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45 Popular Kitchen Color Ideas for Small Kitchens

Gone are the days when homeowners use neutral colors for their kitchens. Many people are beginning to see the need use bright and lovely colors to make the kitchen look beautiful. The traditional white-colored kitchen is fading fast as colorful walls are used in almost all parts of the home.

There are many kitchen color ideas to use to spice things up the kitchen. You don’t have to keep renovating or constructing your house when you have enough kitchen paint colors idea.

No matter the preferred choice of colors, we have listed 40+ kitchen colors for small kitchens to choose from. Get set to go through exciting, colorful options for your upper or lower cabinets.

Popular Kitchen Color Ideas for Small Kitchens

1. Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue 1

Deep midnight blue or stunning dark navy is a good alternative for blue and white color combination. These colors can give your kitchen a super appearance, making your space warm and inviting. Even all the beams, brass hardware, stone floors, and copper hardware will glisten with beauty in such a colorful environment.

2. Jade Green

Jade Green

Another option from our kitchen color scheme ideas is the jade green. This color will look good in your kitchen as it makes it cool and warm. The color doesn’t require much work, and you can easily give your kitchen other splashes of colors at any time.

3. Dark Gray

Dark Gray

Now here is a color for people who don’t like bright and screaming environments. Dark gray is for those who prefer something similar to black but looks cool and moody. This Leanne Ford kitchen colors and designs will make your home attractive as it should be.

4. Oatmeal


If you are a homeowner looking for a perfect color for your kitchen wall, oatmeal color is a good option. This creamy light brown will give your space a gorgeous look, especially when combined with matching colors. Try blending it with deep-blue while earthy walls and brass hardware like the range hood are beautifully showing off in the background.

5. Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum Pink 1

Bubblegum pink is one of the kitchen color ideas you cannot afford to miss. It is eye-catching, vibrant, and so energetic that we can’t leave it out on our list of the 40+ kitchen colors. Sometimes, blending it with another color is a good idea if a complete pinky room is a little bit too showy.

6. Greige


This color flashes between deep gray and rich beige and can make a lot of difference in the way your kitchen looks. The kitchen above is the artistic work of Kathryn M. Ireland. The combination of dark red gas cooktop and Suzani fabric curtains is gorgeous and one of the best.

7. Pistachio


Ever thought of pairing black and white with a glow of mint green? This blend can give your kitchen a rare cozy modern appearance. Whether you’re looking for small kitchen color ideas or modern kitchen color ideas, pistachio turns your kitchen into a home.

Try it out and see for yourself if you are looking forward to giving your kitchen a new look. This color will light up your kitchen with simplicity and warmth.

8. True Blue

True Blue

This kitchen color catches your attention even before you notice anything inside the house. Shades of blue have no time limits and can create an illusion of a perfectly calm and peaceful environment. Check out the bold looking kitchen by Leanne Ford interiors and be dazed at the attractiveness of a modern kitchen.

The exciting thing about the blue color is that it matches with many other colors. A perfect blend of blue and a range of colors can make your kitchen look relaxed and comfortable.


9. Dark Green

Dark Green

Just look at the fresh look this color will give your kitchen. It provides the best opportunity to show off exotic kitchenware. There’s no need for hiding them as khaki green has a way of creating beauty out of everything around it.

10. Sunlight Yellow

Sunlight Yellow

The feeling is like cooking in the beauty of the sun without getting burnt on your red stool. This color is one of the perfect kitchen color ideas in 2020. It’s a breathtaking inspiration, dazzling beauty, and the great work of Carrier and Company.

11. Dark Gray-Green

Dark Gray-Green

One of the creations of deVOL that combines dark gray and a touch of green is this rich color blend. To highlight the beauty, use a similar color for the walls and cabinets. Then place kitchen materials on countertops to break between colors.

12. Eggplant and Lilac

Eggplant and Lilac

A must-have on the list of kitchen color ideas, this color breaks the boundaries of time and space. Though girly and unique, eggplant and lilac create a vibrant blend of colors that go with your metallic tiles. The looks alone make your day and seem entirely out of this world.

