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31 Master Bathroom Ideas – Master Bath Design & Remodel

The attributes that usually describe a master bathroom include words like grandiose, elegant, and breathtaking. Well, that is precisely the impression it should leave since it can highlight all the beauty of your home design.

If you look for new ideas for bathroom remodel and renovation, you can choose many styles, including contemporary, Oriental, and Scandinavian. It’s up to you and your preferences.

1. Marble Tiles Bathroom

Marble Tiles Bathroom

This medium-sized bathroom has a simple elegance. Modern round corner bathtub, the toilet, and bidet are white, but you can add a few rattan baskets and a small palm tree to the shelf, as well. Don’t stick to one shade of tiles, but choose a slightly darker marble for the center.

2. Wooden Cabinet with Two Sinks

Wooden Cabinet with Two Sinks

The bathroom doesn’t have to be spacious to provide a luxury feeling. Everything you need is a modern round window above the toilet and an elegant makeup mirror that offers gentle lighting.

After picking out white floor tiles, you can install the shower curtains and cabinet with two sinks in natural tones. Consider adding some details, such as roses and seashells, that will fit into the whole setting perfectly.

3. Glassdoor Shower

Glassdoor Shower

If you are an elegant person, you probably prefer gray shades to dominate your master bathroom. What do you think about the large window facing the yard and round bathtub below it? To make your space more stylish, you should hang grey window curtains, as well.

It will be unexpected to pick out a marble floor that leads to a sizable shower cabin with a glass sliding door. Plus, a glass corner shelf and few wall lamps above the sink will break the monotony and bring some glamor to your beautiful bathroom.

4. Whirlpool Tub

Whirlpool Tub

There are not many pleasures you can compare with relaxing in a large whirlpool tub. If you prefer to have a quick shower, you are only a few steps away from the open shower with marble walls.

If you like classy style, you should consider decorating your master bathroom with the wrought-iron. Plus, a small plant or an essential oil bottle on a stepped wall are details that will give your bathroom extra charm.

5. TV on the Wall

TV on the Wall

Why wouldn’t you have a TV in your bathroom? While relaxing in the wooden-edge tub, you can enjoy a combination of modern and traditional styles. In fact, it is not too hard to balance the bright color of the wood, tiles with different patterns, and glass shelves.

6. Clawfoot Bathtub

Clawfoot Bathtub

If you are a fan of rustic design, these wood-paneled walls and ceiling are the right choice for you. You will easily fit a handy cabinet made of natural wood with several compartments and drawers.

Also, you can place an elegant clawfoot bathtub under the window and enjoy the view and plenty of natural light. With one mirror above each sink and a unique lamp, you will get a real mountain cabin impression.

7. Concrete Wall Bathrooms

Concrete Wall Bathrooms

If vivid colors and an overcrowded countertop are not your ideas of ​​a dream master bathroom, minimalism is the perfect solution. Concrete walls and floor, simple oval tub and wooden countertop are all you need.

You can refine this contemporary bathroom by adding a modern shelf with a couple of towels and a shampoo. A round mirror with a dark wood frame and two sinks in the same tone will provide both functionality and simplicity.

8. Glass Brick Wall

Glass Brick Wall

If you look for something different, a glass wall is an excellent replacement for a traditional shower door. It beautifully captures light from the window while providing enough privacy.

An exciting tile pattern in the middle of the floor is the decoration itself. Choose the tiles for the bathtub edge matching the floor, and place a mirror on the wall for the final touch.

9. Blue Backlight

Blue Backlight

Some bathrooms don’t have a window. However, with the right lighting, you can easily have a quiet and intimate atmosphere. A mirror with a soft blue backlight can beautify your master bathroom.

Under the mirror, you can place a modern slim sink with several drawers. The highlight of the elegance will be the white crystal chandelier hanging from a ceiling.

10. Magenta Ceiling

Magenta Ceiling

The master bathroom can look very feminine. Think outside the box and paint your ceiling in an unusual color, such as magenta. If you want to be even more original, place a sink next to a dividing wall in the center of the bathroom.

You can go for a soft, pastel shade for tiles and floor for balance. However, if you set floor tiles diagonally from the walls, the whole picture will leave you breathtaking.

11. Ceiling Window

Ceiling Window

You can arrange your bathroom to be an ideal corner for relaxation. The entirely white walls will enhance the natural light coming through the ceiling window. If you have a deep bathtub, you can sit upstairs surrounded by blue marble tiles.

For a slightly tropical look, choose a high pillar sink and fill the shelves with sea salt bottles, sponges, and shells.

12. Oriental Tub

Oriental Tub

Your bathtub can have its own separate corner in your master bathroom. The arched ceiling above it and the oval window will make you feel like the main character of an Eastern fairy tale. Plus, you can place a few candles on the window and hang a small lantern on the wall when needed.

13. Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Would you like to have this warm and natural bathroom with fantastic peach-colored walls? I would! A white cabinet with drawers offers you plenty of space for towels and personal items.

If you are an artistic soul, a couple of wrought iron chandeliers on both sides of the mirror and a small ornamented vase will make you fall in love with this particular bathroom. Sit in a comfortable tub next to the window and enjoy the view.

14. Black Tiles

Black Tiles

Black is always in style, but those who choose it as the primary shade in their bathroom are rare. If you are an extravagant person, you will like the tiny black pattern tiles followed by a concrete floor and wall. However, a bathroom like this needs a large loft window that provides enough light to enjoy this minimalism.

