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30 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas – The Art of Bathroom Wall

When it comes to the bathroom, you should know that it is a space that requires extra attention because of the increased humidity that accumulates in it. You might consider bathroom renovation more often, even if it is just repainting the walls, refreshing the grout, and cleaning it from the mold.

Rearranging your bathroom wall decor will bring refreshment to the complete interior of your house. However, whatever changes you want to make on the walls, make sure to check where the water pipes and electric installations are before starting to cut or drill.

1. New wall paint

New wall paint

In most cases, the best and cheapest solution to refresh your bathroom is to repaint the walls. Try to choose the proper, washable, and humidity-resistant paint with antimicrobial properties.

Plus, you should consider satin or semi-gloss finish as an excellent solution. Be creative and feel free to play with different colors depending on your style and preferences. Try something extravagant and try Byzantine blue for the full impression.


2. Waterproof Wallpaper

Waterproof Wallpaper

Have you ever considered wallpapers as an excellent option for your bathroom wall decor? If yes, you should keep in mind that you need to pick out a water-resistant type since the level of moisture in the bathroom is always high.

You can buy them in a local store or make an order online. Always look for models that come with a particular layer of thick vinyl coating that covers the wallpaper and prevents the water damage.


3. Marble Tiles

Marble Tiles

Marble is a quite soft stone, so it is not complicated to sculpt and shape. Since each piece has a unique color, it will bring a touch of uniqueness, elegance, and style to your bathroom.

Marble is waterproof, but it is sensitive to acidic liquids, and any type of chemicals can damage it. Therefore, you have to be careful with the maintenance and avoid placing it in the shower cabin. Other bathroom walls will be more suitable.


4. Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

At first glance, porcelain and ceramic tiles look the same, since they both have glazing finish. But there is a difference in manufacturing that gives higher quality to the porcelain tiles.

A particular mixture of kaolin clay fired on temperature up to 2500 F (1371 C) makes the porcelain tiles denser and more resistant to water. That makes a difference in pricing. However, for most people, these differences are not too significant. It’s up to you what type to choose for your bathroom wall decor.


5. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles 1

Ceramic, porcelain, glass, or stone mosaic tiles will bring colorfulness to your bathroom. It will be more comfortable to apply them if you have small surfaces. The advantage is that you can resize and customize them.

The downside of mosaic tiles as a bathroom wall decor is that there is more grout to clean after application, especially if you choose to cut them into small pieces.


6. Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles

Even though you have elegant bathroom tiles, you may need some additional visual refreshment. Try to replace a few rows or a corner with the tiles that have a different pattern.

It is actually a worldwide known style that comes from Morocco. After discovering vivid and vibrant colors on the hand-painted tiles, you will enhance your bathroom wall decor and bring the bohemian spirit inside your home.


7. Living Wall

Living Wall

Creating a ‘jungle’ in your bathroom is not as complicated as it sounds. Humidity there is undoubtedly suitable for some plants, even if there is not a lot of light. You won’t go wrong with orchids, bamboo, philodendron, and fern.

Quite expectedly, bathroom wall decor made of the living plants will provide more oxygen to your home. Plus, fantastic positive visual effects will be astonishing.


8. Bamboo


Bamboo is quite popular in the modern industry since it is an eco-friendly, sustainable, durable, and non-expensive option. Some of the manufacturers make sure that this material is organic and no chemically treated, as well.

The best of all is that you can make this decoration as your own DIY project. It will be enough to connect several bamboo poles into a panel that you can use as a casual bathroom wall decor.


9. Faux Stone

Faux Stone

Bricks, rocks, and stone panels are a water-resistant, light, and easy-to-install option. Once installed, these affordable panels will give an impression of real stone.

You can choose between various colors. So, if the rest of your bathroom walls are dark, make sure to pick out a light color stone panel and vice versa. The contrast will make the stone appear more vivid and realistic.


10. Additional Light

Additional Light

You can always improve the atmosphere in your bathroom by installing more lights. For example, adding frosted or opaque lights as a bathroom wall decor will create a spa-like atmosphere. The lights should be symmetrical and not pointed directly down to avoid creating unwanted shadows.


11. LED-Light Mirror

LED-Light Mirror

Backlit mirrors can provide enough light for shaving and makeup without creating any shadows. Recently, mirrors with LED lights are trendy. They will also be sturdy, long-lasting, and intriguing contributions to your bathroom wall decor.

Also, they are energy efficient and spend less energy than a regular light bulb. If you have a regular mirror, you can install the LED stripes behind it to create the backlit effect.


12. Additional Mirror

Additional Mirror

If you want to create more light in your bathroom without using additional bulbs and spending more electricity, you should add another mirror. That is primarily a convenient solution if your bathroom is small.

The best option is to hang it high on the wall to allow the perfect reflection of the light bulbs. That way, your space will look more spacious and brighter, and bathroom wall decor improved. For an even better effect, place the mirror opposite the window.


13. Luxurious Mirror Frames

Luxurious Mirror Frames

If you love classic style, upgrade your bathroom mirrors with sophisticated vintage frames. It is an easy and economical DIY project if you find the right technique. To make your frame look antique, you can use calk, distress, or dry brush painting.

