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33 Marble Tile Bathroom Ideas – Marble Bathroom Designs & Pictures

The undeniable elegance of marble can elevate any space. And because it’s natural stone, it works great in bathrooms. It stays cool to the touch, even when your bathwater is extremely hot. It can resist corrosion, but being calcite, it can be damaged by the acids in cleaning products.

Marble – like all natural stone – is porous. So you do need to seal it for bathroom use. You also need to use marble-friendly detergents. Fortunately, marble has a low-slip rating, which makes it safe for bathroom use. Now, let’s look at some marble tile bathroom ideas you could try out.

1. Subtle Grout

Subtle Grout

Marble is a naturally occurring stone, so it’s possible to quarry it in large pieces. Meaning you can carve it into larger tiles than regular ceramics, which are restricted by the size of baking molds. This bathroom uses large white tiles on the walls and darker tiles on the floor. The fine lines of white grout are virtually invisible so it looks like an unbroken wall of white marble.

2. Marble Herringbone

Marble Herringbone

A picture speaks a thousand words. So when you’re struggling to define the look you want, show this ‘swatch’ to your decorator or hardware store assistant. It shows marble doesn’t have to be continuous. You can cut it into herringbone tiles to add a touch of texture to your bathroom walls or floor. The grout color could match your marble veining for a more unified appearance.

3. Marble Surround

Marble Surround

Marble is heavy, but it’s also delicate, so it can break or crack during shipping. This makes it hardtop find large marble pieces. But with clever marble tile ideas, you can still achieve that seamless effect. This bathroom – for example – has marble on its walls, floors, and even behind the shower glass. So the whole room looks like it’s carved out of a marble cavern. So pretty!

4. Understated Marble

Understated Marble

Not everybody is interested in appearances. The designers of this bathroom wanted marble, but they didn’t want it to look like marble. So they selected three-tone tiles that resemble cheaper ceramics. The grays on the marble are highlighted by the silvery accent pitchers beside the tub.

5. Tactile Texture

Tactile Texture

When marble tile bathroom ideas are applied, the visual texture is a strong selling point. In this bathroom, the texture element is stepped up. Pretty lines are carved into the marble walls and backsplash, enhancing the beauty of the bathroom. The smooth white counter covers an under-mount sink and a bathtub sunken from the same counter. Open shelves provide storage space.

6. Modern Rustique

Modern Rustique

Marble is an interesting material. It reminds us of Ancient Greece and Rome, but it also feels remarkably modern. Most people prefer polished tiled or unbroken slabs, with that telltale translucence and subtle veining. But you can also use plainer matte marble. This bathroom applies honed black marble on the floor, backsplash, and mirror frames.

7. Marble Recess

Marble Recess

Shower walls are often finished in tile mosaics. In this case, the mosaic is made of multi-toned gray marble. The tiles are arranged in a herringbone pattern. In place of a shower caddy, a small storage shelf is recessed into the marble tile. The shelf trim matches the faucets.

8. Marble Showers

Marble Showers

Because marble is expensive, marble tile bathroom ideas are sometimes minimized. You may end up using stone accents to highlight your backsplash or window frame. But if your budget allows it, you could go all out. In this bathroom, the entire shower enclosure is marble. The same tile extends beyond the glass to the rest of the bathroom floor and part of the wall.

9. Multi-wave Marble

Multi-wave Marble

The unwritten rule of styling marble is to keep it subtle. Buy blocks with minimal veining and align your tile to keep them uniform and unbroken. This bathroom upturns that idea. It uses massive marble tiles with distinct wavy patters in various shades of brown. Tiles are mismatched so the waves move in different directions. This makes the bathroom seem bigger.

10. Simpler Styling

Simpler Styling

These marble tile bathroom ideas have the same color selection as the previous room. But the marble here is styled more typical, with subtle striations in linear arrangements. To add a bit of spice, the vertical backsplash and the section bordering the floor are marble mosaics. It works well with the uniquely shaped vessel sink, floating counter, and round frameless mirror.

