How to Fix a Shower Diverter Pull-up? (5 Easy Ways)

If your bathtub has a showerhead, your shower valve redirects water from the showerhead to the tub faucet. When it’s not working, water simultaneously pours from both outlets. It’s easy to fix, so let’s learn how. Shower valves have two parts: A tub spout for filling the tub. A diverter gate – the little knob you twist, … Read more

How to Retile a Shower? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Is your bathroom looking old an unpleasant? Do you want to give it a completely new look? Then look no further – we have prepared a special article to show you how to retile a shower at ease. Even if you have never done that before, sticking to this guide will make this job fairly … Read more

how to build a walk in shower from scratch? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

If you look around the web, you’ll find conflicting information about walk-in showers, so let’s begin with the basics. A walk-in shower is a standalone unit that’s not connected to a bathtub. Sometimes, it’s part of a ‘wet room’, meaning the shower isn’t secluded from the bathroom. But even in this scenario, the walk-in shower … Read more

What is Shower Gel?

They say oil and water don’t mix, which might make you wonder how to get rid of greasy stains. Luckily, soap is fat-based, so it’s good at getting all those grimy marks off your body. Shower gel does this too but in a slightly different way. So … exactly what is shower gel? Shower gel … Read more

7 Easy Steps To Prepare Shower For Tiles

How to Prepare Shower Wall for Tiles? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Most times, our bathrooms need a little remodeling to enhance it looks, and installing or replacing the shower tiles can help you achieve that. It might be tedious to install, but believe me, the outcome outweighs the labor. Tiling is the main thing, but you need to know how to prepare shower walls for tiles. Bathroom … Read more

31 Easy Homemade Outdoor Shower Plans

Outdoor showers aren’t just for beach houses and reality shows. If you have some space in your back yard, you can install one in minutes! It’s not complicated, and there are lots of options. It depends on the complexity, budget, time available, and how good your DIY skills are. Today, we’d like to explore 31 … Read more

Roll-in Shower

Roll in Shower: Everything You Need to Know!

Roll-in showers or roman showers are special showers designed for people with limited mobility. They are a suitable option for older adults, people with physical limitations, or people in wheelchairs. Bathing is more difficult for these people, and it can also be dangerous; hence, extra care is taken to make showering more comfortable and safe. … Read more

How to Shower With a Cast

How to Shower With a Cast?

When you first get a cast, a lot goes through your mind. You may feel awkward and self-conscious as you figure out how to walk, eat, or commute with your cast. But what about the shower? Well, getting your cast wet will cause a stink, possible infection, and expensive repair. Luckily, there are lots of … Read more

Shower Pan Liner: Things You Need to Know before Installing

For all of us who have homes in urban or suburban areas, a shower cubicle is something that we visit daily. Sometimes, more than once a day as well. What most of us know is that we turn on the faucet and the water flows through the shower head and we go about doing our … Read more

Shower Niche: Things You Need to Know Before Tiling

Tiles have been used in the bathroom for a very long time to make it look elegant and various designs and beautifying articles are used in modern bathrooms of today. A shower niche is one such modification to the bathroom wall that can help declutter and organize an otherwise crowded and unorganized bathroom and shower … Read more