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30 Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

No matter if your farmhouse is spacious or tiny, old-fashioned or modern, and romantic or practical, you should think about the design and look of your bathroom. Ideally, it should keep the traditional farmhouse image.

As you have already known, farmhouse bathrooms come in a variety of styles and sizes, and you need to look for the style you like the most. It is essential since you undoubtedly spend a certain amount of time in this the most intimate place. Therefore, you should make it cozy, practical, and appealing.

1. Wooden Farmhouse Bathroom

Wooden Farmhouse Bathroom

In case your bathroom elements need to be on just one wall, in one line, here is a perfect solution. The wood wall stands between the shower and the toilet and makes it look like two separate intimate parts.

The light wood walls, sizable mirror, and big glass shower door give the impression of the spacious bathroom. Moreover, the dark marble washbasin gives a luxurious touch to it. All the materials are natural, which offers a convenient and rustic look of the farmhouse bathroom.

2. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

It is wrong to think about the farmhouse as old, tiny, and uncomfortable. On the contrary, many farmhouses are roomy and contemporary with luxurious facilities and furniture. If you look for ideas for such a farmhouse bathroom, the wide bright bathroom is the right choice for you.

A wooden cabinet under the sink with a ring pattern will blend in the traditional, but contemporary farmhouse style. At the same time, the modern shower and bath cabin will give you the luxury you need. Plus, the contrast of dark wood components to the beige bathroom interior will perfectly suit the casual atmosphere.

3. Farmhouse Bathroom Basin

Farmhouse Bathroom Basin

Simple mosaic tiles on the bottom half of the bathroom wall are somehow very old-fashioned and modest. All together with a farmhouse bathroom basin, they make a perfect match.

The essence is in the details. The double deep farmhouse sink represents the original countryside style for washing hands and clothes. Nowadays, you can install a multi-functional double basin as a part of your rustic bathroom.

4. Laminate Farmhouse Bathroom

Laminate Farmhouse Bathroom

A massive wooden door with a thick frame and three tiny glass windows resembles some cold and remote places. However, by adding the contrast of the horizontal pale plank wall, it brings the diversity and coziness mixture to the farmhouse bathroom look.

The lighting from the ceiling is powerful and provides enough light while the stylish lantern-like lamp makes the romantic atmosphere and reflects even more glow from the mirror behind it.

5. White Farmhouse Bathroom

White Farmhouse Bathroom

Opposite to contemporary bathrooms, farmhouse bathrooms used to have wooden floors. You should consider making this delightful combination of white walls without any tiles that match the bathrooms from the past.

To make things even more back to the past, you can place the bathtub in the middle of the bathroom. It is an old type of tub with four elegant legs matching the golden and white colors of the bathroom tap.

6. Contemporary Cottage Bathroom

Contemporary Cottage Bathroom

If you have a contemporary farmhouse and you search for the authentic look of the countryside, adding adequate details will bring the spirit of the long-gone days. Pick out wood print for tiles and combine it with a big tall window looking over to the countryside.

Moreover, some wooden details around the contemporary bathtub will give and extra touch. Your farmhouse can be modern, functional, and luxurious if you have ideas and make the right combination.

7. Rustic Shelves and Frames

Rustic Shelves and Frames

Even though you have always wanted a farmhouse bathroom in the traditional style, you will need some futuristic elements there, as well. Take your time and select the rustic details you fancy the most. Nowadays, you can find plenty of them online.

The wooden wall shelves painted in dark brown colors will instantly bring some countryside style in your bathroom. Plus, the three-dimensional plain wooden mirror frame matching the shelves will fulfill the desired look.

8. Huge Farmhouse Bathroom

Huge Farmhouse Bathroom

Just imagine having the sizable master bathroom overlooking the mountain tops and beautiful sceneries. The only thing you can wish for next is a jacuzzi bathtub. Go for it!

Implement few wooden details such as bathroom elements with strong timber ring print and mirror frames. That way, you will achieve the desired style and enjoy the comfort that the modern world offers.