11. Deep Sinks

Deep Sinks

Vessel sinks are a good way to save space. And if you prefer matte marble or honed stone, a marble countertop and backsplash are god options. They don’t get as wet as the floor or shower wall, so they’re less exposed to moisture, meaning their porosity isn’t that big a deal. In this bathroom, the brown backsplash frames deep rounded vessel sinks and angular faucets.

12. Big White Blocks

Big White Blocks

The marble tiles in this bathroom are simple and low-fuss. Their off-white tone visually enlarges the room. The marble is liberally used. It lines the floor, shower walls, bathtub coping, and even the sections of the wall between the windows. The tile stretches to the crown molded ceiling.

13. Highlight Skylight

Highlight Skylight

This well-lit bathroom uses marble on almost every surface. The marble is complemented by bathroom glass in various treatments. The shower door is tinted while the tub windows are textured. The skylight over the tub invites natural light to heighten the marble effect.

14. Stony Brown

Stony Brown

Similar marble tile bathroom ideas are used here. The tones are rich browns, and the marble tile coats the walls, floors, and bathtub coping. This bathroom has less natural light, so recessed lights over the tub and a backlit mirror supply illumination. The vanity is grained wood in the same color palette as your marble bathroom tiles. The single sink is an elongated model.

15. Public Styling

Public Styling

In the olden days, public baths were filled with marble and colorful gems. And while you can’t erect an entire Roman bath in your master bedroom, you can borrow a few ideas. Use the same marble throughout the floor, but change the direction of the tiles to section off the shower or tub. You can also use square tiles on the floor and rectangular tiles on the walls for differentiation.

16. Black, White, and Gray

Technically, black and white aren’t colors. At least not in the scientific sense. But to the layman, black and white make valid swatches. In this bathroom, white painted walls alternate with marble accent walls. The counter is marble too. The marble is white with gray veining while the floor is black tile. The bath linens are black too, completing the color scheme.

17. Slipper Tubs and Chandeliers

Slipper Tubs and Chandeliers

This bathroom is quite elegant and high-end. The light fixtures have traditional chandeliers fitted with contemporary fluorescent bulbs. And while the vanity, cabinet counter, and floor use typical marble, the wall is modified. The marble on the walls is more glossy and has patterns that seem more like printed ceramics than tectonic veining. The glossiness helps repel water.

18. Flawless Flooring

Flawless Flooring

This s a curious choice of bathroom styling. It takes traditional ideas like brick walls, then gives them a contemporary treatment, using white, glossy, brick-shaped tiles instead of brown clay ones. For the floor, grayish-white marble with concealed grout makes the whole surface look unbroken. The countertop on the floating vanity matches the bathroom floor tile.

19. Seamless Sealing

Seamless Sealing

If you need marble tile bathroom ideas for a small bathroom, opt for invisible grout. Uncut marble comes in bigger pieces than ceramic tile. And even when the marble is cut, you can carefully match its veins and minimize grout. This gives the marble a smooth façade and that continuous effect visually enlarges your bathroom. This bathroom is the perfect example.

20. Reversed Roles

Reversed Roles

We saw the shower section of this bathroom earlier, focusing on the hexagonal bathroom tiles. Now let’s look at how marble is used in the rest of the room. The walls are large, plain, gray marble tiles that could pass or concrete but feel more luxe. The countertop is a more typical type of marble topped with a round vessel sink. The sunken mirror is unexpectedly stylish.

21. Marble Mosaic

Marble Mosaic

Because marble is so delicate, it can be tricky cutting it up. Carving it up for sculpture is do-able, but smaller mosaic pieces are a challenge. Still, if you can manage it, this is an amazing marble bathroom idea. The surrounding walls are unremarkable concrete, but the vertical mosaic backsplash elevates the status of the entire bathroom. The floor is a marble mosaic as well.