13. Soft Gray

Soft Gray

This design by Raili Clasen will forever change your idea about gray. Look at how charming, homely, and calm your new kitchen will look. Even with small kitchen space, the whole place will beam with unparalleled beauty.

14. Pale Powder

Pale Powder

Oh, dear, a fantastic choice from your kitchen color palette ideas that creates unforgettable memories. This kitchen color is a creation of Katie Ridder, and it feels as cozy as it looks. Arrange your wares or rooms in the traditional style, and this color still comes out as brilliant as ever.

15. Spring Green

Spring Green

With floating shelves and cabinet painted spring green, this design blends with matching tiles. Even when used with traditional wood surfaces, the vibrantly rich and vivid color stands out cheerfully. What color to make for a happy cooking experience!

16. Soothing Sky Blue

Soothing Sky Blue

You may never want to go out of the kitchen without something serious that needs attention. Imagine a beautiful day with a blue sky beckoning you to do some crazy things. This kind of kitchen connects you to nature and outdoor life, which many easily relate.

The Soft Chinchilla by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful way to create a connection between the home and outdoor life. It’s a good option for those who don’t want flashy colors but look for both calm and beauty.

17. Soft Gray-Blue

Soft Gray-Blue

Here comes another cool option for a complete list of 40+ kitchen color ideas. Soft blue can go together with a touch of gray and will even appear more appealing with the blend. This combination is perfect if you don’t want colors to drown the beauty of materials and appliances in the kitchen.

18. Vibrant Tropical Blue

Vibrant Tropical Blue

Perhaps due to our love for the deep blue sea, blue colors are always a favorite. Used as the kitchen sink island and on white-colored tiles, the beauty can be stunning. This shade of blue can go with white cabinet and other multicolored objects.

19. Bold Cobalt
Bold Cobalt

Breathtaking and gorgeous, this kitchen color takes your color taste to the next level. To add style to the countertop, a touch of deep blue hue like pitch blue can do the amazing trick.

20. Lovely Purple Blue

Lovely Purple Blue

For lovers of the kitchen island, this color is one of the best kitchen color ideas modern you will find. The kitchen island stands out triumphantly beautiful without overshadowing other pretty elements in the same space.

21. Dark Steel Blue

Dark Steel Blue

A dark grayish blue color can make the island look solid and bold. If you are looking for a neutral option or something not too fiery, this is it. Combined with polished wood, the beauty of the room is made prominent with dark steel blue.

22. Navy Blue

Navy Blue

This color is enjoying a growing number of fans due to its perfect blend with white background. Surely, it is an option for those looking for kitchen color ideas or your kitchen color ideas 2020 plan. Sometimes, too much of this color is harsh, somber, or even mute the beauty of the room.

23. Beachy Blue

Beachy Blue

Since some homeowners see navy blue as too dark and solid, peachy blue comes to the rescue. It’s a better option for lovers of soft and soothing colors that smell of fun and happiness. Beachy blue blends well with naturally colored woods and radiate with beauty in a sunlit environment.

24. Marine Blue

Marine Blue

Get the feel of a kitchen coated with a splash of marine blue, and you will understand why homeowners love it. The interior of the cabinets may take other colors, such as white, to make the blend as vivid as possible. This cabinet with an orange interior is designed by Arent and Pyke and is an example of a magical combination.

25. Coral


Look at its elegance and tell me what you think of modern kitchen color ideas. Give your kitchen a new life with this color combination with a delicate coat of pink. Your creation will be a sparkling beauty, rich, full, and unique in every sense of the word.

26. Baby Blue

Baby Blue

Babies may not know colors, but this harmonious color radiates peace and innocence. The specially-designed cabinet lends to the entire picture a gentle and sweet personality of a kind. You cannot see kitchen designs made by 2LG Studio and not get dazed by the elegance and unusual beauty.

27. Matte Black

Matte Black

Talk of a sexy and attractive kitchen and you got matte black to thank. Combined with gold materials, you have one of the most astonishing beauties of a lifetime. If you are a fan of a kitchen created with warmth and style in mind, go for matte black.

28. Pale Yellow

Pale Yellow

Take a cue from Leanne Ford Interiors and give your kitchen a taste of sunny yellow. A buttercream yellow with the coral rug will create a delightful scene. A white wall and some objects of gold tell a tale of beauty and wonder.

