brooklyn Heights’s kitchen is a wonder. She and her husband made sure all kitchen appliances are small and proper for space. You will think that it’s an industrial kitchen, and this couple enjoys all the fun and fulfillment this kitchen brings.


64. Country Style

Country Style

The credit goes to Ken Fulk, the designer of this Montana kitchen. The atmosphere takes one back to the natural freshness of country life. Within this kitchen are an oak-butcher block countertop, tiles, pendant lights, and attractive stools that blend with the environment.


65. Add Some Artwork

Add Some Artwork

In this small space, designer Stephen Jones and Francis Mill turned this former warehouse into an art gallery kitchen. The artwork on the wall is by Manuel Neri, the cabinet by Henrybuilt, the countertops by PentalQuartz.


66. Simple and Rich

Simple and Rich

A beautiful kitchen that looks empty may fool you at first sight. But the richness of this kitchen and the pops of color will leave a lasting impression of taste and style. This New York City apartment harbors one of the best decorating ideas for small kitchen space.


67. Make it Bright

Make it Bright

Using the same kind of color for most parts of the kitchen isn’t a bad idea. But adding a bright color like blue in some areas can make space stand out. Make sure the artwork on the wall matches with the cabinet, and you have a flamboyant-looking kitchen.


68. All-in-One


No matter how small your space, there is a list of small kitchen ideas to choose from. The owner of this kitchen made use of the available space in the kitchen corner. Here the cabinet is high enough to allow stools to go under it.