9. Shiplap Farmhouse Bathroom Walls

Shiplap Farmhouse Bathroom Walls

A lot of things can remind you of the farmhouse, but one that can leave you speechless is a white shiplap wall instead of ceramic tiles. It fits the natural surroundings and breathes with simplicity.

In case you have all white elements in your farmhouse bathroom, you can overcome the monotony by adding some three-legged farm chairs or baskets for storing the bathing toiletries.

10. Marble Chrome Combination

Marble Chrome Combination

The farmhouse bathroom can’t look perfect without a classic farmhouse sink with marble countertop. It is an elegant and traditional solution at the same time.

If you add the chrome high glow tap consisting of three different elements, you will get the winning combination. It looks fancy, decorative, and farm-like for sure.

11. Wooden Farmhouse Bathroom Walls

Wooden Farmhouse Bathroom Walls

Not so rarely, the bathrooms have walls made out of logs and boards, which suit the wooden cabin style perfectly. However, adding more wooden details can be exaggerated.

Therefore, you should think of adding some contrast, such as the marble sink countertop. Its high glow will highlight the natural color of the wood all around you.

12. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

The brick wall looks rustic and gives the impression of rural areas. In combination with modern design, the farmhouse bathroom can have an intriguing look. The brick wall looks even better with round frameless mirrors on the wall.

By playing with shapes and materials, you can get the bathroom that looks futuristic and traditional without any extra investments. If you like contemporary art, you will adore this idea.

13. Farmhouse Bathroom with Brick Walls

Farmhouse Bathroom with Brick Walls

Brick walls are never out of fashion, especially white bricks that bring back the memories of old days and the charm of the past. Keep in mind that this is an impressive and cheap idea for your farmhouse bathroom.

You can quickly match a variety of details to improve the atmosphere, such as wooden shelves, old-fashioned stylish taps, and woven baskets.

14. Simple Clay Farmhouse Bathroom

Simple Clay Farmhouse Bathroom

The combination of clay tiles and wood is not so costly, as well as the ceiling made of boards with massive beams across it. To highlight the beauty of these wooden details, the decor of your farmhouse bathroom needs to be more modest.

15. Deluxe Bathtub

Deluxe Bathtub

Farmhouse bathrooms can be practical and straightforward. If you want to achieve more style or luxury, the excellent idea is to implement the deluxe bathtub.

Many of these tubs have impressive forged legs with silver or gold shine. They look such fantastic and chic that you can have a feeling you belong to the royal class.

16. Marble and Wood Farmhouse Bathroom

Marble and Wood Farmhouse Bathroom

The perfect combination to depict the power and good taste is an implementation of marble and wood details. The marble color and pattern resemble natural wood. Therefore, they fit in perfectly, and you need to look more carefully to see where the timber ends and marble starts. In-wall wooden shelf opposite the bathtub can be handy and looks profoundly chic.

17. Royal Two in One

Royal Two in One

You can quickly turn such a small farmhouse bathroom into a chic style. The toilet top cover in dark brown color perfectly matches the two background wooden pedestals.

You should install three holders in a Greek style, including the ones for the shower, hangs, and toilet paper. The walls made of the beige planks will give the perfect contrast to the entire interior.

18. Stylish Farmhouse Bathroom

Stylish Farmhouse Bathroom

Not so often, people like to have stylish furniture in their bathrooms. Be different and install the bathroom sink within the stylish farm-style cabinet. Hang an elegant mirror with white lamps above the sink to highlight your ultimate taste and practical nature.

19. Built-in Toilet with Shelves

Built-in Toilet with Shelves

The white brick wall with the build-in case for toilet and toilet flush is a convenient idea. To break the monotony of the whiteness and make a visual boundary between the toilet and the part with the sink, you should add a dark wooden farm-style cupboard with shelves. All the arrangement looks stylish and makes the bathroom more spacious.