15. Bronze Faucet

Bronze Faucet

Bronze is always a great choice when it comes to a luxury bathroom with a large bathtub. Bronze details, such as a towel holder or faucet, emphasize the beauty of a rustic cabinet and gold pattern tiles.

With lights on the ceiling and a huge mirror, you will get the impression of a more spacious bathroom. Details, such as a flower-shaped lamp or scented candles, are always an excellent idea, indeed.

16. Heart-Shaped Decoration

Heart-Shaped Decoration

If you have more than one window in your master bathroom, you will get quite enough light. You can easily create a romantic corner in it with engraved cabinet and sand color tiles.

Few herbs and fragrant sticks next to the sink can provide you with a pleasant scent. Use space above the toilet to hang a heart-shaped decoration to enjoy this beautiful oasis.

17. Decorative Stone Walls

Decorative Stone Walls

All white bathrooms may look dull at first glance, but few details can transform them into beautiful space. A combination of white marble and decorative stone on walls edged by ornamented tiles is an ideal solution for your master bathroom. After adding artistic figurines to your cabinet, you will leave no one indifferent.

18. Pattern Wallpaper

Pattern Wallpaper

You can be surprised how one detail gives a unique charm to the entire bathroom. The wallpaper pattern above the snow-white bathtub may seem kitschy, but in combination with the appropriate floor tiles, it can be the right choice for you.  A medicine cabinet with a mirror above the sink and the bronze faucet will match perfectly with this style.

19. Granite Walls

Granite Walls

Nowadays, you can choose from many designs and combine granite walls with marble flooring in your master bathroom, for example. Small sink with metal handles and glass shower doors look stylish. To bring diversity to the set, you can add wood elements like a toilet seat and toilet paper holder.

20. Gold Tiles

Gold Tiles

If you like to spoil yourself with luxury, you will be delighted with the gold-colored bathroom. The glossy floor-to-ceiling tiles will make you feel regal. The glass shower is almost invisible, but a black countertop with a built-in sink will make the contrast you want. In the end, add two wall lamps next to the mirror for the final touch.

21. Spacious Wooden Cabinets

Spacious Wooden Cabinets

If you prefer the traditional style, a simple master bathroom in beige with a wooden cabinet is your thing. You can also decide to have a sink under the window and a large shower with a marble bench on the other side.

Use spacious wooden cabinets to hold your sheets and towels, and enjoy the elegant mirror in the white painted frame above the large marble countertop.

22. Turquoise Glass Sink

Turquoise Glass Sink

The secret is in detail, says the proverb. The crystal chandelier on the wall and the turquoise glass sink elegantly enhance the otherwise ordinary master bathroom.

If you want to enlarge your bathroom visually, you should place mirrors opposite the window. That way, you can enjoy the lights reflecting on the decorations on the sink.

23. Dark Wood Cabinets

Dark Wood Cabinets

If you prefer dark wood, you can combine it with a light marble countertop and a large, frameless mirror. A simple shower with a hinged door can fit here, too. Its transparent walls won’t disturb the harmony of the marble floor.

24. Different Floor Tiles

Different Floor Tiles

If your bathroom is spacious enough, you can divide it into two parts by using different floor tiles and colors. Beige tiles go great with a shower while you may want a grey granite for a section with a bathtub. On the windowsill above the tub, you can grow indoor flowers, which enjoy plenty of light and moisture.

25. Black and White Floor

Black and White Floor

Marble comes in many designs, and you can include it in different master bathroom designs. A chessboard pattern for the floor is not the usual choice, but it does have a certain charm.

Place a simple white cabinet near a round bathtub with the marble wall for a more effective look. If you have enough space, add a stylish makeup corner with a desk, mirror on the wall, and a wooden chair.

26. Multi-Paned Windows

Multi-Paned Windows

If your house has historic multi-pane windows with a curved wood frame, you should save their beauty and design the master bathroom in the same style. The wide mirrors and rectangular cabinet can be an excellent choice for you. Don’t forget to hang small lace curtains to protect your privacy, as well.

27. Numerous Windows

Numerous Windows

Bathrooms with multiple cubicle windows near the ceiling deserve special attention. You can be creative and put high contrast glossy black tiles around them. The rest of the walls can be in a different marble tone of your choice. If you choose a black cabinet with a sink mounted in a marble countertop, you will get an elegant color symmetry.

28. Rustic Mirror

Rustic Mirror

Powder white bathroom can offer delicate elegance. With a stylish cabinet, it will be enough to choose a few details, such as a rustic mirror and gentle curtains for the tub in lemon tones. As for the walls, you can combine pattern tiles on the top half and plaster ornaments on the lower part.

29. Tinted Glass Screen

Tinted Glass Screen

Contemporary master bathroom designs often combine different materials. If you like tinted glass screens, you can use one to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. To avoid making the room too gloomy, choose tiles and floor in light shades of wood.

30. Narrow Bathroom

Narrow Bathroom

It is quite challenging to choose the right design for the long and narrow bathroom. Place a pair of shelves and towel heaters on the walls. Then, pick out a modern mirror with an attractive frame and practical cabinet under the sink to get elegant space for pure enjoyment.

31. Pillar in Center

Pillar in Center

Many historic buildings have high ceilings and supporting pillars, which are decoration by themselves. If you live in one of those homes, you will have a simple task when designing your master bathroom.

Choose marble in a delicate color, such as sand shade, and hang a grandiose chandelier from the ceiling. Dark cherry wood will be the best choice for a cabinet that fits an atmosphere of luxury and well-being.