22. Subtle Shading

Subtle Shading 1

This hotel bathroom looks simple but gorgeous, and you can easily reproduce the effect at home. Start with a large frameless mirror and a highly reflective glass shower door. The other surfaces are marble, including the floor, walls, bathtub shell, and countertops. They’re slightly different shades of gray, and as they reflect off the glass, the whole room seems to be made of marble.

23. Temple Tones

Temple Tones

Religious centers like monasteries, abbeys, and temples often take a vow of poverty and chastity. But because they’re church-funded, they often end up being elegant and artsy while seeming cheap. This temple bathroom wall epitomizes this concept. It seems like low-cost stone, but it’s honed out of marble blocks. It’s an interesting technique you can try in your bathroom at home.

24. Tantalizing Hot Tub

Tantalizing Hot Tub

Jacuzzis are not cheap, so once you invest in a whirlpool tub, the rest of your bathroom décor should match up. In this example, the color selection is brown, which is often considered conservative and earthy. Because the same shade of marble is used on the walls, floors, and counter, it gives the room an elegant, unified look. The recessed lights are equally fancy.

25. Black on Brown

Black on Brown

The black cabinets and vanity in this bathroom stand out. They work especially well with the muted brown marble that covers the rest of the room. The untiled walls are painted off-white to avoid overpowering the light-colored marble. The overall effect is one of understated style.

26. Beam me Up

Beam me Up

A similar color scheme is used here – brown tile and black storage spaces. But the unusual light fixtures add interest to the room. The mirror is framed with backlights while a row of recessed light runs along the ceiling and down the wall. An enlarged sink and a king-size soaking tub are offset by a floating bidet in this ultramodern hi-tech bathroom.

27. Bathing Spheres

Bathing Spheres

In this bathroom, the round bathtub is clearly the centerpiece. So the marble tile bathroom ideas are deliberately understated to avoid stealing its glory. The wall and floor are finished with plain gray marble tiles that keep your focus on the pretty bathtub and its eye-catching pedestal.

28. Beach Bathroom

Beach Bathroom

The angles in this home are awkward, which could make your bathroom difficult to style. But the focus is on enlarging the space. So the freestanding tub is positioned in the middle of the bathroom while the much smaller commode and bidet are one side, leaving a lot of bare floor space. A marble wall hosts a door-sized mirror and sink that is adjacent to a French window.

29. Lofty Leaning

Lofty Leaning

This bathroom loft has two levels. In the foreground, it’s all marble. The round mirror is mounted on a marble wall that’s adorned with a marble countertop and round vessel sink. The ceramic soap dispensers match the sink, and the floating vanity has white drawers. Behind the sink, a dark green wall provides the backdrop for a massive soaking tub and breathtaking view.

30. Gorgeous Gray

Gorgeous Gray

This is another two-level bathroom, but this version is quite minimalist. The vanity and storage shelves are all gray floating units mounted on a marble wall of darker gray. Behind the wall, a round marble basin forms the bathtub. The tub sits on a gray marble floor.

31. Concentric Shaping

Concentric Shaping

You may want the marble in your bathroom to take center stage. But if your budget limits the amount of stone you can afford, get creative. In this bathroom, marble makes a two-foot surround on the shower wall and bathroom floor. The central panel is regular tile printed with overlapping ellipses. The same mosaic appears on the backsplash above a marble countertop.

32. Sunken Delight

Sunken Delight

Sunken bathtubs are usually mounted on a pedestal or raised platform. In this case, a truly sunken tub is used, because it starts at floor level and dips into the surrounding marble floor. The tub looks through a French door onto a pretty sea of indoor greenery. Quite soothing.

33. Angular Amenities

Angular Amenities

We’ll finish our list with a simple bathroom in beige. Most of the tile used here is ceramic, but there’s a touch of marble on the countertop and backsplash. Twin sinks and a flush-fitting tub provide all your washing needs. The walls are acutely and obtusely angled and the showerhead is mounted directly on the wall with its plumbing hidden behind the bathroom tiles.