20. Wooden Handles

Wooden Handles

The secret is in detail. If you have a regular bathroom and you wish to transform it into the farmhouse bathroom without much money, you can add these wooden handles. Implementing them will bring the impression of the distant past and spirit of the farm to your space.

21. Rain Shower in Stone

Rain Shower in Stone

The pleasure of having a rain shower is priceless. Moreover, taking a shower in natural surroundings brings a special feeling. With the wooden ceiling, stone walls will bring a piece of Mother Nature into your farmhouse bathroom. With a sizeable glass door, your enjoyment will be complete.

22. Modest Beige Farmhouse Bathroom

Modest Beige Farmhouse Bathroom

The lack of space shouldn’t represent a big deal. With a white cabinet and a little bit of white and beige paint for walls, you can get the effect of a more spacious and comfortable bathroom.

To set the farmhouse bathroom tone, you can also use a plain drawer shelf and install a deep basin for better effect.

23. Practical Farmhouse Bathroom

Practical Farmhouse Bathroom

When the area of your bathroom is spacious but quite ordinary, you should install a modern multifunction shower cabin in the corner.

To make it even roomier and children-friendly, you can add an elegant colorful rug and a bunch of pink towels, as well. That way, you will transform the ordinary space into a convenient and lovely farmhouse bathroom.

24. Cozy White Farmhouse Bathroom

Cozy White Farmhouse Bathroom

Without changing and investing any money, you can do a magic trick and transform boring and dull white space into the contemporary farmhouse bathroom.

You can do that just by adding simple spa products packed in woven baskets, including loofa, real farm soap, and a cellulose sponge. Keep in mind that any farmhouse details you like can refresh your white bathroom.

25. Farmhouse Mansion Bathroom

Farmhouse Mansion Bathroom

Not only these bathrooms are spacious, but they scream luxury and chic. You can gain a farmhouse style by using the wide shiplap planks for the floor.

As always, an ideal combination with the wooden floor is the bathtub and sink made of marble. In case you choose a dark or black one, you can experiment with various types of lighting.

26. Farmhouse Bathroom with a Mirror Wall

Farmhouse Bathroom with a Mirror Wall

If you are a mirror lover, there is a marvelous addition to your farmhouse bathroom. You can experiment with the timber floor with ring print and the sink made of marble for the rest of the bathroom.

That way, you will achieve the optical illusion, not knowing where the boundaries are between a ceiling, floor, or wall. Bring this fantastic game of texture, colors, and mirrors into your space and enjoy the beauty of uniqueness.

27. Farmhouse Bathroom with Chandelier 

Farmhouse Bathroom with Chandelier

High ceilings and small space can be a problem when doing the interior decor. However, you can always hang an old-fashioned chandelier into the bathroom and get a unique farmhouse bathroom look.

Additionally, you can achieve your goal by combining it with details, such as a wooden mirror frame and floor made of boards in the same color.

28. Luxurious and Vintage Two in One

Luxurious and Vintage Two in One

You can add a vintage cabinet to your space and make it looks stylish and expensive. In combination with a platinum round mirror and matching lamp, you will have a farmhouse bathroom from magazine pages. Vintage is always in!

29. Farmhouse Bathroom for Girls

Farmhouse Bathroom for Girls

The vintage pink bathtub in the middle of the bathroom with four legs can be the pinnacle of every girl’s dream. By adding a few rose and pink details, such as in-wall wardrobe and shelves, you will make an ideal place for your farm girl. Don’t forget to add a few plants in the corner to achieve a more vibrant atmosphere.

30. Wooden Shelves with Cotton Jars

Wooden Shelves with Cotton Jars

As I have already mentioned, perfection is in detail. There is one more idea of how to gain the desirable farmhouse bathroom style. Instead of buying expensive glasses and jars, take the regular ones with silverish lids.

Fill them with cotton balls, soaps, or any other trinkets you keep in your bathroom. Place them on the shelves painted in dark wood color, and you will get a look you have dreamed of.