29. Sage Green

Sage Green

Using the same color for your kitchen may sound great, but experimenting with different colors is becoming popular among homeowners. Look at one of the amazing works of Studio DB and notice the perfect blend of colors. Green glassy shelves, a big green bowl, and other similar colored objects add to the beauty.

30. Wine Red

Wine Red

Check out the creation of Nick Olsen and enjoy the rich, deep color behind the amazing work. The depth of color, the geometric white tiles, and the equally white walls give glam a new definition.

31. Cream


White isn’t a bad color, but sometimes to avoid visible stains, a creamier side is preferable. While the atmosphere may feel light, the warmth of the color calms things down a bit. A proof of this is the work of Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design.

32. Blush Pink

A great combination of modern geometric objects and designs, this color is second to none. This design by GRT Architects shows a rich and proportional blend of pink and other compatible colors. Despite the presence of solid colors, the pink shine out to make the kitchen look clean and bright.

33. Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf

If you want to spice up your kitchen with some metallic color, here is the idea to use. Get a gold-finished cabinet and add a touch of jute color to the picture. Even though it isn’t flashy, this design by Arent & Pyke is a perfect color for most people.

34. Bright Blue

Bright Blue

Splash some sky blue color on the lower cabinet and then bring calm by adding light pistachio tiles. Regan Baker’s kitchen design in the picture is a super combination of color and quality.

35. Light Taupe

Light Taupe

If you’re looking for kitchen paint colors idea, then look no more. While sandy beige may look neutral, it stands out more than cream or light gray colors. Designed by deVOL, this kitchen is an example of what we are talking about.

36. Pewter


This beautiful design by Catherine Kwong ages with grace, unlike some other colors. With a combination of steel gray cabinets and a splash of the dark navy-gray island, the kitchen looks fabulous. Even the creamy ceiling itself makes the entire place more than just a kitchen.

37. Flamingo Pink

Flamingo Pink

If you dream of having a balanced blend of colors, then this is what you need. The design from deVOL new showroom shows how to create that perfect flamingo pink kitchen. Different colors for the upper and lower cabinets and background that combines both colors is the secret to it all.

38. Gray-Green


Here is another deVOL design to choose from the list of 40+ kitchen color ideas for the coming year. The color can serve as neutral if your undertones are gray or blue. Keep the wood and beams exposed, and you have a sweet and warm place for cooking.

39. Mossy Hue

Mossy Hue

Stylist Francesca Albertazzi’s colorful kitchen has continued to cause a positive stir among many fans. This childhood memory was transformed to include a dose of adult life. Check it out, and you will notice how something beautiful can come out of an inheritance.

40. Vibrant Pink

Vibrant Pink

Old wooden kitchen cabinets can come to life when coated with vibrant pink. This Montreal home creates a balance between the blue cabinets and an array of colorful kitchenware.

41. Hague Blue

Hague Blue

If your barn beams are rusty, there’s a way to make them shine. This beautiful kitchen is from the 600-square foot country kitchen belonging to Andraya Frith and Graham Kenchie. An excellent way to preserve an invaluable inheritance passed down from generation to generation.

42. Classic Blue

Classic Blue

This breathtaking sight is a great option for your big or small kitchen color ideas. The AyA Kitchen flows with Pantone’s 2020 winning color and classic blue and clean modern touch. Blue is widely accepted because its neutrality makes it a color many aren’t tired of using.

43. Jewel Green

Jewel Green

It’s not difficult to spot a modern jewel when you see one. Take a look at this fashionable weekend home and notice how homely and inviting it is. Notice the floor tiles, and the butcher blocks counters and subway tiles that indicate traditional farmhouse design.

44. Cerulean Blue

Cerulean Blue

This downtown Toronto home kitchen is brightened by cerulean blue. A millworker with true taste made and hand-painted these cabinets, giving them an unforgettable vibrant beauty.

45. Mid-Toned Blue

Mid-Toned Blue

On the cabinet alone, there are different shades of blue, creating a moody look. The patterns on the wall tiles give it an extra boost of beauty. A work that designer Jean Stephane Beauchamp called fresh, timeless, and dynamic.

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