Plus, there is an option to create an overlay with foil or a pearl glaze. If you are not an artistic type, it will be enough to paint the frames with the golden color. It will add a touch of uniqueness in the appearance of your mirror and improve your bathroom wall decor.


14. Collage of Favorite Photos

Collage of Favorite Photos

There is no reason why you shouldn’t put in your bathroom favorite family photos or these made during your last vacation. By placing them together, you will create a central point on the wall.

Instead of drilling, which can damage tile or grout, use the mounting tape to hang your photos. Also, think about protecting the frames from moisture damage.


15. Artistic Bathroom

Artistic Bathroom

Be unique and add some art in your bathroom by placing your favorite sculpture on the shelf. It can enhance your bathroom wall decor if you have enough free space. Otherwise, try not to put big statues that will obstruct you while cleaning.

16. Bathroom Posters

Bathroom Posters

Pick out your favorite funny quote, affirmative message, or prayer, and include them to your personal bathroom wall decor. The choices you have at your disposal are vast and depend on your imagination and taste. Another option is to hang black and white or color posters. Pick out your favorite one and match it with your bathroom interior.

17. Create Your Own Spa

Create Your Own Spa

If taking a bath after a long day is your favorite thing, you can transform your bathroom into an improvised spa. Make a space on your shelf for a few elements that will additionally relax you. Candles, bath salts, incense sticks, and a combination of stones and wooden items will create a real spa atmosphere.


18. Wooden Shelves

Wooden Shelves

Except they are useful, shelves should also meet the aesthetic function in your bathroom. Wooden ones are generally compatible with painted walls, as well as those made of bricks or stone. Whether you combine them with a metal stand or no, shelves will add to the warmth of your bathroom wall decor.


19. Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves better match walls covered with ceramic or porcelain tiles. They can also be installed in the shower since the water can’t damage them.

These shelves are made of solid tempered glass, which makes them an ideal choice for storing lighter objects like folded towels. Make sure that they are stable and securely attached.


20. Recessed Wall Shelf

Recessed Wall Shelf

In case you plan to renovate your bathroom completely, take the opportunity to make a recessed wall shelf. It will have the same function like a regular one, but it won’t occupy the space. Plus, the wall will look more attractive.


21. Organize Your Shelves

Organize Your Shelves

If you have open shelves in your bathroom, you can use them to arrange bulky things. Put them into the boxes and baskets and store them to vertically placed shelves. It will make cleaning more comfortable, and the appearance of the wall will become more aesthetic.

22. Mason Jars

Mason Jars

Mason jars will allow you to show the full potential of your creativity. You can paint them before use, decorate them with washi tape, or use them as a candlelight stand. They can also be useful as a toothbrush holder or to collect the cotton swabs and cotton balls into one place. Don’t forget to put the lids on to prevent dust accumulation.


23. Plants on the Windowsill

Plants on the Windowsill

If you have a window with spacy windowsill in your bathroom, use it as an ideal place to put some small pots with plants. Be mindful of bringing only the plants that like humidity. Also, there is a wide selection of faux plants that can enrich the interior and your bathroom wall decor.


24. Decorative Wall Hooks

Decorative Wall Hooks

Using hooks is good to vertically organize the space, especially for bulky items or wet towels. Be creative and improve your bathroom wall decor by hanging frames, favorite ornaments, and summer motives on existing hooks. That is an excellent way to personalize your space.


25. Decorative Chalkboard

Decorative Chalkboard

In general, it is a quick project. Decide what part of the wall you want to turn into a chalkboard, clean it appropriately, and then apply a layer of special chalkboard paint.

Add three coats of paint and try to make it smooth. Pause between two applying of paint layers should be at least four hours. Wait for three days for the paint to dry completely and enjoy the scrabble.


26. Elements from Nature

Elements from Nature

Embellish your bathroom wall decor with help from nature. For example, you can collect pieces of branches and form words out of them. You can also use collected stones or seashells for the same purpose. Clean them thoroughly, paint them in your favorite color, and use a rope to hang these lovely pieces on the wall.


27. DIY Towel Stand

DIY Towel Stand

Cut a few boards and cross them to create an elegant towel stand. You can roll or fold towels and put them inside the formed squares. To make the shelf more stylish and improve your bathroom wall decor, you can add some other lovely items on it, as well.


28. Hanging Organizer

Hanging Organizer

Hanging organizer on the wall is an excellent and practical solution for storing your makeup and toiletries. You can go a step further and make an art out of it.

Sew it by yourself and make it compatible with the shower curtain. You can also do the opposite and use the contrasting color to highlight the specificity of your bathroom wall decor.

29. Decorative Ladders

Decorative Ladders

Besides creating a visual and aesthetic concept, you can use the ladders to store and dry towels. Also, you can make a bathroom flower stand of them when needed.

If you have a reliable and stable model, you can use ladders to reach items from tall shelves, as well. You will like the fact that they have a functional role and can enhance your bathroom wall decor.


30. Luxurious Glass Wall

Luxurious Glass Wall

If you live in a region with a mild climate and have a fantastic garden, you should consider turning the entire wall into a window. That way, you will transform the bathroom wall into an incredible view of nature. Keep in mind that this is not a cheap investment, but it is worth the money and effort.